Wednesday, April 23, 2014

F This Movie! - Another Lost Episode

Doug returns to the podcast! And ruins the whole thing.

For the record, Doug didn't ruin anything. It's great to have him back. But for the second time in our nearly four years of doing the podcast, audio issues really messed up this episode. Doug sounds great: loud, clear, handsome. My audio, however, kept dropping in volume to the point where it was inaudible at points. If the show sounds choppy, it's because I had to cut around those sections.

I thought about ditching the episode together, but chose not to because a) Doug is back! and b) there's stuff here that I like, including the answers to questions submitted by you guys on Twitter. If you can make it through the volume fluctuations, hopefully you'll still be not unentertained.

Because of the technical problems with the episode, this one won't be available on iTunes. You can only download it here.

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Also discussed this episode: Pacific Rim (2013), The Unknown Known (2014), The Family (2013), The Big Wedding (2013), Wrong Cops (2013)


  1. I would also throw 12 Monkeys and Seven in as two more of Brad Pitt's best.

    Welcome back to the podcast, Doug! It's great to hear your voice again! And great show in general, guys, despite the minor audio issues! I'm excited to hear the introduction of Heath to the podcast in a couple weeks!

    1. Also, I should add that I remember kind of liking The Butterfly Effect when I saw it, too, for some reason...but I haven't had any reason or desire to return to it since seeing it in the theater.

  2. Good to hear from you, Douglas. I have just added Wild Orchid to my "after everyone's in bed" list.

  3. Would love to listen to this but I can't seem to download - first few times it was saying it was going to take 4 hours and eventually failed - then I thought I finally had it but it was just the first 5 minutes. :( Could someone Dropbox it or something?

    Great to hear from Doug if only for a few mins - Pacific Rim definitely fell apart for me on my subsequent home viewing as well!

  4. Finally got the podcast downloaded and listened to (quality really wasn't that bad) - thanks for answering my question - I'll answer yours back with a couple other points:

    1. My BRILLIANT Twitter handle "ThankSolOtt" should be read "Thanks a lot" - it's the only stupid pun-y joke of the hundreds made about my name that I actually kinda like - get it right next time, jeez. :P

    2. I saw your tweet looking for questions and panickedly came up with that one - I watched Magnolia fairly recently and wasn't sure I'd heard your guys's thoughts on it in any detail - it wasn't a particularly well-phrased question but notice was short!

    3. By "for the wrong reasons" I guess I was wondering if the kind of things some people hated it for maybe appealed to me because I'm stoopid? Was I just dazzled by its good looks and frenetic energy? Were the feels I got cheap or earned? Did I love basically everyone's performance because they were great or because I didn't/don't know enough about acting? That kind of stuff.

    I didn't mean to imply that there was anything WRONG with loving Magnolia (or any movie for that matter) - just looking to you experienced film crickets whose opinions I've grown to value so highly to either confirm or deny its genuine greatness. It doesn't change a whole lot, but I'm glad it was confirmed!

    P.S. "Stupid Bug! You go squish now!" is possibly my favouritest Simpsons moments ever.

    1. I for one (a) got your twitter handle first time around and more importantly, (b) LOVE IT.

      (Oh, and yaaay Doug's back! I can finally stop crying into my pillow every night.)

  5. Doug back ear joy happy thanks bye