Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The F This Movie! 100


  1. In before the DMCA take down notice.

    Bromley, you bastard. I teared up a few times during the montage. Well-done. It was so good I sort of wish the movies were dead just so that could play at its funeral.

    1. Thanks, Erich (sissy). I've been watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon, so I can pretty much say that the movies ARE dead. Do with this information what you will.

  2. Damn that was good - didn't quite tear up (I think I broke my tear ducts trying not to cry in front of my friends at the end of Braveheart and haven't out and out cried at a movie since) but definitely had the chills throughout. What a beautiful little send-up of movies man, well done.

  3. I make a living editing video (for a TV production company) and that was beautiful. It took me until the second viewing to realize the shots are in the same chronological order as the podcasts (including one or two clips representing the summer/best of/etc. compilation podcasts). I pressume the last shot of the video is a teaser of what Patrick's favorite movie will be when we get to his Favorite Movies podcast. Thanks for ruining the surprise. ;-)

    It's a better montage than the reel of highlights they show at Academy Award ceremonies, which limits itself to the same classic and iconic well-known shots of popular movies we've all seen a million times. Even though there were few B&W movies (and again, no foreign flicks!) it shows the depth and variety of the movies 'f'ed' on the podcast. The love for the medium comes through, loud and touching.

    Thanks for cutting away right before the "Sleepaway Camp" money shot! :-O

    Love the cut from the "War of the Worlds" space ships ('Alien Invasion' podcast) to the alien attack shot from "ID4."

    As the single shot of "Pearl Harbor" that made it into the montage proves, when removed from context or acting or cohesive storytelling Michael Bay shoots pretty good-looking shots.

    The "Scream 4" shot is pretty cool because it's 'WTF?!' for anybody that hasn't seen the movie, but those that have will get instantly. Nice! :-)

    I know from the weekend Film Fest tweets that you edited the video a while back, but the insertion of Bill Hinzman as the zombie from "Night of the Living Dead" and posting this video the week that he passes away (check obituaries)? Fortuitous coincidence!

    Now if you just remove the hero group shot of "Sucker Punch" from the video (the "Star Wars" one's I won't even bother asking for) it would be the best YouTube video of all time. How about it Patrick? Ditch the skanks and insert a close-up of (Michael) Shanks! :-)

  4. Just in case anybody doubted our love for the cinema. Thanks for sharing this, Patrick! You make us all look good! HOORAY FOR MOVIES!

  5. That was bloody wonderful...really got me worked up.

  6. That was awesome! I'm surprised you were able to match all those scenes with the lyrics while staying in chronological order. I'm more convinced you had this planned from the beginning than I was at the end of LOST.

    The award for best sound cue for me is a tie between Harry and Hermoine dancing after "hold you in my arms" and Jessica Alba's performance in Fantastic Four after "black hole."

  7. I'm speechless. The only reason you know what I am saying is because I can type it out, because there is no sound coming from my open mouth right now.

    Just amazing.

    Fuck, that's awesome.

  8. All of your lovely and kind comments are making The Wife get teary, here! Patrick's love of movies is serious business - someday maybe I should do a podcast and just tell the stories that I have learned over the years about his childhood movie love. He was born this way, baby! Thanks to everyone for listening, commenting, and sharing your movie love along the way!