Monday, September 5, 2011

F These Movies About Work

 Happy Labor Day, F-Heads.

 1. Office Space (1999) - The most obvious choice, but also the best movie about work ever made.

2. Nine to Five (1980) - My mom tells me that this what working in a office used to be like: rows and rows of desks, clocking in and out, Dabney Coleman always trying to fuck you.

3. Taxi Driver (1976) - I've never seen this movie, but I hear it's about a guy who drives a cab and I can imagine how funny that would be! He must have all kinds of crazy stories about the funny passengers he picks up and people who are like "get me to the airport so I can tell a girl I love her before she gets on that plane!" That happens in movies a lot, and I'm pretty sure it happens in Taxi Driver. I can't wait to see this laff-a-minute comedy!

4. Clerks (1994) - Here you go.

5. Swing Shift (1984) - The only time Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn acted in a film together besides Garry Marshall's adorable, romantic rape-slave comedy Overboard. The great Jonathan Demme actually directed this, not that you can tell.

6. Brazil (1985) - In case the rest of the movies on this last haven't shown you how Americans really feel about their jobs, check out Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Watch in in the garage with the car running.

7. Empire Records (1995) - There are people who like this movie, and I think there are also some people who think that the ridiculous movie world in which this movie takes place is a lot like the unconventional place at which they work. If you encounter one of these people, don't trust most of what they say.

8. Wall Street (1987) - I guess this movie is about "work," because stealing money from people is hungry business. It's pretty good, but it would take Oliver Stone an entire second movie to answer the question of whether or not money sleeps.

9. Silkwood (1983) - Many people would name The Devil Wears Prada as a good movie about work that stars Meryl Streep, but I like movies that take place in the actual world. Silkwood takes place in the actual world. Watch it in the garage with the car running.

10. The Paper (1994) - Michael Keaton twitches and Ron Howard overdirects so that we all understand just how frantic and immediate the world of print journalism is. In 2011, the movie might as well be science fiction because newspapers aren't a thing.


  1. Does "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" count?

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