Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's F This Movie Fest!!!

The day has finally arrived! F This Movie Fest starts at Noon CST!


Log on to Twitter and talk about all five movies along with us. Just make sure to follow F This Movie!, direct all comments to @fthismovie and tag everything #fthismoviefest.

If you've forgotten the lineup, check it out here.

This is going to be THE BEST. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and everyone for taking part!

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  1. Well, that was fun. I never thought in a million years that seeing William Shatner act would reduce me to tears. But damn if in "Star Trek II" the Shat didn't pull it off with his Spock speech. Ricardo Montalban's Khan is everything you want in a villain: arrogant, too cocky and likable-enough to make you yhink he might just pull it off. Any time the regulars (McCoy, Chekhov, Spock, etc.) interacted with Kirk, especially when they referred to him as Jim, the movie just fucking rocked. It's like an extended fictitious family of friends you like to hang around with. I'm not ready to become a full-fledged Trekkie (unlike Patrick's well-off lifestyle I can't afford it!) but this movie makes me want to check out the original TV series. Bones and Kirk together on TV sounds like it'd be tons of fun to watch.

    I liked "Blade Runner" the least but I frankly wasn't prepared for how horrible and bored Harrison Ford's Deckard voice-over sounds. My God, it feels like Ford is being forced at gun point to recite those likes (which Patrick mentioned was close to what really happens). The movie is designed, look and sounds like the influential work of art that it is (the "Metropolis" of the 1980's) but it felt like a ton of work went into creating this cool futuristic world only to have a mundane 'noir story out of the thousands from the naked city' be the focus of the movie. The last 30-40 minutes when Rutger Hauer goes ape shit really saved the movie from completely turning me off from it, I might check it out again in its 'Special' edition versions.

    "Fast Times..." and "Mad Max 2" went down as smooth as I expected. "The Dark Crystal" is a great demo reel of early 80's puppetry at the service of fantasy, but damn if Jen wasn't a load of a lame useless character. This should have been Kira's movie all the way, but I guess heroine puppets that could exist as heroes outside of a relationship with a male hero were not considered box office success recipes (not that movie would have done better). Respect for "The Dark Crystal's" SFX work, but the cliche story and lame heroes sink it.

    Overall, a great way to kill 10 hours on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. Let's do this again and often, but please let's find another way to choose the movies that doesn't limit us to Patrick's tastes. How about JB picks next time and programs a killer classics line-up? Or Erika organizes a 'Respect Tom Cruise's Cock' film retrospective? The twitter commentary on "Top Gun" alone would be a goldmine of nasty comments and riffing madness. :-)