Wednesday, September 3, 2014

F This Movie! - F This Summer! (2014)

Another summer over, another summer wrap-up show. Patrick, JB and Adam Riske look back at a surprisingly good summer and wish Doug was here.

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  1. Great wrap-up of an above average to great summer movie season!

    I feel that I might be in the minority in a couple of my choices, but my favorite movies of the summer (and many of my favorites of the year, too) are as follows:

    Boyhood - It's a technical achievement for sure, and one I feel is really, really, really well executed.

    Chef - I'm sorry, but I loved Chef. I enjoyed the father/son road trip aspect greatly, and I felt that the movie seemed to be saying things about the importance of not stifling creativity that I really appreciated

    Guardians of the Galaxy - I had a similar experience to Adam on this one. I thought it was ok the first time, and had some fun moments, but it wasn't until my second viewing that the movie and all of its joys really clicked for me. Now I really love it. It's a movie that I think only improves upon subsequent rewatches.

    Edge of Tomorrow - The disappointing box office returns on this movie depresses me, but the movie is so great and entertaining. Emily Blunt rules, Tom Cruise is a great action star, and I loved how the repeated timeline was treated and that the movie was injected with so much humor.

    The Fault in our Stars -
    Okay, I know I'm probably alone on this one, but this movie affected me so much, I couldn't not include it. I thought the performances of the two leads were fantastic, and I was just engrossed in the story. I loved and was struck by this movie on a very personal level.

    Actually, forget "above average," this summer was straight up awesome.

  2. Great summary. This summer I went to a number of advance screenings, which enabled me to see several more movies than usual. Here are my rankings including two prior releases seen in May:

    Edge of Tomorrow
    • [The LEGO Movie]
    • [Under the Skin]

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Obvious Child
    Begin Again

    The Signal (2014)
    Let's Be Cops
    Get On Up
    When the Game Stands Tall

    Not Recommended
    Earth to Echo
    The November Man
    Into the Storm

    It's been fun reading your reviews and comparing notes through the summer. Maybe it makes me a small person, but I can't get past Luc Besson's disrespect for the audience. I agree with JB that Snowpiercer was not marketed effectively; I only saw it because of Patrick's review -- the trailer was not interesting to me at all.

    1. I agree Ivan. Also the title Snowpiercer. What the F is that? It tells you nothing. Not a good title in my opinion. Im only interested because of what ive heard on here. I would of totally ignored it not knowing what the hell it was. Im sure the title has not helped the box office at all

    2. Yeah the title didn't draw me in either, I only watched it because of the overwhelming praise it received. Although the copy I watched on the weekend didn't have any subtitles, so I better watch it again to understand the entirety of the plot.

      In better hands it probably would have performed well at the box office, but they made a huge mistake in not releasing it until after Captain America was released in April. My only quibble with the movie would be the effects, but obviously considering the budget I can't really fault the movie for that.

      I really wish I had seen it in theaters though, I can't believe it was never released in my city. We even have a few art house complexes, and yet it was never here.

      Oh and in defense of the title, that is the English translation of the novel. Definitely not something that sold the movie all that well, so they should have thought about that and marketed the heck out of Evans in particular.

  3. Excellently the Quibbler J Bones is still here.

    Sorry to sound slow but Im still confused?

    1. Just saw JB mentioned he is taking a break from the columns. Hopefully he will still appear on the podcasts.

      Ps just because Doug cant make this podcast I hope you make some good Boner joke references in his honour

  4. Great episode! I am fortunate enough to live in a city, Portland, which has a lot of second run theaters that also play classic movies. It also helps that booze are served. I enjoyed the discussion on those kind of places or events surviving. I am so excited to see Akira on the big screen at Laurelhurst Theater.

    Also thanks for the shout out. It means a lot as a listener to know you read our emails. Keep up the great work.

    Andrew Gibbons

  5. Thanks for the shout out. You just made my day. A dull rainy day here on England UK too. Just something i have been thinking about. The F this movie tentacles are spreading far and wide. You should do a map. I have a good question. Do we now have listeners in every country?
    Maybe have an open thread weekend asking where are you listening from and what are you doing?

