Monday, August 26, 2013

F This Movie! - The World's End

Patrick, JB and Adam Riske are the Five Musketeers.

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  1. Not sure I'm ready to listen to this yet. Maybe after a few pints.

  2. I definitely had a few before watching. And a few after. I also may or may not have planned my own Chicago "Golden Mile."

  3. I've only listened up to the point of spoilers because my local movie-theater monopoly, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen not to show The World's End in its downtown multiplex, so I have to wait until I can find a SAINT who will take me out to the BOONDOCKS where the second closest multiplex is. I'm still really looking forward to watching it and listening to the rest of the podcast as well!

    And Adam, as proud as I am to be a key member of F This Movie's International Fanclub, Canada is considered part of the "Domestic" Box Office, so as far as that goes you can just lump me in with all the other dumb Americans.

    1. Thanks for clarifying :-)You're not dumb.

    2. Oh, so its all on me then. Way to pass the buck Sol. Happy Fucking Canada Day.

      And my excuse is that it doesnt open here until tomorrow. So you can only half hate me because it is true that I havent gone to see it yet.

    3. I just need someone to explain the international box office for Pirates 4. Brad L, you are on the front lines. You have to stop people "overseas" from seeing movies like that.

    4. Now I want a "Happy Fucking Canada Day" shirt to wear next July 1.

    5. Adam, I'll have a chat with Barry, Colin and China to see what I can do.

      Sol, I'll do one up for you along with one that says "Its Hockey Day in Canada, Bitch!"
      (Slowly changing the polite Canadian stereotype, one shirt at a time)

  4. Terrific podcast. I watched The World's End on Friday and enjoyed it but felt a bit letdown that it wasn't funnier. I really failed to pick-up on the depth that you guys discuss but you've convinced me I need to give it a second look.

  5. Saw this here in the UK earlier in the month and I loved it. I have not seen it again (yet), but it has stuck with me. So much more to the film than you see on the surface. Perhaps not the most immediate of the trilogy, but definitely a worthy finale.

  6. I went and saw this Thursday night along with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and it was amazing to see all of them back to back.

    At the end you guys talk about ranking the three films, and after I saw them all in a row, I tried to do the same. I couldn't do it. I keep rearranging which one I liked best. And I'm okay with that.

    Listing to this just made me want to see the movie again.

  7. On first watch while I really enjoyed World's End I gotta say it definitely winds up as #3 on my list of the Cornetto Trilogy but it's still one hell of a trilogy, this isn't a Back to the Future III situation, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead were more fun movies while World's End seems to be the best film.

    Still yet to see Your Next (don't worry I'm wearing my "Tom is an asshole" shirt until I do) but JB definitely hit it on the head with his comparison of this movie to The Purge cause based solely on the trailer that's what Your Next seems exactly like and The Purge could have been so damn good had they done all they could with the premise.

  8. Great show guys.

    I too really liked this movie which, besides it being a very well made movie, I think was due to how much it resonated with me.
    I lived my 20s on the other side of the country to my home city, returning when I was around 29 or so. My old best mate was Gary King and I am Andy. Returning home and trying to recapture the good old days never works, and the old friend who never grew up is definitely a major source of frustration and disappointment. I feel Wright, Pegg and Frost captured this dynamic brilliantly, with Frost's anger being revealed as due to a broken heart was spot on. If anything I would have liked more focus on their relationship and on Frost in the second half, but I see that may be just due to how personal I found it.

    To JB re: alcoholism. I didnt take away from the movie that it was about alcoholism (although it was very much part of King), and I didnt see it as being part of Andy (Frost). When they were talking about their past I thought it came across more as that they were young and dumb, drunk too much and did stupid we all did. Andy grows up so he leaves that life behind him, while King doesnt grow up and is constantly trying to live in that era (era). I saw Andy leaving the alcohol behind him as more of a representation of leaving that lifestyle behind him rather than him having been an alcoholic. Therefore, when he starts drinking again it isnt because is giving up on sobriety or losing his resolve, but because bad shit happens when you drink (with King) and the bad shit is already happening so why not drink. imo

    Peter Page was wonderful.
    Sorry for the long post.

  9. I love the idea of an Edgar Wright/Tarantino collaboration. Not sure which configuration I'd want. For instance, would Tarantino's tendency to dwell on a subject match up with Wright's quicker pacing when he edits? Would Wright quicker dialogue fit well with Tarantino's nonlinear sequencing? I could do this for DAYS.

    Anyone want to go see YOU'RE NEXT?

    1. IT would be awesome if they would just do one of each. Then we could decide for ourselves. Personally, I think if I only could see one, I'd take Tarantino as the writer and Wright as the director. I just think Tarantino is a very strong screenwriter.

  10. Great podcast, guys. I did have a couple thoughts while listening to it this morning that I felt like I wanted to share. I am always amazed at how a person's own perception can shape what they take away from a movie.

    Being someone who was exposed to substance abuse growing up and struggled/struggle with it myself, I saw things differently than some of what I heard you say.

    I didn't think the movie was about alcoholism (as mentioned by Brad L), but I did think it was a constant theme. They hinted at Cocaine use as well so I looked at it as substance abuse in general.

    It made perfect sense to me that they would choose to have five guys, even though some of them seemed interchangeable. I think the similarities between some of the guys were more pronounced because they were all in significant contrast to King. On the surface it seemed as though King wanted to get the band back together because of the "friendship", but I changed my mind pretty soon. He was more worried about creating an enviornment that would make his drinking seem normal or acceptable. Set the stage for a party and bingefest. Hard to do with one or two people, easier with five.

    JB mentioned that Frost was not "present" and that King was the exact opposite...King was present and living each moment in the moment. I walked away feeling different. I thought it was obvious that King was not living in the momenet...some would say he was living in the past, but that is not even my point. He seems to pay very little attention to what is going on around him. He is concerned with getting a buzz. There is a couple moments (one in particular after Peter talks about being bullied) where King is so not present that he is focused on shots. When all shit breaks loose, he is so not present that the pub crawl still seems like a priority.

    I thought Frost beginning to drink made sense for the obvious reason that shit was crazy,but he also had some real unresolved issues. He came across as a dry drunk which is a lot different that an sober ex-drinker.

    I really enjoyed the movie. I know my points above were not really the focus of your podcast, but they were a couple of the parts that struck me the most, because I just interpreted it differently.

    As always, great job. I enjoyed listening to your conversation.

    1. Really insightful comments, Steve. Thanks. It's another testament to The World's End that we can be having these kinds of conversations about a movie where people punch the heads off robots.

    2. Regarding the "5 guys" thing, the movie as a whole felt like it was written by someone who really went through this type of thing (friendship aspect not evil robot invasion aspect), again maybe just because it struck such a chord with me. But I wouldn't be surprised if there are five guys simply because for Edgar he was one of five friends, one of whom failed to move on from the young and dumb phase of life.
      There are are guys because there were five guys.

  11. Excellent. I cant stop laughing.

    The Patrick Bromley Syndrome.

    Just last night after mentioning my thoughts on PBS . My new syndrome game. I am listening to this old podcast, im still catching up and Patrick said. " before watching The worlds end I had to first watch Hot fuzz and Shaun of the Dead again

    This is PBS in full effect.

    I did exactly the same to get in the mood for The Worlds end. Made me laugh out loud

    Follow the yellow brick road from the beginning. No cheating allowed.

    Some people call it OCD. I call it PBS