Wednesday, October 20, 2010

F This Movie! - Let the Right One In/Let Me In

Patrick and JB discuss the merits (or lack therof) of the 2008 Swedish vampire masterpiece Let the Right One In and its 2010 American remake Let Me In, lamenting the latter's omission of things like pedophilia and castration. It's more tasteful than it sounds.

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  1. Patrick! I found another broken one! Please fix it so I can tell you why you're wrong about Let Me In!

  2. Getting into the festive spirit here in Denmark. I'm thoroughly enjoying the primer that u guys have assembled. Do you think that maybe the vampirism in "Lad den rette komme ind" can be taken as a metaphor circling around the bullying in the movie. If we see it like that we can then make the case that nothing good comes from violence because it only leads to even more. sure Oskar learns to hit back but in the end it bites him in the tail and they have to resolve it with even more violence ending in perhaps eternal isolation with "his demon". Dont know if i'm reading too much into this. Great podcast and great show

    Best regards Mathias from Denmark