Monday, November 2, 2015

Riske Business: Random Thoughts About 2015 Movies (November - December)

by Adam Riske
Scary Movie Month 2015 has passed but don’t lament; there are a lot of good things coming to theaters in November and December! The problem is I have a shit-ton of October releases to catch up on (Bridge of Spies, Steve Jobs, Room, etc). Seriously. That’s why so many movies bombed in October. There was too much out, yo. Anyways, here’s the only holiday movie preview you need. Enjoy!

• I, like most of you, am really excited for Spectre. I hope it avoids an “evens” jinx (the inverse Star Trek movie equation) for Daniel Craig Bond movies because Quantum of Solace SUCKED! I have faith in Spectre since it’s still Sam Mendes directing and he did a really good job on Skyfall. Plus, Christoph Waltz - who was born to play a Bond villain. If this is Daniel Craig’s last go-around as Bond, I hope his successor is Michael Fassbender.

The Peanuts Movie: No interest. Take your kids and let me know if it’s good!

• I hear Spotlight is great and I’m a junkie for journalism movies so I’m totally on-board.

Trumbo looks good. I’m not going to rush out and see it but I’ll get to it eventually. It’s directed by Jay Roach?? He still makes movies?

• I don’t know why I really want to see Brooklyn but I really want to see Brooklyn.

By the Sea seems interesting. I’m getting a Before Midnight vibe from it.

• I like Antonio Banderas but The 33 looks like homework.
Love the Coopers: NO!!!!! I hated this 10 years ago when it was called The Family Stone.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two. I want nothing to do with this movie. The first Mockingjay was one of the most flat-out boring movies I’ve seen in a long time. YA dystopia, I’m done with you. I hope the talented cast enjoys their big paychecks from this movie because I think it’s such a waste of their talents. I know this franchise has many, many fans but that last movie really just soured me on this whole enterprise. UGH!

• Of the Christmas movies, the one I want to see most is The Night Before. I like Seth Rogen. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt (RIP The Walk…it was fine). I like Anthony Mackie. It’s from the director of the awesome 50/50. Signs point up. I could do without the drug humor in the movie’s trailer, but that’s part and parcel with Seth Rogen so it’s come to be expected at this point. That’s not why I enjoy his movies, though.

Secret in Their Eyes = Hey, kids…who wants to feel like shiiiiitttttt??? I have no interest in this movie and that says a lot about the subject matter because I really like director Billy Ray’s past work like Breach and Shattered Glass.

• Didn’t Legend come out like six times already?

Carol: Rooney Mara is a fox. That’s why I’ll see this (though I didn’t see Pan, so I won’t see her in everything). What’s Carol about again? It’s a love story. Oooh. I like those.

• I’ll see The Good Dinosaur because I’ll see anything Pixar but I can’t say I’m excited for it.
• I can’t express in words how excited I am to see Creed.

• I have no confidence that Victor Frankenstein will be good but I’m rooting for it.

The Danish Girl = Eddie Redmayne on-the-prowl for more Oscars. How many danishes do you think he’ll eat in this one? Directed by Tom Hooper, who is a stupid head.

• On paper I’m excited about Krampus based on its premise, poster and director (he made Trick ‘r Treat) but the trailer sort of underwhelmed me.

In the Heart of the Sea will bomb hard. I’ll still see it though. It’s going to be average like every other Ron Howard movie. Except Willow. Always Willow. Oh yeah, and Apollo 13 is my jam. It’s like a prequel to The Martian.

The Big Short looks like work but has a decent enough cast to get me to see it.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is maybe my third most anticipated movie of the winter season but I’m still super stoked to see it. The trailer looks great and I think J.J. Abrams is a great choice for director, since his last two Star Trek movies were just as much Star Wars movies as they were Star Trek movies.
Sisters: Tina Fey (in movies) is not funny. Pass.

The Hateful Eight is my most anticipated movie of the winter. I can’t wait to see it in 70mm (come through, Music Box!) on Christmas Day. I also adore that it’s supposed to have an overture and an intermission. Every new bit of news about this movie just makes it sound better and better.

• I’m really looking forward to seeing Joy based on its cast and that it’s the new movie from SLP director David O. Russell. The story sounds interesting enough, too.

• I’m sort of stunned they’re still making Alvin and the Chipmunks movies but here comes The Road Chip!

• I love The Other Guys but I have no interest in seeing Daddy’s Home. That’s how bad the trailer is for Daddy’s Home.

