Friday, May 14, 2010

F This Movie! - The Matrix Reloaded

On this episode of F This Movie!, Patrick and guest Alex Lawson f the first of two Matrix sequels written and directed by The Wachowski siblings (formerly the Wachowski Brothers). Ignore the suckiness of Alex's mic and take a trip through the metaphysical bullshit and crushing disappointment that is 2003's The Matrix Reloaded.

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  1. I 100% agree with saying that the Matrix sequels have the same problem as the Pirates of Carribean sequels: They take all of the mythology that is tantalizingly hinted at in the original and slaps you in the face with it. In Pirates 1, there was the brilliant throwaway line "...and then they made me their chief." On its own, it was straight up funny and painted a picture of Captain Jack as a boasting storyteller. Then suddenly, in Pirates 2, suddenly we actually are show a tribe that has Jack as chief. I never wanted to know that Jack was being truthful about that! It's horseshit.
    In the same way, Matrix 1 hinted at the end of Neo's seemingly endless powers to resist death and ignore the "reality" of the Matrix. But in Matrix 2, we learn that Neo's powers consist of flying and strength AND THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT. Great. Thanks for that.

  2. I havent yet listened to this podcast. I am going through all the back catalog and ive only been here two weeks so have patience please ;)

    So without hearing what you have said my thoughts have always been that the matrix part 1 is a perfect film. The way it ends is perfect and even though I like the others and im glad they were made part 1 is a perfect stand alone piece

  3. Im back. Yep we did seem to have the same thoughts.

    After listening to the podcast I then watched both films again. Although they do have problems. I do have to say I like being in the world of the matrix a lot. Some scenes are amazing. If I did a fan edit it would be all the parts with agent smith in it. The film is elevated by his performance. The one character who makes the sequels worth while.

    His voice is so striking and is so much of his performance that I bet thats why they cast him as V in V for Vendetta. A man that for the whole film wears a mask and his total performance relies on just words.

    Well done Hugo. For me you are the glue holding the Matrix together.

  4. Hey, guys! I just recently discovered this podcast and have been making my way through the old posts. I generally like the show, but this episode made me a bit uncomfortable. Many of the comments about Lana Wachowski show a distinct lack of empathy and understanding for transgender people and come across as having the attitude of, "Ewww! A chick that used to be a dude!" I understand that this was recorded over five years ago, and it's possible that you've come around on your stance. (Lord knows that, growing up in a conservative midwestern town, I sometimes tended to follow the anti-LGBTQ sentiments that many people in the area had.) It just made me squirm a few times when you made comments like, "Tuck your penis back and make a good movie!" or making a point to say "the Wachowski siblings" instead of just "the Wachowskis."

  5. I tried to download this but was denied. I don't think I can go on...

    1. yep, download links seems broken. that's bad news for an f this movie addict like myself.

  6. Arghh... Broken link!

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