Sunday, January 23, 2011

Erika's Top 12 of 2010

Sure, it's almost the end of January, but we're just now finishing up our Top 10 lists for last year. The final entry comes from Erika, who couldn't settle on just 10 movies and instead made a Top 12. We're married, so it's allowed:

12. The Tillman Story

11. The King's Speech

10. Get Low

9. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

8. The Fighter

7. Please Give

6. Winter's Bone

5. Blue Valentine

4. Inside Job

3. The Social Network

2. True Grit

1. Inception


  1. I cannot take anyone seriously who did not place Black Swan on her Ten Best of 2010 list. I am sorry. That is just the way it is. Just joking.

  2. Inception and no Black Swan? Inception was cool, but by the snow scene I was ready for it to be over..
    True Grit! Yes! Great remake!

  3. Honestly, I kind of forgot about BLACK SWAN! Whoops! Let's add it at #13. :)