Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mike and Adam Went to San Diego Comic-Con

F This Movie! contributors Mike and Adam spent last week at the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con, hobknobbing with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Billy Zane. Check out the pictures they brought back.

The entrance to the SDCC. All walks of life appear to attend.

Elijah Wood, star of The War.
Mike and his one true love. Spot the real Tardis in this picture.
Get yo ass to mahs...AGAIN.
Billy Zane, the motherfuckin' Phantom.
A view of the Con floor, because panic attack.
Backpack Flash.
Someone preps Kevin Smith (made famous by our Clerks podcast) to complain about something.
This will totally get people to see Cowboys & Aliens.
Mike and Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (made famous by our podcast).
The REAL glasses Indiana Jones wore while TEACHING in a CLASSROOM.
Burt Ward can suck it.
The ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters, made famous by our podcast.
This will totally get people to see The Amazing Spider-Man.
Mike with Feast star Judah Friedlander.
No idea who the fuck this guy is supposed to be.
Adam is gay for The Rocketeer, made famous by our podcast.
Clap or Slutty Tinkerbell will die.
Look! At the bottom of the frame! It's the director of Jack!
My lunch tastes like Ozone.
The clown puppet from Saw, made famous by our podcast.
This Lego Transformer is bloated and racist and shitty.
No idea what the fuck these people are doing.

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  1. That guy with the rainbow shirt and the Furby on his shoulder is supposed to be Captain EO, the character Michael Jackson played in the eponymous 80s Disneyland attraction.