Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Favorite Movie Moments of 2014

by Patrick Bromley
Relive a great year for movies moment to moment!

For the last few years, I've compiled these lists of my favorite moments from the films of the year. Sometimes it's an entire scene, sometimes just a single shot. In the past it's been easy because even if I wasn't crazy about a movie, I could pick out a little something something that I liked or that stuck with me. This year I saw so many movies that I loved that it was actually harder to pick out individual moments. Here goes anyway.

Obviously there are a ton I'm forgetting, but here a bunch that come to mind:
  • Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig do nitrous in The Skeleton Twins
  • Lou Bloom and Nina go on their first "date" in Nightcrawler
  • Dwight and his sister have lunch in Blue Ruin
  • Pastor Jay Reinke and his wife have dinner in The Overnighters
  • David gives some advice to Luke in The Guest
  • Tommy Lee Jones goes back to see James Spader in The Homesman
  • Rama lets go of the bat, The Raid 2
  • Any time Michael Parks says "spider" in Tusk
  • Amy Pond eats an apple, Oculus
  • The "docking" scene in Interstellar
  • The finger scene in The Interview
  • Inside the wormhole, Big Hero 6
  • Emily Baldoni looks into the windows of the other houses in Coherence
  • Gene Jones is interviewed on stage, The Sacrament
  • Mark Ruffalo hears Keira Knightley play for the first time, Begin Again
  • Antonio Banderas reacts to joining the team, The Expendables 3
  • The nightclub shootout in John Wick
  • The breakfast/lunch/dinner speech in Why Don't You Play in Hell?
  • Atomic kiss, Godzilla
  • The ghost of Vitruvius appears, The Lego Movie
  • The first shot of Only Lovers Left Alive
  • The last shot of Dead Snow 2
  • The last shot of Cheap Thrills
  • The last shot of Enemy
  • Rose Byrne sings about her female friends, Neighbors
  • Emily Blunt does push-ups, Edge of Tomorrow
  • Cameron Diaz on roller skates, Sex Tape
  • Any time Eva Green is on screen in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  • Andrew plays his solo, Whiplash
  • Channing Tatum uses Spring Break as his weapon, 22 Jump Street
  • The reveal of what's happening in the black room, Under the Skin
  • Captain America rides the elevator, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The transformation in Late Phases
  • Morgana O'Reilly gets some in her mouth, Housebound
  • The road rage segment in Wild Tales
  • Rose Leslie stands in the bathroom "rehearsing," Honeymoon
  • "Time in a Bottle" in X-Men: Days of Future Past


  1. I gonna go from the top of my head. Probably forgetting loads so I will apologise in advance

    My favourite podcast or Fthismovie memories from this year. Remember im newish here so it all counts

    Friday the 13th part 3 in 3d commentary Hillareous

    Star wars podcast. Are you an Angel? Burnt into my memory forever. "Your burnt"

    Patrick explaining when he misses Doug the most. When someone bends over and Doug is not there to make the Fart noise

    The Mummy podcast. Brendon fraser saying "MUMMIES" If you've listened you'll know

    Heaths opening his soul on the Event horizon podcast while sat on the psychiatrist's couch

    Maximum overdrive podcast with lots of cocaine

    Tom holland. Heather wixson and KillerPOV guests.

    All of the Massacre podcasts because I could not physically watch 13 movies. I managed 7 one day for Scary movie month which also deserves a mention for being awsome

    Blood in the mouth in Housebound was very funny and Mum got a full load on her face

    JBones. I thought they were related! Patrick. No because they dont have the same name.

    Adam Riske A piece of Ship. Don't Sea it. Loved it

    M Pomaro The Texas chainsaw. Elm street. Saw. Halloween. Franchise podcasts. I vote for Hellraiser next lol

    Patrick and Erika F-ing romantic comedies

    American Psycho podcast.

  2. Fine choices (particularly "X-Men: DOFP," "Begin Again," "Noah" and "Blue Ruin."). In addition to these I'd throw in:

    -- Sandra's co-workers take a vote in TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT.

    -- Jenny Agutter kicks ass in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.

    -- The final scene/shot in BOYHOOD.

