Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Listen to Patrick on The Projection Booth Podcast

You've heard Patrick on F This Movie!. Now hear him try not to ruin someone else's show.

With F This Movie! being plagued by technical issues and consigned to "lost episode" status, this is a great opportunity to check out the RONDO AWARD NOMINATED Projection Booth Podcast with special guest ME.

I got to talk about Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant and Werner Herzog's 2009 sequel/remake/reboot/reimagining Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans with the show's hosts, Mike White and Robert St. Mary. It's a great conversation and they're both great guys -- I felt very fortunate to be invited on to talk with them.

You can hear the episode here -- and while you're at it, cast a vote for The Projection Booth in this year's Rondo Awards. The voting closes May 5th, so get moving.

Thanks again to the PB for having me (PB) on! Enjoy the show!


  1. Just downloaded and will check out later this week. If my phone was showing it correctly when I downloaded it, looks like the podcast is 2.5 hours...Will probably have to revisit this one once or twice!

  2. My worlds colliding! I only listen to a handful of podcasts regularly (takes a lot to get me to sample them, and even more to get me to download them) and "The Projection Booth" is one of them. Hearing Patrick hanging out with Mike and Robert and talking Ferrara, Keitel, Herzog and Cage should be a treat. :-)

  3. Was great having Patrick on the show. Looking forward to doing it again sometimes.