Monday, December 29, 2014

F This Movie! - Our Favorite Movies of 2014

Patrick, Doug and JB list their Top 10 favorite films of the year!

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  1. Excited to listen. Thanks for a fun filled 2014 all.

  2. Should I be waiting for another post to reveal my top 10, or go for it? I will wait for now.

    Excellent work, everyone. I love the varied nature of everyone's lists. And Doug, never apologize for your lists and the movies you like. Never. You like what you like, and that's great.

    1. Based on last year the Weekend Weigh-In Topic this weekend should be when we all post our individual Top 10's.

  3. "STIX HIX NIX WIX DIX KIX!" — L.A. Doug

  4. Great podcast! Enjoyed all of your picks and rationale. My friends and I started a movie related podcast on Our year end episode, Most Over and Under Rated Movies of All Time, just went live. We are not movie related pros, just huge enthusiasts of films for the past 30 years. It was not easy to narrow our picks and we should have done it in parts, but we like what was published. Again, great job on this and your previous episodes.

  5. Excellent funny Entertaining podcast guys. Its great hearing how your lists differ. Its actually quite amazing how someones No1 film is not even on another person's list. I should really sit down and think about my own list this year. I appreciate how hard it is to narrow it down. It would of been funny if LA Doug had a totally different list to Chicago Doug.

    I agree with John Murphy as above. There is no need to apologise for your list. Even if Malificent is your number 1. ;) just kidding

    Ps Out of all the films mentioned I have not seen Boyhood. I should rectify this before I make a list

  6. Haven't seen Birdman, Rosewater, Why Don't You Play in Hell (I half like Sono, not as big on Suicide Club as most people), Life Itself, Grand Budapest Hotel (gotta see this soon), Chef, Ida (had not even heard of this one, looking forward to it!), We are the Best, Interstellar or Boyhood (dreading this one but I know I need to see it). I love that there are so many movies (well, sometimes I do).

    Saw: Babadook, that was one of my "I wish I liked this movie" choices. Guardians was definitely a lot fun. Edge of the Tomorrow was the most underseen blockbuster of the year and was great! Cheap Thrills and Snowpiercer - both built up too much for me before I saw them. Enjoyed them to varying degrees.

    Upstream was my favorite movie last year.

    I'm really surprised that 5 of my 10 are on your lists - The Guest, Nighcrawler, The Raid 2, Enemy, Under the Skin are in my Top Ten. Pieces of Talent, The Strange Color of your Body's Tears, Mood Indigo (debuted in the US this year), Proxy and
    I am a Ghost round out my list.

    Winter Soldier was edged out by The Raid 2 but loved that movie!

    Side note: I saw The Raid 2 in a small theater that was one of the few that actually had a film copy not digital. The film was kind of grainy and had the "change reel" marks on the top left and "pops" from the reels. I thought that was how it was filmed and it was great! When I got the Blu Ray and revisited it - it was a totally different experience in a 1080p high def, pristine print.

    Sorry for the long post but I just sat through a freaking 2 hour 19 minute podcast so gimmie a pass :)

  7. I really love the end of the year top ten lists and I truly believe this year is one of the best years for movies I've seen in a long time. I'm having a hard time narrowing my top movies of the year to ten and I still haven't seen boyhood, the guest or birdman yet. I enjoy hearing your lists because all three of you have different tastes and it's great hearing the different movies that connected with each of you. Thanks for the great work this year guys, the podcast continues to bring me joy each and every week.

  8. Fun podcast, as usual, and like "The Hobbit" and every Michael Bay movie the Best of the Year podcast continues to get longer and longer every year. Pretty soon it'll be a three-hour podcast. :-)

    I don't know what's more shocking, that "Boyhood" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" only made it in one Top 10 list (JB's) and nobody else's or that "Grand Budapest Hotel" made it to all three. And how about "Under the Skin" coming strong after the podcast earlier this year totally fooled us into thinking it was out of contention for Top 10 status altogether? I guess this speaks to the diversity of wealth in movies that was 2014. Am I the only one who looks forward to hearing Doug's "fake" Top 10 entries before he actually reveals the real one's ("#5, 'Tammy!'")?

    Great viewing suggestions, particularly from Patrick's rather eccentric and choice list. I watched "We Are the Best!" right after hearing the podcast (nice little flick) and will watch "Cheap Thrills" later today; already tracking a copy of "Why Don't You Play in Hell?" just so I can say I saw the movie that made Patrick bump "Boyhood," "Babadook," etc. off his Top 10 list.

