Wednesday, January 18, 2012

F this Movie! - Alex's Favorite Movies

Patrick and Alex talk memories, orchids, lies, dinosaurs and German terrorists.

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  1. As with Erika's favorite 5 podcast I can't listen to the end of Alex's podcast because I haven't seen "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I've owned the shrink-wrapped HD-DVD since forever. So let's recap: bought "Charade" on Blu-ray because of Mark Ahn, will watch "Royal Tenenbaums" on the Criterion DVD I already own because of Erika and now Alex is pushing me toward the high-def copy of "ESOTSM" gathering dust in my closet... YOU GUYS ARE FORCING ME TO MAKE MY OWN FILM FESTIVAL! Oh well, at least the recommendations are good. Thanks for the push Alex! Nice to see I'm not the only one that still has a high opinion of "The Usual Suspects" (Pete Postlethwaite, AKA Kobayashi... RIP!) :-(

    Nice of Patrick to admit he needs to bone-up on the classics and then doing just that. If you have access to the Criterion DVD/BD versions of "The Third Man" the Tony Gilroy/Steven Soderbergh commentary track is a must-listen (even if it just amounts to a 'Chris Farley Show' from these film directors to the movie they love). And hopefully seeing Kubrick's take on WWI will make Patrick like Spielberg's "War Horse" a little bit less now that he's seen how much the no man's land trench warfare scenes in "WH" were 'inspired' (ahem!) by "Paths of Glory."

  2. Thanks, J.M. Glad to hear you're getting some solid suggestions from this 'favorite movies' series. Of movies you already own, but still.

    I don't meant to suggest that I'm a total noob when it comes to classic movies -- I've seen most of the movies on JB's recent list (at least) -- but there are some definite and conspicuous holes. It's always bothered me to have owned some of these movies for so long and have not seen them, even though I've seen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Sufer. It don't gel. It ain't Jell-O.

    My huge admiration for Paths of Glory probably won't change my affection for War Horse, because I think the movies have very different goals. It is interesting, though, that Kubrick's movie feels waaaay more contemporary even though it was made in '57. But, again, the old-fashioned-ness of War Horse was what I liked best about it. Either way...movies!

    I have what I think is the first Criterion pressing of The Third Man, and I don't think the Soderbergh/Gilroy commentary is on that version. THIS ANGERS ME, because I LOVE every commentary that Soderbergh does. I'll have to track it down. Hopefully on Blu-ray.

  3. ^^^ Not unless you're ready to part with a King's random. Criterion lost the rights to "The Third Man" (both BD and DVD) when StudioCanal took back the rights to a bunch of its titles in early 2010. While some of these titles sometimes show up at low prices on amazon or other stores "The Third Man" (on both formats but primarily on BD) is always expensive. There's an R1 BD of "The Third Man" from StudioCanal that's not as good as Criterion's BD visually and doesn't have the Gilroy/Soderbergh commentary anyway. Happy hunting procrastinating Patrick (hugs "Third Man" BD that's a little worn-out from overwatching). :-p

  4. ^^^ RANSOM... 'a King's ransom' is what I meant to say. "GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!"... sorry, got Mad Mel on the brain! :-)

  5. I happen to own the out-of-print Blu-Ray of The Third Man. (Because ebay). Patrick, you can borrow it any time... for a low, non-refundable deposit.

  6. But I wasn't procrastinating. I already owned it (on DVD, anyway). And, yes, JB, I would love to borrow that so I can hear the commentary. I would also like to borrow one cup of sugar and some ABC gum. THANK YOU.

  7. I also liked Due Date! Spitting in that dog's face? Genius!

    I've always wanted to share this anecdote with someone that might find it interesting and it seems appropriate here - the first and only time I saw The Usual Suspects it was my first year of college and I was "under the influence" of a certain (in some States). I don't remember the movie very well now but early on there's a scene where the mystery man who turns out to be Keyser Soze urinates on something. I said to my friends, "Oh gross, it looks kinda slimy!" and they didn't know what the hell I was talking about - they blamed the herb. Later on when Kevin Spacey's character talks about his piss sometimes looking like snot, I was like, "Hey - HE'S Keyser Soze!"

    I never went back to confirm if the piss in that early scene really did look like snot or if it was just an incredible coincidence that I sorta hallucinated it thereby making me see the twist coming but maybe Alex can help me out with that?

  8. ^^^ I've seen "The Usual Suspects" more than 20 times, love it to death and find new stuff every time I watch it. I never noticed the Verbal Kint urine/snot comment before, or tied it to the urine scene at the beginning of the movie. Any movie that has such a spell over the viewer every time that they miss obvious stuff like the 'urine/snot' stuff is the work of geniuses... who went on to do a Nazi movie starring Tom Cruise! :-O

  9. Just went back and watched Lost World again based on the strong reccommendations from this episode (that was the point of what you were saying, right?).
    I had only seen it once before back when it first came out, but watching it this time it really stood out to me how much of a kill-fest it is for a Spielberg creature film. It is much more of a straight up explpoitation film than the first, where the dinosaurs are the only things anyone really cares about...and all they can really do is run, roar and kill.