    -- Tilda Swinton's performance in SNOWPIERCER.

    -- Willem Dafoe's portrayal of an asshole author in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

    -- The balcony conversation with the musician in IDA.

    -- The opening credits of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

    -- Martin Short's cameo in INHERENT VICE.

    -- Hans Zimmer's church-like organ music and the robot designs for INTERSTELLAR.

    -- Irrfan Khan remembers his wife's favorite TV show in THE LUNCHBOX.

    -- The final scene in OBVIOUS CHILD.

    -- Joaquin Phoenix's final scene in THE IMMIGRANT.

    -- Hugo Weaving and Christopher Lee drop by to kick butt for a couple of minutes in THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES.

    -- The fly fishing montage and Uma Thurman's cameo in NYMPHOMANIAC VOLUME I.

    -- Milo and Maggie sing Jefferson Airplane's 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' in THE SKELETON TWINS.

    -- The opening chase/action scene in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

    -- The kitchen fight in THE RAID 2.

    -- Benedict Cumberbatch brings apples for everyone in THE IMITATION GAME.

    -- The bone-cracking sound effect in UNDER THE SKIN.

    -- Edward Norton's entire performance in BIRDMAN.

    -- What Alejandro D. thought of David Lynch's "Dune" in JODOROWSKY'S DUNE.

    -- Franck and Henri's conversations in STRANGER BY THE LAKE.

    -- The final two minutes of GLORIA.

    -- The "Siskel & Ebert" promo outtakes in LIFE ITSELF.

    -- Stan Lee's over-the-top cameo in BIG HERO 6.

    -- Bradley Cooper's performance in AMERICAN SNIPER.

    -- The Mexican getaway scenes and Minnie Driver's showbiz mom performance in BEYOND THE LIGHTS.

    -- Michael Imperioli impersonating movie producer Michael Todd in CANTINFLAS.

    -- Saoirse Ronan sticks her head outside the roof in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

    -- The hole behind the fridge in THE BABADOOK.

    -- Carrie Coon, Tyler Perry and Neal Patrick Harris just killing it as supporting characters in GONE GIRL.

    -- Liam Neeson's 'I'm a drunk' speech in NON-STOP.

    -- The pizza jingle in THE ZERO THEOREM.

    -- The eye opening/closing silly things Jean-Luc Godard forces you to do in GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE 3D.

    -- Jake Gyllenhaal goes to a motel room in SPIDER.

    -- The earthquake in THE WIND RISES.

    -- The closing two minutes of SELMA.

    -- Scarlett Johansson reaches 100 in LUCY. (fucking nuts!)

    -- The tabasco sauce scene in TAKE FIVE.

    -- Tom Cruise dying the first time in EDGE OF TOMORROW.

    -- The switch to live action, then back to animation in THE LEGO MOVIE 3D.

    -- The reveal of what's at the bottom of the moat in TUSK.

    -- You-know-who's body bag zipping up in GODZILLA.

    -- Junior and his mom come to a head in PELO MALO.

    1. "Jake Gyllenhaal goes to a motel room in SPIDER." Ummm.. Enemy maybe? haha

    2. I agree with a lot of these J.M. I would have to disagree with you-know-who's body bag being zipped up in Godzilla only because I think that moment is symptomatic to one of the movie's major flaws of wasted potential. The best human character/actor goes way too soon.

      That being said, spot on list in many other ways. The opening to GotG was my favorite of the year, I loved Dafoe's as the asshole author on TFiOS, and Edward Norton's performance in Birdman was great.

    3. Thanks, Chaybee, it's fucking ENEMY! Not Cronenberg's "Spider" from a few years ago (which tells you what sticks out for the movie in my subconscious). :-P

    4. No prob, Vargas! There's also a pretty cool Australian short called "Spider" from 2009ish that's worth a look. It's from the director of The Square.


  3. "The bathtub sequence, Proxy"

    Maybe my favorite scene in any movie this year. That's tough to say considering the barrage of imagery in "The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears".

  4. Fantastic list Patrick and it shows what a great year for movies it was by how many moments you picked. Here's some of mine.

