Wednesday, December 17, 2014

F This Movie! - Cool World

By listener request, Patrick and Heath travel to Ralph Bakshi's cartoon world and try not to have sex with any doodles.

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  1. I thought I stop by and write down to say that Cool World is the officially the lowest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes you guys have covered right now (with a 4% rating)! The last time I think this ever happened was with The Last Airbender at 6% on the Tomatometer.

    1. Interesting. I like Cool World more than I like The Last Airbender.

    2. Neither are as bad as the 1998 Avengers(5% on Rotten Tomatoes). It's the only movie I've ever walked out of before it ended...maybe before the middle...don't do a podcast on it.

  2. GREAT Podcast from Tickler pramboy and Hulk hogan. ;)
    I applaud you Heath for what you are doing with Star wars. That's a mammoth task to take on. You are going to be well and truely ready by next December. I will look forward to your review of The Force Awakens next year. I am Geeky fanboy excited for this film. I keep watching Star trek and thinking Hell yeah if they don't interfere and let him make the film. He can do it!

    Come on JJ

    1. Honestly, it would be work for me NOT to dig into all these movies. I started in November, as soon as the title was announced, and it had been on my mind already. I watch them all the time, but I haven't done the total immersion thing since each new DVD came out. I think The Force Awakens is going to be really great, and luckily it's not all on JJ's shoulders. From what I understand (I have TOP MEN feeding me information), the stories for 7, 8, and 9 stem from ideas in George Lucas' binder of notes. This is the same binder that he started compiling ideas in back in the early 1970s, and which was a part of the sale to Disney. I know the stories will have been tweaked and rewritten by the screenwriters (thank goodness), but I think everyone involved in the project is committed to expanding the galaxy far far away and using the classic trilogy as a jumping-off point, and that means using Lucas' original outline as a guide. For all the money Disney has riding on these movies, they'll want them to be as great as possible and also to make people feel like they're back in that classic universe that we last saw in 1983.

      One more thing I didn't mention in the podcast: I understand that there is no "EPISODE VII" in the official title. I'm fine with that, because that wasn't a tool that was used until the prequels, and even then it was mostly to market the movies as being BEFORE the trilogy since prequels weren't a thing that happened all the time. I also understand that there are going to be lots of movies coming from Disney. However, the classic trilogy never used the terminology "episode IV, V, or VI" in the marketing, yet all had that designation in the opening crawl of the actual film. I fully expect The Force Awakens to indeed be labeled "Episode VII" after the words "STAR WARS" splash the screen. They just aren't marketing it that way, which is actually a really smart decision.


  3. Some interesting points. And very positive. Me and you have high hopes. It is also very nice they are taking there time with the film and not rushing to get it out too quickly. This also says how much they are trying to get it right. They know the pressure is high but if thet get it right they will reap the rewards.

    Star wars was always made for kids. That's what George always said. But i hope Disney make the film for the fans. We are not kids anymore. Well maybe at heart. But the people who are the most excited about the prospect are older. I would like a more adult film. Just my thoughts ...

    May the force be with you Heath ;)

    1. It's a tricky thing, saying Star Wars is for kids. It IS for kids, but it should also be for everyone. I think it's wise for Disney to go back to the "used universe" feel of the original trilogy, but mainly because this is a continuation of that timeline chronologically. These new movies are going to have to bring in a whole new generation of fans for the series to remain relevant, and I think that's the goal. My wife teaches kindergarten through 8th grade, and I ask her sometimes what the kids are talking about. Well, they are definitely NOT talking about Star Wars because they haven't really had Star Wars in their lifetimes. The last movie was almost ten years ago, and it certainly wasn't for four-year-olds. Well, they're going to get Star Wars next year, and hopefully a new generation of fans will be born, as well as all those old fans rediscovering what they loved when THEY were kids. It needs to be like Guardians of the Galaxy (which the kids my wife teaches DO love) and have adventure, excitement, comedy, and emotional resonance. It needs to be for everybody...and I think, fingers crossed, that it will.

    2. We could hijack every thread and turn it into Star wars stuff. ;) just kidding.

      Your spot on about Guardians of the Galaxy. That was amazingly balanced for all ages

  4. Another interesting thing in the future is the release of the original trilogy on 4k. In this country we have been teased with the release of 4k Bluray players possibly for next December. Im not yet sure how much better it will be upscalled? From what I have read the 4k transfer has been done

    It would be good to see a new film filmed on 4k cameras on 4k Bluray. I know this is not a AV forum but I am also excited about 4k Blurays and 4k projectors.

  5. I watched this movie for the first time in preparation for listening to this episode.
    Wow. What a mess! (the dog)
    I too love messes and I may re-watch this sometime….but probably not before Godfather.
    I have a feeling that Gabriel Byrne's story got cut back in service of Brad Pitt's story, which got cut back in service of Holly Wood's story, which wasn’t much of a story at all.
    The animation was so off putting. Hardly any of the "Zany-ness" seemed to be occurring in the scene, more like it was occurring on a transparent sheet overlaying the scene.
    Based on what we are shown, here is what I think may have been some of the intended story and/or deleted scenes.
    The short professor cartoon (doodle, tee hee) that meets Pitt at the beginning was originally trying to use the crystal spike to transport himself to the real world but ends up transporting Pitt to the doodle world. At the end of the movie we see the professor doodle in the real world where he seems to have been for a long time. The professor then says something so out of left field that it could only occur in this movie; when Byrne's character turns into a full cartoon the professor says "He is fulfilling his destiny. He is becoming a hero!" WTF! Since when?
    So, Byrne was "wrongfully" imprisoned for the murder of his wife, who he had tried to save but couldn’t. He then had hope/fantasy/desperation etc etc of being the hero that he couldn’t be for her, which meant that he was susceptible to channelling the contents of Cool World into his subconscious that the professor was tapping into from the real world.

    I fear ive thought too much about this.

  6. Great show. I'm totally agree with Patrick and Heath that nothing works in this maybe. Maybe if the story explored Brad Pitt's character as a guy who just can't deal with the pain and loss of real life and gets lost in a fantasy world, or followed Gabriel Byrne as a man with a really twisted inner psyche, this could have been a pretty good movie. But as is, it's a disaster, albeit interesting. I'm glad you guys F'd this.