Wednesday, June 2, 2010

F This Movie! - Showgirls

Patrick and Doug leave their inhibitions at the door and give crazy Dutch director Paul Verhoeven's 1995 scumploitation epic Showgirls the Full Spano.

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  1. Ok, so I listened to the podcast (2nd time actually), and then I watched this movie. I mean, it's Paul Verhoeven, right? It was genuinely very enjoyable. Not ironically, laughing at it, kind of way. Just very fun to watch. I was never bored.
    Berkley was giving 150%. And she put lipstick on her tits.
    There's a bunch of weird one-liners, but my favourite has to be "I like your tits". OK, now I'm kidding...but not really.

    THEN, I listened to the podcast again (which is a great podcast. Always love when Doug is on), and you guys broke the movie down very well. Although, even though Patrick keeps saying it's not very good, it sounds like he had a ton of fun watching it.

    Don't know when, if ever, I'll revisit this again. It was my first time seeing it, and my expectations were at my toes, but I liked it. I think Verhoeven knew exactly what he was making, and kudos to him for making it, even though it didn't jive with mainstream opinions.

    Also, it's kind of crazy that this is nc-17, while people getting brutally murdered (in Robocop, for example) is only R. I mean, breasts are wonderful things? They never hurt anybody. Poon's hardly even there?!? It's just an absence of a dick?!? But people getting their guts violently ripped out gets a lower rating than this? Fuck.
    (Disclaimer, the rape scene was shitty and disturbing, and kids shouldn't be seeing that. Adults either, for that matter. The movie would have worked as well with that removed.)

    1. Also, Gina Gershon is beautiful...gorgeous. And very naked. She stole the show in this movie.

      For example, the lap dance scene, with Berkley going 150%, I was transfixed by Gershon portraying the lady getting turned on either by her guy getting "done", or by Berkley's dancing itself.

      Also, I really enjoyed the fat lady's performance in this. Such great lines such as "Do you know what they call that useless piece of skin around a twat?.....(pause)....A woman". I know, it's vulgar, degrading, but the character (and the actor) is just having so much fun with it, that it brings a smile to my face.