    Under The Skin-The terrifying scene on the beach

    The Babadook-The popup book and mother and son reconnect at the end

    Whiplash-JK Simmons puts three of his students through a brutal drum session and the final performance

    Nightcrawler-Lou Blooms final masterpiece

    Housebound-when you find out what the hell is exactly going on

    The Lego Movie-Batman shows up

    Guardians of the Galaxy-the prison break and Peter Quill opens his gift from his mom

    Gone Girl-amazing Amy's plan succeeds

    The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies-when this series ended and I can now leave middle earth and move on with my life

  5. An excellent list, I heartily agree on most of them. A few that came to my mind:

    The opening hunting scene in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    McConaughey catches up on 23 years worth of messages in Interstellar

    Cruise rolls under a truck in Edge of Tomorrow

    The intercutting of hunting lions near the beginning of Lucy

    The shoe speech in Snowpiercer

    The last few minutes of Borgman

    Every time Ralph Fiennes curses in The Grand Budapest Hotel

    "Werewolves, not swearwolves" in What We Do in the Shadows

    "Michelangelo! Michaelangelo!" in The Lego Movie

    All the shots of horses' eyes in Of Horses and Men

    Jaiyah on the field in the tournament in Next Goal Wins

    Michael Caine and Bane impressions in The Trip to Italy

    Hailee Steinfeld joins in in Begin Again

    The songs 'Ginger Crouton' and 'Secure the Galactic Perimeter' in Frank

    Channing Tatum cracks up uncontrollably and high-fives everyone in 22 Jump Street

    Baby oil in Starred Up

    The 80's cop show pilot in Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King

    Turner paints a buoy in Mr. Turner

  6. Ooohh, can I play too?

    --“I’m gonna need that guy’s leg” from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

    --The awful-yet-hilarious “raping with love” speech from JODOROWSKY’S DUNE.

    --“Agony” from INTO THE WOODS.

    --“Dude, woman up” from BIG HERO 6.

    --The flight through the wormhole in INTERSTELLAR.

    --Running through the train with the fire in SNOWPIERCER.

    --Wolverine versus the waterbed in X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

    --The Italian has his whole family on board the plane in THE WIND RISES.

    --The “Why am I so haunted?” number from STAGE FRIGHT.

    --Amanda Waller doesn’t put up with any crap from Batman in BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM.

    --For AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, I’ll go with the Times Square brawl, which is where the movie really comes alive (and this is coming from someone who liked the movie).

    --Everyone’s going to say the kitchen fight from the RAID 2, so instead I’ll go with the car chase, which no one ever talks about, even though it’s a really, really cool car chase.

    --Hard to pick just one moment from THE LEGO MOVIE, so I guess I’ll just go with the motorcycle chase. Oh, and the song of course.

    1. Shit yeah. GOTG im gonna need that guys leg. Brilliant

    2. Oh wait, I think that was when he asked to get the other guy's eye, haha.

    3. Dident it look funny. Him just hoping around!

  7. • The Earth launch sequence (and rumble) in Interstellar. (Did anyone else notice how they needed a multi-stage rocket to leave Earth, but went up and down three times on other planets with just the Ranger survey craft?)
    • Tom Cruise gets hit by a truck while running through the battlefield, and Emily Blunt's corkscrew tomahawk chop in Edge of Tomorrow.
    • Discussing New Jersey in Rosewater.
    • Chris Pine singing in Into the Woods.
    • Cinematography of the flashback scenes, and the tractor beam shot in The Signal.
    • The sniper in A Walk Among the Tombstones.
    • Scarlett Johansson calls her mother in Lucy.
    • Chris Pratt operates a jack-in-the-box in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  8. Having now seen Frank, I would also add the performance of "Frank's Most Likable Song Ever" to this list.

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  10. Baby on the beach in Under the Skin. "Favourite" in that it's the most unsettling part of one of the most unsettling scenes in the most unsettling movie I watched this year.

    "They crumpled my pants up into a ball - that's rude! They folded yours." - Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy

    "Holy Shit! You got him!" in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    (SPOILER) Chris Evans finally finds self-worth by losing an arm in Snowpiercer.