Monday, January 24, 2011

F This Movie! - Garden State

Patrick and Doug's podcast will change your life. I swear.

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Also discussed this episode: Howl (2010), Step Up 3 (2010), Black Belt Jones (1974), Diggers (2006), Snatch (2000)


  1. Interesting to hear your perspectives on this. I'm a few years younger than you (26) and for me and my friends this movie was incredibly polarizing but I don't think because the people that lived it identified with it particularly strongly (I was in high school at the time, so it was more about whether you were "cool" enough to "get it"). For me a movie which I think is similar is the recent Frances Ha. Very polarizing, a bit quirky, but for me it's my life on screen.

    PS. For future reference, unless I say otherwise all your podcasts are great. (Now I've made it sound like I decide your fate--I just mean you all are super fun to listen to, without fail.)

    1. Thanks, Wes! It's been great reading your reactions as you go through these old shows, some of which I've all but forgotten about. I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you're with us!

    2. Glad to be here! (Or rather, glad that there is a place here for me to be, if that makes sense.)