Friday, April 20, 2012

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (April 20)

Sure, it's old news by now, but did you see that Tupac Shakur hologram at the Coachella music festival? Some people (my wife) were blown away by the lifelike interplay between ghost Tupac and Snoop Dogg. I, on the other hand, was UNIMPRESSED. C'mon America! We've got light years to go before we match the holographic artistry of Hatsune Miku, Asia's biggest pop star. The Japanese, once again, are schooling us.

To Rome with Love
Release date: June 22, 2012

I loved Midnight in Paris. It was my second favorite (really? That can't be right) movie of 2011! It seems to me, however, that THIS movie is missing one key ingredient: TIME TRAVEL. I kid. An all-star cast (Alec Baldwin, Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Alison Pill) round out Woody Allen's latest film about "a number of people in Italy, some American, some Italian, some residents, some visitors, and the romances and adventures and predicaments they get into." Well done, IMDb plot-bot! I'm looking forward to this (what can I say? I'm a sucker for a witty travelogue), and I especially love the last exchange of the trailer: Woman (Judy Davis?): "Isn't it nice to be someplace pleasure [sic]?" Woody Allen: "No." Speaking of TIME TRAVEL (all caps, always), here's the actual trailer for Looper. YOU'RE WELCOME.

The Magic of Belle Isle
Release date: July 6, 2012

This is ... obviously not for me. But that's fine! If your idea of fun at the theater is watching a wheelchair-bound Morgan Freeman connect with a hillbilly family in a mythical hamlet (the eponymous "Belle Isle") in order to reignite his creative juices, then you will probably LOVE The Magic of Belle Isle. I'll stick with Funny Farm. And, really, isn't that what makes movies so great? One final thought: I normally reject fictional stories of romance between older men and younger, attractive women. In the case of Morgan Freeman, however, I'm actually shocked he's not going for someone even YOUNGER than Virginia Madsen (24 years his junior). Someone, say, the age of his step-granddaughter? Ya burnt, Morgan Freeman!

Lola Versus
Release date: June 8, 2012

Greta Gerwig is all up in my column this week! And that's totally cool, because I love Greta Gerwig! Well, truth be told, I've only seen her in a few movies (really missed out of the first "indie" half of her career [e.g., Baghead]). But here she's charming and likeable. So maybe I love the IDEA of loving Greta Gerwig. Yes, let's stick with that. This trailer feels like an extended promo for New Girl, but hey! That's OK. New Girl is two-thirds of a really funny show! How many times have I brought up New Girl, you guys? I think it's starting to become an OBSESSION OF MINE. And from the studio that brought me (500) Days of Summer? I mean, who WOULDN'T want to see this? Answer: JB. Does anyone else recognize Hamish Linklater from The New Adventures of Old Christine? No? No one?


Bel Ami
Release date: June 8, 2012

I'm pretty sure Christina Ricci gets naked in this. Which would be totally awesome if it were 1998. Anything you'd like to add? #dodougsjobforhim


  1. 1. To Rome With Love: Somewhere, someone who just read the title and got excited thinking this is a sequel to "From Paris With Love". Thanks for disappointing them, Woody Allen.

    2. The Magic of Belle Isle: From Rob Reiner, and the hits just keep coming.

    3. Lola Versus: My indifference

    4. Bel Ami: Robert Pattison fucks a lot of women, and my will to live.

  2. Nice detail to make the kid's eyes red. Surprised you didn't go all the way and photoshopped a lit joint in the kid's hand. :-P

    The trailer for "To Rome With Love" looks awful, but it's par for the course with Woody Allen. Every time he's had a career touchdown ("Annie Hall," "Manhattan," "Hannah and her Sisters," "Crimes and Misdemeanors") he immediately follows it with a forgettable entry ("Interiors," "Stardust Memories," "September," "Alice") into his still-impressive body of work. "To Rome With Love" is exactly what I expected from Woody after "Midnight In Paris" hit it big: a major letdown.

  3. It is official. From now on, I am going to refer to you as "Snoop Doug."