Sunday, February 5, 2012

F This Movie! - The 100th Episode Spectacular!

Our 100th show.

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  1. 'Bartholomew Haverick Quibler'... classic!

    I listened to the podcast while watching the simultaneous "Law & Order" (TNT) and "Law & Order: SVU" (USA) pre-Super Bowl marathons (audio down and subtitles on... it helps that I've seen all episodes of both shows about a bazillion times each). Yay, got my Twiter handle read twice -Hi Erika! :-)- and my 'Fun Facts' e-mail read... hooray! Erika actually appeared on 4 podcasts on her own with Patrick, but I counted the extra 2 podcasts ('Top Gun' and 'Mike's Favorite Movies') where Erika appears unannounced with some cookie goodness.

    SHIT... I WIN!!! I WIN... MIKE, I LOVE YOU! Free stuff, pics of the crew giving me their stuff and a t-shirt... life is good. :-) Wait... no Blu-ray of "The Rocketeer" for me? CHEATERS... RIGGED, RIGGED... YOU GUYS SUCK!

    :-( :-P

    Jan (JB's significant other) blowing up the end ('it took 100 podcasts for me to finally appear...') was a highlight. We need to get Jan on the rotation. Maybe a Erika and Jan-hosted podcast when Parick becomes unavailable? More estrongen, less testosterone into the 'F This Movie' DNA, please (and yes, I'm a male feminist... we exist!). Patrick's 'she's not high-fiving me' when Erika was talking about her pregnancy? Too fracking funny! :-)

  2. WHAT!?!?! I Didnt Win!?!? F This Movie(Podcast)!

    see what I did there.

    Congrats on 100 Episodes guys. Great effort, always enjoyable.

    Its been a big week in podcast history because we had our 50th episode this week. Milestones!

    1. Thanks, Brad! Congratulations to you guys, too. BIG UPS TO MMM!

  3. You guys are breaking this Dark Crystal fan's heart.

    1. I tried sticking up for it as much as possible, Mac. Thanks for joining us for the fest! It was awesome having you with us all day.

  4. I really was surprised my name was picked out. I haven't won anything since the egg and spoon race at school twenty five yers ago.

    Another great podcast and congratulations on reaching the 100 shows mark, and doing it whilst keeping the quality so high.

  5. Congratulations on the 100th podcast - great job! And I'm not just saying that because I won something (though it helps!) - if any of you want to come visit your stuff sometime, you're all welcome!

    And the FThisMovieFest was great! Really enjoyed it and actually felt like I was watching "with" a bunch of fellow movie lovers - wasn't sure if it would work but it definitely did. Regarding the minor criticism of Patrick's picks, let me say this - of the five, I had only seen Blade Runner and were it not for the fest there's a very good chance I would NEVER have seen the other four - I had pretty much written them off. But, damn, they were all pretty great - even my least favourite, Dark Crystal, was certainly an experience and had a lot of cool things to offer and I'm really glad I watched it. And were it not for Road Warrior I never would've thought to name my penis "Lord Humongous". Sure it's sarcasm, but he doesn't know that!

    Finally, since you guys got all sentimental, I'll throw my two serious cents in: I stumbled on your podcast through DVD Verdict last August and was just immediately struck by how FUN it was - your love of the medium and your friendships and just the joy you so clearly take in talking about movies is endearing and infectious (and so wonderfully unpretentious - especially for a subject matter that can be so conducive to pretentiousness) - you sound just like I would sound sitting around with my friends shooting the shit about movies. Which brings me to my next point - my friends aren't that into talking about movies (nor is my spousal equivalent but I'm working on her)! Not in the sort of in-depth way I've taken to thinking about them lately - a passion that has only been fuelled by F This Movie! - so you guys have become a way for me to scratch that itch and feel involved in a discussion about movies when I've bored everyone else! In other words, F This Movie for me is both the drug and the support group - how convenient is that?!

    Anyway, you've made me feel very appreciated as a listener (and since the FThisMovieFest especially, a friend of sorts) so on this occasion of your 100th podcast, I just wanted to reciprocate - keep up the great work gang, it is appreciated!

    1. Sol, I know how you feel (and not just because we both won free swag). I also found 'F This Movie' through DVD Verdict last October when they posted in the front page a link to the "Sleepaway Camp" commentary. Not a podcast listener (just not into into talk radio-type media, I'd rather read) but the fact anybody would have gone through the trouble of recording a commentary for a cult early 80's horror movie that's not widely available made me take the leap. This remains my favorite podcast to date, which is odd because I was one of those viewers that took "SC" and its real sequel (2006's "Return to SC") seriously and loved them without any irony as good and memorable slasher flicks. The dressing down of Robert Hiltzik's motives and endless jokes about the movie's previously-unseen-by-me sexual undertones made me appreciate "SC" in a whole new light (while retaining the child-like affection of a 13-year old that was blown away... no pun intended... by the ending back in '86).

      Oddly enough I still think "SC" works and Hiltzik comes on top in the end because, even while mocking it, Patrick & Co. (and pretty much everybody that watches the movie) continually refers to the lead character as 'Angela' instead of the character's real name (revealed during the 'twist' ending). Doesn't mean I don't enjoy Doug, Mike and especially JB ('Godzilla...AHHHH!!!') going out of their way to rip Hiltzik and "SC" a new one. By this time the 'F This Movie' group really gels well, and their chemistry completely won me over.

      The "SC" commentary was the gateway drug to the podcast. The rest, like they say on repurposed History Channel documentaries, is history.

  6. *boys Sol a beer*

    Well said, Sol.

    Guys, I can't believe it's here. One hunnert episodes! This was so enjoyable, I really loved the gang all sitting around talking about whatever, with contributions from everyone. It was great to hear Jan finally, after hearing so much about her for so long, and Eric Applebaconburger's intro was just gold. When it started, I was smiling and sort of chuckling at the jokes, but by the time it was over, I was oddly moved and slightly emotional going down memory lane with all those references. Well done, sir.

    Also, Mark really hit the nail on the head with his comments about how the show is about community and family with a lot of appreciation for each other and for the listeners. That's absolutely true, and I love the community (or in Doug's case, cum-munity..see what I did there?) that has formed.

    Listening to this was both good and bad because I listen at work in the office. I was done with this episode by 8 am and was bummed because I knew that there was nothing else as fun, interesting, or exciting to me on my iPod as this show. By 8 am, the day had gotten as good as it was going to get. But enough slobbering all over you guys. Thanks for being awesome for 100 episodes, and most importantly, congratulations!

  7. Sol and Heath: I'd like to invoke the rubber/glue clause. You guys are the best. Thanks for all the nice words and support -- the feeling is mutual.

    1. I've never used that clause for GOOD before - interesting concept...

  8. Heath: While I appreciate your kind words, it's "Erich" not "Eric." When you leave off the "h" it insults my family, and we Applebaconburgers will NOT be mocked!

    To everyone, EXCELLENT podcast. I have been a fan of the show far longer than I have been a contributor, and I couldn't be prouder. You've come a long way, babies.