Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's Your Favorite Movie of 1993?

Let's kick off 1993 week!

We're just one week away from F This Movie Fest 4, where we'll be celebrating five movies from 1993. In honor of that, all of our content in the coming week will be devoted to the films of that year. So which one is your favorite? And is Denis Leary in it? Because that guy made a lot of movies in '93.

If you need a refresher of movies released in 1993, hopefully this list will help.

Just seven days until #fthismoviefest!


  1. My personal Top 5: The Three Musketeers- the only good rendition of this famous book to ever hit movie theaters
    Army of Darkness- groovy
    The Sandlot- 2nd best movie insult of all time behind stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf herder
    Rookie of the Year- the only bright spots in Cubs history
    Airborne- best skate movie behind brink #soulskater

  2. It's part of the fest -- True Romance.

    My 3rd favorite movie of all time.

  3. It's True Romance for me too, with honorable mention to Fearless, a movie I truly love.

    Side note: As a helpful cheat-sheet for #FThisMovieFest would everyone mind including their Twitter handles in their posts on this thread so we can all make sure we're following each other? I don't want to miss anyone!

    1. @aj_macready is my Twitter name, ridiculous babble my game -

  4. 1. True Romance
    2. Dazed and Confused
    3. Jurassic Park
    4. Army of Darkness
    5. Cliffhanger

  5. I personally didn't really start paying attention to and regularly attending movies until about 1996, so pretty much anything from 1993 was something I caught up with on home video.

    I owned one 1993 film on VHS, which I probably watched about 3-4 times a year until I finally got the "Director's Cut" DVD. That film is Tombstone. It may not be the best film of the year, but it's my favorite. It's a welcome dose of star-studded western action, coming after Dances with Wolves and Unforgiven semi-re-legitimized the genre (at least for a few years).

    Also, looking at the list, special shout out to Twenty Bucks, which I randomly caught on TV in the late 1990s and proceeded to mention it to all of my friends who couldn't care less.

  6. Easily Groundhogs Day. I so love that movie.

  7. I know im predictable but my top 3 are

    1 Army of Darkness
    2 Army of Darkness
    3 Army of Darkness

    1. I really didn't see that one coming Dennis ;)

    2. But what about Army of Darkness?

    3. You know it number 1 ;)

      Gimme some sugar baby

  8. While the right answer is True Romance, back then I spent much more time watching Loaded Weapon 1.
    "Weirlldernesss Geirllls"

    1. Good call, I watched that one a ton of times. Samuel L. Jackson's star-making performance. Hold onto your butts!

  9. 1993 was a great year for movies. So a few of my favorites in no particular order.

    Carlito's Way
    Jurassic Park
    Joy Luck Club

  10. Of the ones I've seen (and I'm ashamed there's so much stuff from '93 I haven't seen like "Fearless," "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Schindler's List") my favorites:

    1.- Manhattan Murder Mystery (spiritual sequel to "Annie Hall")
    2.- The Piano
    3.- Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    4.- Three Colors: Blue
    5.- Dazed and Confused
    6.- True Romance
    7.- Hot Shots! Part Deux
    8.- A Bronx Tale
    9.- Arizona Dream
    (Johnny Depp at the peak of his young quirky persona)
    10.- Barbarians at the Gate (HBO made-for-TV movie with James Garner that's better than a lot of stuff released theatrically in '93, IMHO)

    1. Barbarians at the Gate is brilliant! Man, I totally forgot about that film. Great pull, Vargas!

    2. Batman: mask of Phantasm has been on my watch list for some time! I will add Bhaji on the Beach to my list as well, man I love that movie.

  11. Not really favorites, but ones I would watch right now and never look back:

    1) Super Mario Bros. (Of course!)
    2) Much Ado About Nothing (Its always been about the Keaton)
    3) So I Married An Axe Murderer (It's pure beat poetry)
    4) Sister Act 2 (Its got Lauryn Hill in it! If you want to be somebody and you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention!)
    5) Hocus Pocus (Every Halloween)

    Honorable mentions to honor my childhood memories: Cool Runnings and The Three Musketeers

    Honorable mention to honor '93 Lauryn Hill: King of the Hill

  12. It has to be Groundhog Day. Prime Bill Murray in an excellent classic comedy.

  13. At the time most definitely Park and it'll always be a sentimental favourite but it was surpassed by True Romance when I watched it in '95 and it remains an all-time favourite, with the Hopper/Walken scene being possibly my all-time favourite movie scene.

    Per JP's suggestion above, my Twitter handle is @ThankSolOtt - give me a follow and I'll follow ya back!

  14. Jurassic Park for me. Always had a soft spot for Tombstone, though.

    @TheMcBlarg on twitter.

  15. The Fugitive
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    The Pelican Brief
    In the Line of Fire
    Falling Down
    Free Willy
    The Nightmare Before Christmas

  16. My initial answer was Jurassic Park....because it's amazing. But I've gotta go with In the Line of Fire. In the Line of Fire is the reason I've seen Absolute Power like 5 times.

  17. Jurassic Park. My brothers and I still quote that movie to this day. We got Dodgson here! Nobody cares.
    Was that line improvised or added by he berg? Or was it on the original book? Anyone?

  18. i was 6 in 93 so im gonna answer first as my 6 year old self and say Cop and a Half and Dennis the Menace. As and Adult i like in Carlito's Way

  19. My favorite is Dazed and Confused, with Jurassic Park and Groundhog Day trailing pretty close behind. Though I have to mention that when I was a kid my VHS copy of The Good Son was on a constant loop in my bedroom. I'm sure the tape got all scratchy and worn out because of it. And I wonder why I'm so messed up now.