    Looking forward to the rest of the F This Movie gang's Top 10 lists all week long.

    1. Boyhood was number one on two lists.

    2. Not just you JM Doug fake favourites are really funny. Jack Ryan Shadow recruit ;)

    3. Just a thought JM We can always judge how good the years been by how long the podcast is?
      I'm pretty sure KillerPOV goes to almost 3 hrs sometimes. Long is the new short

    4. Fuck about "Boyhood." That's what I get for writing my reply at 4AM after listening to the podcast waking home from work. :-(

  9. BTW, since it was included in two of the Top 10 lists and talked about in-depth, it's a good time to remind folks that LIFE ITSELF (Roger Ebert documentary) will air Sunday night at 9PM ET (8PM CT) on CNN. And no, the pic of a pimp Gene Siskel looking down at the topless woman by the Playboy Mansion pool will not make the cut, but other than that...

    1. Gene still gives it three thumbs up! :-)

  10. Listening to podcast now and discussion about Enemy and potential audience reaction. I did see it in the theatre. About midway through the movie an older man declared very loudly to the friend he'd come to see it with: "This is the best movie I've seen in a long time!"

    Unfortunately after the ending he didn't say anything else, so I don't know if he still felt that way. But that declaration was the highlight of the movie for me.

  11. Good picks guys. This was a very enjoyable year for movies, and a lot of great films came out that I'll revisit for many times into the future.

  12. I finally watched Snowpiercer last night. At first, I did not think much of it, but now that it has been a day, it is growing on me. Loved Tilda! I liked Evans more in this movie than I did in Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier was too drawn out, but I should watch it again since the first time was on a long international flight. I really liked Snowpiercer cinematography. The tone and look of the film reminded me of V for Vendetta and Evans like Neo in Matrix.

  13. My love for Doug knows no bounds.
    Thumbs up for Interstellar love.
    Thumbs up for your stand on in the moment joy over reflective contemplation.
    Thats two thumbs up!
    Unfortunately you lose five thumbs up for living in LA, but then you gain three for coming back to do the top 10 show.
    So, you're even. Happy Hanukkah

  14. Because I've seen so few of the movies on the lists and that im planning on using them as a guide for my 2015 viewing schedule, plus due to my very poor memory and habit of forgetting where I put the pieces of paper I write things down on, I figured Id do a Vargas and write up the lists from the show here so i have a reference point and so anyone else who is in the same boat can refer. (Apologies if this is too redundant and dumb)


    10. Rosewater
    9. Birdman
    8. Life Itself
    7. The Babadook
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. Ida
    4. Under The Skin
    3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    2. Snowpiercer
    1. Boyhood


    10. The Guest
    9. Nightcrawler
    8. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    7. Life Itself
    6. Edge of Tomorrow
    5. Chef
    4. Birdman
    3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2. Interstellar
    1. Boyhood


    10. The Guest
    9. Why Don't You Play In Hell
    8. The Raid 2
    7. Nightcrawler
    6. Cheap Thrills
    5. Enemy
    4. We Are The Best
    3. Under The Skin
    2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    1. Snowpiercer


    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    Nurse 3D
    Ride Along
    Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas
    Jersey Boys

    Honourable Mentions
    raid 2
    blue ruin
    they came together
    obvious child
    edge of tomorrow
    lego movie
    the drop
    cheap thrills

    22 Jump Street

    blue ruin
    the overnighters
    Jodorowsky's Dune
    starry eyes
    rich hill
    the one i love
    only lovers left alive
    the homesman

    Thor: the dark world

    1. BabaDoug also mentioned Earth to Echo.

  15. Loved this show, and I felt vindicated how many of my favourites were on your lists as well. I have watch Grand Budapest 3 times this year and it gets better and better. I try to use 'Hands off my lobby boy' and 'But I sleep with all my friends' on a regular basis. Though now I have to see Raid 2 and Polish Ida.

    Though the most important thing I learnt. That Kirk Cameron saves Christmas is a thing that exists, and I watched most of the trailer. He's out there saving Christmas.

    Have a great new year, looking forward to generally shenanigans of 2015

  16. Does BabaDoug plan those fake shit-movie titles in advance? He is way too quick with those.

  17. Im still finishing up my top 10 right now, although there was one omission I was shocked didnt make the top 10 or even the honorable mentions list- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Caesar will not be pleased.

  18. The Doug fake-outs are all amazing.