Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's F This Movie Fest 2!

Today is the day! Celebrate 1991 with us!

You're all joining us, right? It's easy! Just follow @fthismovie on Twitter, and wait for us to say "PRESS PLAY!" Then, Tweet to your heart's content -- just tag everything with #fthismoviefest so everyone can read what you're saying.


Here's the lineup again (remember that start times are approximate; wait for @fthismovie to give the go-ahead and press 'play'):
Noon - The Last Boy Scout
2 p.m. - The Rocketeer
4 p.m. - Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
6 p.m. - New Jack City
8 p.m. - Terminator 2: Judgment Day 

Make sure you're following the #fthismoviefest hashtag! And, while you're at it, why not follow the group at F This Movie!:

Patrick: @patrickbromley
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Mark Ahn: @markyahn
Erich: @asperslobber
Adam: @AdamR38
Heath: @heaththolland
Erika: @erikabromley

Thanks to everyone who helped make the fest a big success! LET'S DO THIS, NINO BROWN STYLE!


  1. I'll be there in spirit guys unfortunately I gotta play a pick up game of football and take a shot at the end zone and cue rimshot.


    Last Boy Scout: 23 (plus 2 dogs)
    The Rocketeer: 12
    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey: 2 (Evil Ted and Evil Bill robots who, unlike their human counterparts, are really gone by movie's end)
    New Jack City: 23
    Terminator 2: 23 (including T-800 and T-1000).

    TOTAL: 83 deaths, 2 dead dogs.

    1. On behalf of hu-mahns everywhere, I would like to register a protest on the inclusion of robots in that death toll.

      I'll leave it for a blog-reading, typing dog to protest their separate classification, but I suspect they would be annoyed.

    2. Oops, counting error. 26 people died on-screen in "Last Boy Scout," not 23. That means the total human death toll for the Festival is 82 (86 if you include robots).

  3. Lots of celebrities (Treat Williams, William Sadler, Alex Winter, etc.) tweeted to us during this Film Fest, that was surprising and unexpected. I can't be the only one whose respect for Williams Sadler just shut up considerably by his portrayal of the Grim Ripper (i.e. death from "The Seventh Seal" with the personality of the Brain Guy from "Mystery Science Theater 3000") in "Bogus Journey," the sleeper hit of the festival and this year's "Star Trek II." Patrick and Doug were right, they knew what they were doing all along and most (OK, me) were wrong, wrong, wrong, so there. Cue "The Quibbler" sound effect.

  4. Another great event everybody - I feel like I may not have tweeted quite as much as I did last time but that perhaps speaks to my even greater enjoyment of the actual movies and just reading everyone else's tweets.

    The star of the night for me was definitely Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey but that was not a surprise. It had fallen off my radar but I loved it (and more than the original) around the time it came out. How easily could that sequel just been a story built around some other reason they had to travel through time in their trusty phonebooth picking up new historical figures; i.e. more of the same. It was a brave choice taking it in such a different direction and I've always thought it paid off big time.

    I also kinda liked The Last Boy Scout though it seems I was fairly alone on that one - I assume it wasn't on the list for purely ironic viewing, was it? I thought there was a lot to like about it - Damon can be a bit annoying but I thought he brought some genuine warmth to what could have been the standard antagonistic relationship. Like the CONSTANT bickering in Bad Boys always bugged me - I never rewatched either of those movies - they dynamic of Wayans being a former sports idol of a disillusioned Bruce Willis but then regaining some of that respect, I dunno, I just found it a bit more interesting than many of those kinds of setups.

    New Jack City was cool - hadn't seen it before and will likely watch it again less distracted by tweeting - really reminded me of what a charismatic dude Wesley Snipes is and that I'm way overdue for a White Men Can't Jump viewing.

    I liked Rocketeer though I'd probably say it was my least favourite - I hadn't seen it since it first came out (and even then it didn't REALLY grab me) so I appreciated it in new ways. It too probably deserves a distraction-free viewing.

    Nothing more to say about T2 - had the most Twitter-fun with that one as I didn't need to be as engaged in the movie itself (having seen it probably 20 times) and it was definitely the perfect pick to close out the event.

    Great job everybody - looking forward to the after-party podcast!