    I'll start. I'm listening from the United Kingdom while sat in work making gold teeth.

    1. You're also from England?! Hurrah, A fellow Brit! (It was raining where you were? It was really sunny in my part of town, I am from the London area. Saying that though it could have been raining when I was at work for all I know) Do you have a twitter/fb account? Really cool to have a new English buddy!

    2. Hi Gabby
      You were lucky. It was raining today in Bolton. Hopefully better by the weekend. Yeah im on facebook. Im sure there is only one Dennis atherton from bolton. Come say hello. My avatar is 2 cheeky monkeys from a recent holiday.
      I dont tweet yet but I really should just so I can have fun here on the massacres and join in

  6. Into the Storm

    "Aggressively unpleasant" Patrick Bromley

    Put that on the advertising. Brilliant

  7. Brilliant podcast

    "A menage au trois of awsome"

  8. Awesome podcast guys - though I didn't see as many movies as I wanted to this summer, I feel like I at least caught all the right ones, namely Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Edge of Tomorrow (which Amazon is officially listing now as Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow), all of which I'm already looking forward to buying on blu-ray. Still bummed that Boyhood never got so much as a single showing here in Halifax - F this City (sometimes)!

    Also looking forward to catching the "Should Have Come Out in the Fall" movies on Netflix as it sounds like there was a bunch I missed out on there.

    Thanks for another fun summer wrap-up guys! Have I mentioned lately that I can't wait until Scary Movie Month?!

  9. Thank you so much for including me in your "shout-out" section and pronouncing my name correctly. They didn't even get it right at my college graduation...

  10. "Fucking Greaser" Adam (I'm not a pedo, but I sort of kind of am really. It's just a sniff) Riske, F this Movie.

    1. She's 23. I'm 32. Under the half plus seven rule, I'm good.

    2. Phew. You've gone from Neighbourhood Pedo to Creepy Uncle. Congrats.

    3. Always a pleasure these chats we have.

    4. This reminds me that a local theater is screening To Have and Have Not. Bacall was 19 years old at the time; Bogart was in his mid-forties.

  11. Adam, don't even pay attention to those commentors. I appreciate the entertainment and opinions you give to a good movie focused podcast. Your personal life should never be a discussion topic.

    1. Thanks Andrew! Brad L is a longtime member of our community so he can pretty much say whatever he wants to me :-) It's all good.

    2. Plus he's Australian so his insults are actually compliments up here. Coriolis Effect or something.

    3. I didnt even know who you were talking about. Im just making up shit as we go along.
      Rule #231, If in Doubt, Im a Dick

    4. Good looking out though Andrew, we do like to run shitheads out of this place. Brad and I have Squatter's Rights though so we're exceptions.

  12. 23 32

    Close enough for me ;)

    I want to see the James brown movie with him digging holes in his garden. Burying money and arguing with car rental people for a discount. Now thats the movie we need to see

  13. Guys, guys. I've been listening to you a lot and what always bothered me is the quality of the recordings. Since you doing this podcast for so long now, did you ever think about buying better equipment? The podcast is very fun to listen to, but sometimes my ears are just bleeding from bad equalizer presets, room reverb, occasional sound clipping etc. It would be great if you imrove the sound quality. I'd gladly donate some money for that if you'll make it official.

    P.S. Sorry for bad English.

  14. I usually listen to the podcast while walking in the morning. I had to stop walking until I stopped laughing: Wet Pussy Edition.

    Also, I had no idea that Into the Woods was being made. That is really exciting. Easily the superior fairy tale musical...

  15. Riske's "Doug" impression made me snort milk back into my cereal bowl. Furthermore, I will seriously pay big money to have Adam Riske & J.B. re-enact the entirety of "Bitchy White Woman Eats Omlette". Comedy gold.

    If this is a menage au trois of stupid, I never want it to be right.

  16. Agree Gil.
    That was hilarious.

    Also the Riske comment to JB quibbling about how many movies they had both seen
    "Just say the F-ing number"
    That was funny.