Wednesday, August 29, 2012

F This Movie! - F This Summer! (2012)

Patrick, Doug and JB team up for their third annual summer recap show and discover that it's all about adjusting expectations. So lower yours.

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  1. I'm so thankful for my terrible taste in movies. I've enjoyed the hell out of dreck like Total Recall and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Maybe it's that they live up to my expectations (none at all). I even liked Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Clearly there's something wrong with me, but if it leads to me enjoying the summer, I don't want to be fixed.

  2. I know i'll probably get pooed on but i loved 'The Dark Knight Rises'. I saw it 4 times and liked it more each time (except the 3rd). It's NOT the best movie ever cause the best movie ever wouldn't have that many problems. And there's a ton of them but i just kind of turn a blind eye to all of them. I like how ambitious and messy it is. I like how there's so many characters. I dont know it just worked for me. I liked it more than 'the dark knight' even though 'the dark knight' and to some extent 'batman begins' are better movies. But i dont know I cried at the end every time. Again, i dont know. But doug also talked about how the kids were very annoying in 'the amazing spiderman'. And someone said (i think JB) that shows how engrossing the movie is. Well when i saw 'The Avengers' (another movie i loved, though it isn't perfect) a crowd of kids (maybe 6 or 7) came in with their parents. I immediately was like "well i guess i wont be watching this movie". The kids were kind of noisy during the previews but as soon as the movie started they were IN. Which made me happy. It's sort of like their 'Star Wars' (the best thing ever....along with 'Back to the Future', 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Singin in the Rain'.....sorry JB i wasn't a huge fan of 'Casablanca' but maybe i have to watch it again which i totally will), it's a movie that just sucks them in in the opening minutes and dazzles them the whole way through.

    P.S the show was excellent and dougs comparison of JB's popcorn eating to...well you know was AMAZING.

  3. Was 21 Jump Street outside of your range for summer movies? (Maybe it came out end of April.) That was a hugely pleasant surprise for me and I almost had to be pushed to be seen it ("c'mon, guys, Channing Tatum? Really?")

    1. I really enjoyed 21 Jump Street. Came out in March, and that's probably why we didn't mention it. I think we considered Avengers to be the unofficial start of the summer movie season. But yeah, 21 Jump Street was great and funny and a pleasant surprise! Everyone should see it. NOW.

    2. 21 Jump Street might be coming up again on our Best of the Year show.

  4. Great show gents. I don't get the downbeat comments on "The Dark Knight Rises" (my favorite of the trilogy, which like "Toy Story 3" benefits from the ground work laid out by the prequels) and "The Amazing Spider-Man" though (not an excellent or even very good superhero movie but hardly worth the slamming you're giving it). Love them both, and my expectation were the same I have when I watch a good soccer game: none, I enjoy it for what it is.

    And regarding Burton's "Frankenweiner," by the time it rolls in theaters in October it will be THIRD animated 'horror for kids' CGI flick after "Frankenorman" (August) and "Hotel Transylvania" (September). Talk about Hollywood jumping on the same train again months/years ahead of time.

  5. The download link doesn´t work.