Monday, November 25, 2013

F This Movie! - Road House

Patrick and Adam Riske will be nice until it's time to not to be nice.

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  1. Great episode guys.
    I was surprised to hear Alpha say that he first saw Roadhouse 5 years ago, because I assumed the non-ironic enjoyment of this flick came from nostalgia. I havent seen it mind you, just based on what ive picked up from comments. Might have to put this on the list.

    Regarding Narco Cultura, your description on the relationship between the musicians and drug lords made me think of the Bloods and Crips being glorified in gangsta rap.
    Probably not quite on the same level but popular music glorifying antisocial behaviour isnt uncommon, maybe related to adolescent target demographic and rebellious tendencies at that time.

    Patrick, the point you brought up during the Sea World/Project Nim discussion about having more feelings towards chimpanzees than whales is actually founded in Evolutionary Psychology. As humans we have a tendency to feel greater levels of compassion towards creatures with a greater resemblance towards ourselves (The evolutionary benefits of caring for those of the same clan etc). That's why hunting gorillas is considered barbaric by most while fishing is Saturday afternoon television.

    And on behalf of Evil-Brad's everywhere I'd just like to say we are glad to hear you are all falling for our trap of a non-intimidating name hiding our true nature, for example I just gave comments on three movies....I HAVENT EVEN SEEN!!! Bwahahahahaha. (im twirling my moustache)

    1. I was friends with a guy named Brad growing up and he lost his identity once he got married and became evil Brad. There's something to this "Brad {snake} in the grass" theory.

  2. Great podcast gents - ah, Road House - it had sort of a mythical status for me and my pre-pubescent friends for being kind of a dirty movie - it sure sounded dirty - I think mostly based on a scene involving some boob-grabbing. I eventually casually asking my Dad to rent it for me and he did(!) - the amount of boobage was disappointing but the ass-kicking was great - unfortunately I haven't revisited it since. I will have to remedy that!

    Re Blackfish - I watched it in a packed theatre during our local film festival and I think that added to the emotional gut-punch of it all - my fiancée was actually getting angry with me for bringing her to it she was crying so much (though in the end admitted she was glad to have seen it) and everyone walked out of it stunned and, I assume, vowing never to go to SeaWorld again. I think that's it's only real purpose. It's certainly problematic as a "movie" - I watched Searching for Sugar Man and Stories We Tell recently and those are some docs that work really well as MOVIES - Blackfish felt more like something made for TV, but overall I think it does the job it was trying to do. And I'm not sure it's fair to say the former SeaWorld employees should still be viewed as villains for their complicity in the past - they were young, uneducated and had fallen into this sort of "dream job" where they were quite emotionally drawn to the whales - "seeing the light" and making a change should be worth something. Adam, I think you're comparison to Holocaust-participating Nazis is unfair because we all know the Holocaust is a myth.

  3. A bar full of employed stuntmen. This encapsulates the whole film perfectly. Brilliant

    Superb podcast Adam and Patrick

  4. Ps im guessing Adam just liked Species because he fancied Natasha Hendrick right?

    There is a pattern appearing between Adams films he likes and the lovely women being in them

    Adam Quote . " I liked that because she looked like someone I went to school with"

    Im not knocking it. I'm down with that. The Matrix 3 is much more watchable because of Trinity for me ;)

    1. Natasha Henstridge helped but I remember just liking Species in general. I haven't seen it in a very long time though. For the record, lovely women help but don't make or break a movie for me.

  5. Firstly Adam im sure you know im just pulling your leg a little. ;) I'm a big fan.

    I have the same memories of Species. I cant remember it much but I remember liking it. I thinks it's time for a revisit sometime soon

    Oops sorry i got the name slightly wrong. Sorry Natasha Henstridge. I know your listening. Me and Adam still love you