Monday, July 11, 2011

F This Movie! - The Boondock Saints

Patrick and Doug say a prayer and F the living hell out of the inexplicable cult hit The Boondock Saints, writer/director Troy Duffy, the cult of coolness and that second teacher from Head of the Class.

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  1. Oh man: I'v always HATED Boondock Saints and felt like I was the one who was the weirdo...and then I realized that every time I was forced to sit through it was in my early-mid 20's...with a bunch of military guys. Mystery solved.

  2. Same here! I sat down fully expecting to love it (everyone was always talking about how great it was, and I am also Irish and super interested in portrayals of Catholicism onscreen). But it was like, as soon as that very first scene with the lesbian woman happened, I felt like the author/director was just peeking out at the screen and flipping the bird at any female (or gay) viewers for now reason. It was like hanging a sign that said "No Girls Allowed" because you think that makes you manly and cool (where instead it makes you look like a sad 4th grader in a treehouse).

    It only got worse with the verbal abuse of that one woman, and the groping of the other woman while she was unconscious BY ONE OF THE HEROES.

    It sucked because, like I said, I really wanted to enjoy it, and instead it just seemed to revel in putting down the gender of half its potential audience (as well as many other demographics that you mentioned.) It just felt mean. What a shitty movie.