Thursday, May 22, 2014

Announcing Junesploitation 2014!

It's back!

Last summer, we introduced JUNESPLOITATION, our month-long celebration of exploitation, B-movies and genre films. We thought it was a big hit (lots of people seemed to like it, including us), so we're making it a yearly tradition.


Here's the deal: For every day in June, we've got a new exploitation category from which you can choose any movie you want. It doesn't even HAVE to be an exploitation movie! Maybe you don't like them as much as I do. That's ok! On June 1st, maybe you don't own a Poliziotteschi movie from the '70s. Maybe you want to watch Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon instead. That counts! ANY movie with a cop counts! And there are a lot of those! JUNESPLOITATION!

Do your best with what you have -- if you can't find something to match the category and you've already exhausted your options on Netflix Instant, Amazon Prime, Hulu or whatever platform you choose, just pick the closest thing you can that you still feel like watching. This is supposed to be fun, so only pick stuff you WANT to watch.

After you watch the movie, head over to the comments section for that day and post a short review/reaction. Seriously -- short. Like, 50 words or less. That way, other readers can chime in with a "Hey, I've never heard of that movie and now I want to see it!" or a "If you liked that one, check out..." The idea is to keep the discussion flowing quickly and easily, so we can't get bogged down in huge epic write ups. In order to make sure that this happens, we're going to reserve the right to delete posts that willfully ignore this rule. We don't want to do that. Keep it short.

Here are this year's categories -- a mix of repeats from last year and BRAND NEW categories. There's something for everyone!


June 1 - Cops!
June 2 - Slashers!
June 3 - Troma!
June 4 - Ninjas!
June 5 - Serial Killers!
June 6 - Canucksploitation!
June 7 - Bikers!
June 8 - New Horror!
June 9 - Free Space
June 10 - Cannon!
June 11 - Blaxploitation!
June 12 - Sci-Fi!
June 13 - Friday the 13th!
June 14 - Cars!
June 15 - Apesploitation!
June 16 - Zombies!
June 17 - Free Space!
June 18 - Nunsploitation!
June 19 - '80s Horror!
June 20 - Full Moon!
June 21 - Drugs!
June 22 - Sexploitation!
June 23 - Vampires!
June 24 - Martial Arts!
June 25 - Hixploitation!
June 26 - '80s Action!
June 27 - Italian Horror!
June 28 - Mockbusters!
June 29 - Free Space
June 30 - Revenge!


  1. oh Oh OH YEAH!!!!!!!

    It IS my birthday.

    So happy. And there's Apesploitation!

    Thanks Patrick. Last year was so much fun, im super glad its Junesploitation again.

  2. Yay! I'm going to try my best to watch only new-to-me movies this year, although I can see several spots that just scream "Death Wish 3!"

    1. I can spot 30 days that scream Death Wish 3. (RIP The Giggler)

  3. Super excited about my first Junesploitation. I too will be going the new-to-me route as far as I can. Cannot wait for June 18!

    1. We're excited you'll be with us! Do you already know what you're watching on the 18th?

  4. Honestly, not a clue!

    Thinking it could be a great excuse to finally watch The Devils. Does that count?

    1. Of course! Everything counts! Sister Act 2 counts! JUNESPLOITATION!

    2. Wait, can Cannonball Run II count then? I mean... fake nuns, right?

    3. If we're talking fake nuns, sounds like a great excuse to watch Nuns on the Run to me! "You call this...going straight?"

  5. Ah, that's great, I was hoping this would be the big announcement! Unfortunately a birthday long weekend (12-15th) away from movies is going to take me out of commission for some great categories (Apesploitation!) but I guess that's what free spaces are for!

    1. Your penalty is that on their corresponding days you have to work, "Space", "Jason", "Honk" and "Oo Oo Ee Ee" casually into a conversation, preferrably with a stranger.

  6. Whew. When you said on Twitter that there would be a big announcement today, I worried that meant Disney had bought the site or something. But, yeah, I enjoyed Junesploitation last year (I still proudly wear my "all 30 days" badge) and my brain is already cooking up ideas for this year. Looking forward to it!

  7. I am so excited! This is going to be fabulous!

  8. This will be my first time ever taking part in something like this drawing up the list now, plus friday the 13th is my 30th birthday so my mates and i are watching ever friday13th film for that day

    1. Psh! My 30th birthday's on Nunsploitation day! Nuns>>>Jason Vorhees?? No, perhaps not...

    2. My birthday is 29th so I get a Free Space! #Birthdaysploitation

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. It's interesting how many F-Heads' birthdays are in June. I'd say this calls for a joint party/celebration!

    5. That sounds like a great idea!