  20. Carlito's Way is probably my answer. DePalma had just come off of doing "Raising Cain", which has all of the great DePalma elements in it just not a very good movie so I was excited to see Carlito's Way. If I remember correctly, the critics tore the movie apart. I loved it. Some of the shots in there are among the best that DePalma has ever done, Pacino and Penn in are in perfect overacting mode, Penelope Ann Miller never looked better and to this day I still quote some of the lines in that film. I haven't revisited in a very very long time so I'm wondering if it still holds up. Being a huge DePalma fan (not much of late though) interestingly enough I find myself revisiting "Femme Fetale" most often. That movie is a freakin' beautiful mess with DePalma going full on DePalma. One of his best in my opinion. What do you think, Patrick? I know you and I share the same love for him.

    1. It still holds up for me. The train station sequence is awesome and still raises my heart rate. Im sure many on here probably find that whole sequence cheesy, for lack of a better word but i love it.

    2. Not cheesy at all. That sequence is incredible. I love the P Ann Miller shot in the mirror, the reflection shot in the sunglasses in the pool hall scene, the wide lens shot of the dock that zooms in rather quickly and the "the chick Stephie, belongs to the club" sequence. And I'm sure there's a ton more that I am forgetting. There is something to be said about me remembering these from 15 years ago.

    3. I own "Carlito's Way" on HD-DVD but haven't seen it yet. Man, I could make a week out of movies from '93 that I haven't seen that I have access to leading up to next Saturday's Film Fest. It'd give me the excuse to unwrap long-owned copies of "Carlito's Way" and "Schindler's List" that I haven't gotten around seeing yet, plus all the streaming stuff. Hmm...

    4. I like Carlito's Way mostly for what De Palma brings to it, but I'd be lying if I said it was one of my favorites of his. It's very good; I just like my De Palma when he's having more fun. By that standard, I LOVE Femme Fatale and think it's De Palma's best movie...maybe since Blow Out? A case could be made for The Untouchables; I just enjoy his thrillers more. Femme Fatale is super underrated and gives me everything I could want out of a movie. It is the movie that best represents De Palma in the way that Michael Bay is best represented by Bad Boys II.

  21. Hmm. From back then, the movie I was most impressed with was The Piano. In terms of movies I'd go back and watch again however, I might have to go with either Tombstone or CB4.

  22. It's definitely Dazed and Confused for me. It's one of my all-time favorite movies. Just wondering, though, how has nobody mentioned Tombstone? I mean it's the greatest Western ever made if you're a high schooler and have never seen many Westerns. But seriously, Tombstone is awesome.

  23. I think the only proper answer to this question is "Carnosaur."

  24. @TheMaestroX

  25. Jurassic Park! :) One of my all time favourites, as well as one of my childhood favourites. It's a film that never gets old. Jurassic World, please don't let me down.

  26. It has to be Schindler's List. 1993 was the year of Spielberg. You start in the summer with one of the greatest summer blockbusters in film history in Jurassic Park, and you end with one of the greatest films ever made in Schindler's List. Everything in it is just perfection. I know for some people it's a tough movie to get through but if you haven't seen it in a long time or at all, please do yourself a favor and watch this masterpiece. It was the greatest film experience of my life and might become yours.

  27. My favourite is The Piano, really is a beautifully directed movies. Jurassic Park is my second, but those two are so different I think it is hard to pick between them. I think Jurassic Park is the one I have seen the most, and is a film I can put on in almost any mood. Can't wait to see it with everyone! Third is Groundhog Day, which I love more on each viewing, as you really get to appreciate all the other areas of the film that are working at the same time as the comedy.

    As for four and five I think at the moment that would be The Wedding Banquet and Addam's Family Values. But I am really looking forward to watching some more 1993 movies! I have a few on DVD I am going to be tucking into this week.

  28. Besides the 1993 movies Patrick mentioned in the Netflix This column ("Philadelphia," "Sleeping in Seattle," "The Firm," etc.) I found a few more '93 flicks streaming on both Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime. Don't have Hulu and forgot to check YouTube though, so maybe there's more stuff floating out there, aka nobody has taken down "Super Mario Bros." down yet. :-) A lot of stuff you can rent on Amazon, but this one's for Prime members:


    - Once Upon A Forest;
    - Gross Misconduct


    - Cool Runnings;
    - Coneheads;
    - Indecent Proposal;
    - The Nightmare Before Christmas;
    - Poetic Justice;
    - Deception, aka Ruby Cairo;
    - Rudy;
    - What's Eating Gilbert Grape;
    - Wayne's World 2.


    - And God Spoke;
    - Leprechaun;
    - Like Water for Chocolate;
    - Robocop 3;
    - Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

    Happy '93 viewing, everybody (in the US of A). :-)

  29. So many great movies in 1993! Best of the year, no question, is Killing Zoe. So much better than True Romance and Avary's contributions to Quentin films.

  30. 1. Groundhog Day
    2. Jurassic Park
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Matinee
    5. True Romance

    Honorable Mentions: Dazed & Confused, Addams Family Values, Dave, Sleepless in Seattle, Hocus Pocus, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, & The Nightmare Before Christmas

    @MisterShannonB on Twitter

  31. I don't expect to garner much support on this, but it would be great if Demolition Man were at least recognized as a dumb, fun action sci-fi film released that year.

  32. Duh. The answer is, of course, Surf Ninjas. One kid can see the future using his handheld gaming device. His brother discovers that he has an innate ninja fighting ability that required no development through practice or discipline. They surf, they fight, they are friends with a hair-dyed-red Rob Schneider. The main villain is played by Leslie Nielsen. This should be at the top of everyone's list.

    Seriously though, it's Groundhog day.

  33. Got to go with Schindlers List. Is it wrong that I can watch that magnificent masterpiece over and over again, probably even back to back?