Wednesday, December 4, 2013

F This Movie! - Tommy Boy

Patrick and Doug don't shake hands. Patrick and Doug gotta hug.

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  1. Thank you for the incredibly kind words, that means a lot. I'm sure the fictional character Dr. David Banner would be just as thrilled with the shout-out as I am. Great show, as always, and not only did I see High School High...I saw it in a theater. I still use the "this is a book, it opens like this" line from it fairly often when my friends or family say stupid things, so I can't dismiss it completely. It wasn't good, though,

  2. Congratulations Art!
    An under appreciated role that is immensely valuable. The topics you cover are too important and too often over looked. Fantastic effort.

    Jeez, All these "Johnny come lately's". Dr JP Banner, Ive always been thinking of you....Always.
    (o) (o)

  3. Before I hit play I thought to myself "there's got to be a 90% chance that I hear the phrase 'Dougie want wingie'."

    Sadly disappointed.

    1. I feel like a failure now. THANKS SHINY TEASPOON.

  4. Great Patrick and Doug episode.

    I gotta comment on the whole Era, era thing

    Next time it pops up I want one of you to throw in a third pronunciation. I from over here in rainy England pronunce Era to rhyme with the word for Ear. Ear-a
    So next time this pops up

    Its goes Era era Ear-a
    Thank you ;)