Friday, August 3, 2012

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (Aug. 3)

Remember yesterday when we all watched Die Hard together? That was awesome!

Cloud Atlas
Release date: Oct. 26, 2012

This is nearly six minutes long, so pace yourself. Listen, Cloud Atlas might be the best film ever made (surpassing both Citizen Kane AND Vertigo, obvi), but boy is this trailer confusing. And long! And [maybe?] boring! Well, at least at the beginning (something-something BOOKS ZZzzzzZzzzzZZzZz) -- it picks up at the end. Props to Tom Tykwer (one of three co-directors, along with the "siblings" Wachowski, Andy and Lana [they of Matrix fame]), however, who made one of my favorite films of all time, Run Lola Run. "But Doug, why wasn't Run Lola Run on your favorite movies podcast?" Simple! I forgot about it till now! Pobody's nerfect.

Release date: Sept. 7, 2012

First Deep Impact, then Armageddon. First The Illusionist, then The Prestige. First Antz, then A Bug's Life. First Paul Blart: Mall Cop, then Observe and Report. First Bridesmaids, then Bachelorette. If the pattern holds, Bachelorette will be better than Bridesmaids. I don't think that's gonna happen, though, because Bridesmaids was PRETTY funny (top 10 of 2011, sez Doug). On the plus side, the cutest couple from Party Down (Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott) is back together again! Love endures! On the plus-plus side (easy, cheap joke [SUE ME]), Rebel Wilson appears to be the latest Zach Galifianakis-esque breakout star. Good for her, because she's great!

Killing Them Softly
Release date: Oct. 19, 2012

If you (not naming names) were expecting to see an erotic thriller starring Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes, THEN YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED BY THIS TRAILER. If, however, you're a fan of director Andrew Dominik and actors James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta and Brad Pitt (at their most bad-assiest), then ... you're welcome? Formerly called Cogan's Trade (thank you Patrick), this movie looks awesome. By the time Johnny Cash starts singing, my "Coward Robert Ford" became a full-on "Chopper." #deepcut

Paranormal Activity 4
Release date: Oct. 19, 2012

Hmmm ... I feel like I've seen this before (fact: it's easy joke day here at F This Movie!). LOOK, I don't actually hate these movies nearly as much as everyone else seems to. In fact, after watching this, I'm a little bit more excited about #ScaryMovieMonth (the best time of year ever [DURRRRR]). But I guess that's more my response to October than it is to ... whatever this trailer is pretending to be. Skype is evil? Tell me something I don't know! And since when did alarm systems announce how exactly the murderer was entering your home? REGARDLESS, Halloween is only 89 days away! Yay!

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