Sunday, October 16, 2011

F This Movie! - F The Music Box Massacre! (2011)

Patrick and JB. One theater. 13 horror movies. 24 hours. It's time again for the Music Box Massacre.

Correction: We claim on the podcast that Bob Clark is not the director of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. He is. That makes the movie even more baffling. We're sorry.

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  1. Wow, you guys sound exhausted. Thanks for going through all of that to bring us what it was like for those of us who don't have things like the Music Box Massacre. However, I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I think it would be understandable...even required...that you rest a little before you record the podcast. I think you deserve that. I can't imagine the numbness that would set it after movie 6 or 7. I mean, I'm only 6 movies into the Friday the 13th series, and I'm not even watching those back to back, yet I'm already exhausted with them. The idea of watching 13 films in 24 hours...

    Great episode, though, and I enjoyed all the thoughts on what you two saw. I also am glad that you are enjoying my contributions to the scary movie challenge. Sometimes the real challenge is finding things to say at all.

    I hope by now you guys are rested, that your wives have not kicked you out, and that you haven't burned yourself out on scary movies.

    Thanks again for the show. F This Movie is always at the very top of my listening list every week.

  2. Thanks so much, Heath. You've been kicking much ass on the FTMFSMCII, and all of your entries have been awesome. I'm ESPECIALLY impressed that you're finding different things to say about each Ft13th movie, since the screenwriters obviously couldn't. ZING!

    We probably do sound overly-tired on the Massacre podcast, but that's part of the charm (there is no charm). We decided early on that we should record it IMMEDIATELY afterwards so you get a sense of what people sound like after 24 straight hours of horror movies. I'm not sure we're doing the content any favors, though.

    We do love the Massacre, but I don't know how many years I can make it through the whole thing. It's a young man's game.