Saturday, May 31, 2014

Are you Ready for Junesploitation?

It's right behind you!

We're 24 hours away from our second-annual Junesploitation, and we want to know what all of you are doing to get ready. Do you plan to participate every day? Only certain days? How do you decide which ones (besides time permitting). Do you already have your movies picked out? New stuff or movies you've seen? Will you be watching movies that loosely tie to the themes or are you going to watch actual exploitation movies?

Let's talk about it until we're too excited to sleep!


  1. I'm going to try and participate at least three times a week, but this year I'm going to win it on my movie selections (unless someone points out something particularly interesting). One exception is Henry for Serial Killer day, since I feel the need to rewatch for the first time since it came out.

  2. Preparing.
    Getting my pink flamingo full length jacket with matching slacks, feathered broad brimmed hat and alligator shoes ready, then cutting up lines of coke and putting Madame Josephine's Ladies of Pleasure on speed dial. Im going to beat these movies at their own game.

    More than last year. So, ill aim for everyday but realistically expect about 4 per week, but ill also get through a couple a day in some places. Its all down to time allowance really.

    Some movies Ive been eyeing off for a while, some ever since last Junesploitation, but lots a spare spaces where Ill be following the lead of others. Ill hopefully see a lot of movies I havent seen before, some that will blow my balls off and others that will just blow. Im heading straight into Grindhouse territory, 70s (give or take) dirty, grimy, cheap, nasty, filthy flix. Thats what its all about.

    Ive gotten into the habit of holding off watching horror until October and this year ive been holding off watching exploitation movies in the hope Junesploitation would return. So now that it has returned (Thanks again) I am going to over do this thing like a mo fo. When all is said and done Im going to want 11 months before I watch one again.


  3. I've got a whiteboard calender all mapped out with my picks. But since I'm not a big fan of exploitation flicks, the slots are all filled in with genre movies that fit the topics as best as I could muster. Couple my snootiness with the fact that I'm on a scary movie fast until October, it looks like I'll only be contributing for about 55% of the month, but I'm still pretty excited to read about everybody else's exploits.

    Question: On free days I have specific genres planned i.e. Bounty Hunters. Does that count enough to warrant a report? Happy Junesploitation!

  4. I'm definitely gonna try and do everyday and stick as true as possible to the exploitation genre. I'm also going to try and watch films that I've never seen as opposed to revisiting some old ones. I'm hoping I can do it although I am planning my wedding so might not get everyday in. Speaking of my wedding - I'm very lucky that my future wife is all in as well! Plus, she's a big horror film fan too so that's a monster bonus :) Can't wait for tomorrow! It's my second favorite movie watching event of the year! (Scary movie month being the first, of course).

  5. This is going to be fun. I'm going to play as much as I can. Amazon steaming has a 'Exploitation' sub-heading, which should make things easier. I also relish any excuse to watch a Troma movie.

  6. I'm all in. I did all 30 days last year, and I'm in for all 30 this year. It's gonna be tougher this year due to a more demanding work schedule (among other things), but I'm challenging myself to keep up every day. They won't all be exploitation, but I think I'll be able to skew mostly toward exploitation. Most of all, I'm excited to read about what everyone else is watching, I know a lot of my picks came from all your suggestions last year. Damn, I love this stuff!

  7. Unfortunately a somewhat busy month will make it impossible to do all 30 days but I'm aiming for at least 20! I might break down and watch a couple of softer flicks that fit the category but I'm mostly planning on going as grimy and grindy as I can find! Gonna go back to last year's to find some suggestions so should have plenty to choose from - woohoo!

  8. It's only 3 hours till June in the UK....

    I'm aiming for a 50% hit rate, anything above that is a bonus. I'm not sure how many of mine will be strictly exploitation, as opposed to just genre flicks, but i'll do my best. Only first time watches for me too.

  9. Watching my first Junesploitation flick right now! Thanks to Chaybee1 for putting me on this!

  10. I already posted my first review... 20 minutes into the movie. I think that's kind of fitting. This is the best.

  11. I am very excited as I got a month long membership for Full Moon Streaming and a few DVDs from amazon. I hope to participate each day. I want to try and work in as many new to me movies as well as exploitation movies as I can especially now I have several resources available to me. I think I will still be re-visiting some things and watching non exploitation with some days to watch or re-watch some things I have been meaning to for ages. Yay for June!