Concussion is the last chance I will give Will Smith. He’s a good actor that picks terrible movies. It’s time we come to terms with that.

• Fuck the Point Break remake and everything it stands for.
The Revenant looks dope. I’m tired of Inarritu’s self-consciously flashy style but I won’t say no to a new Leonardo DiCaprio-Tom Hardy frontier brutality movie. I hope it’s as good as Ravenous because that movie rules!


  1. So many wrong opinions. Oh Riske, your just the worst.

  2. Dude, are you as apprehensive about the fate of a certain aged boxer in Creed as I am?

    Also, I can't wait to see Sam Mendes return to Bond. The trailers don't blow me away and I've developed a dislike for Christoph Waltz, but Sam Mendes is a fantastic director and I like when there's tonal continuity in these big franchises.

    1. This is my biggest worry about Creed. If it goes where the trailers make it look like it's headed...I honestly don't know if I can handle that. Rocky as a character means so much to me that I even find things to like in Rocky V. Also due to some personal-life stuff going on right now cancer and entertainment are a noxious mix for me. I know I'll see Creed because these are characters I love, but I have a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

    2. I am just as worried as you both are.

    3. I thought the trailer for Creed was a perfect example of what is so wrong with trailers these days. I feel like I've seen the whole movie already.

    4. Especially after the trailer gave away the fate of... well, if you saw the trailer, you know. I cried.

  3. I'm super stoked for Star Wars, The Revenant, and The Hateful Eight. All three of those movies have such immense promise attached to them, as far as I'm concerned. I agree that Star Wars has an impressive trailer, and if Abrams can make it anywhere near as fun as at least the first Star Trek movie, I'm way in. With the Revenant, I am on the same page that I will always be excited for a bad ass looking DiCaprio movie, and finally, I'm automatically wired to be excited for a new Tarantino flick.

    On the other side, I'm so skeptical of The Good Dinosaur. The trailer doesn't grab me at all, and in a year where Inside Out, which I love and find incredibly well done and fascinating, was released, I don't see how The Good Dinosaur could measure up. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised, and it's Pixar, so of course I'll see it.

    1. I think the concept of The Good Dinosaur is cute. I'm hoping it's a unexpected gem like Monsters University was for me.

  4. Mocking jay was terrible and im not a big fan of Jenifer Lawrence in these movies. Stanley Tucci is what keeps me coming back.

    November and December look really strong. I so glad im not a movie critic cause in between all that strong stuff there was some crap I had no interest in.
    The Heart of the Sea
    Hateful Eight
    The Revenant
    the night before.( if I have time)
    Star Wars ( not a star wars guy but I like Abrams and he got me to watch star trek)
    Point Break

  5. I saw the original Secret in Their Eyes and it was pretty good; had no idea they were remaking it. I'll probably skip it cause I generally don't dig remakes. I'm just happy that The Raid remake seems to be falling apart and isn't going to happen.

    I really hope Spectre is great as well. I am one of few that was underwhelmed by Skyfall and I didn't think it felt like a Bond movie. It felt like a revenge thriller and the absolute insanity of the "plan" was so ridiculous I just couldn't by into it.

    My most anticipated movie is "Hashtag Horror" - I'm bullshittin''. Can you believe there is actually a movie with this title and this summary -
    "Several 12-year-old girls experience a night of horror when a social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity". ?!?! Hey, maybe it will be great.

    I think my most anticipated is Hateful Eight and really interested in the Hitchcock/Truffaut Documentary as well.

    1. Add Anomalisa to my most anticipated. How could I forget that.

    2. I was underwhelmed by skyfall too however on a second viewing I enjoyed it more. Casino Royale is still the best of the Craig series.

    3. Completely agree. Maybe the best Bond movie as well. That whole topic is widely debatable though.

  6. 1) The Hateful Eight
    2) Star Wars
    3) Krampus
    4) Spectre

    I am dying to see those 4. That Krampus trailer looked made just for me. Christmas, Monsters and Adam Scott??? TAKE MY MONEY.

    1. I think Krampus looks fuckin awesome! I'm going to attempt to watch a ton of christmas horror this December and this is number one on my list!

    2. NICE. That's a great idea. I might do that.

  7. Thanks, Adam! I love movies but have so little time to see them, so I like help picking good ones. By the way I saw "The Intern". I think they need to be more careful when suggesting how women should manage (or should not manage and just get their way all the time) the relationship between work and family. That's a touchy subject and it didn't help that they treated it with so much cutesy froth. Kinda made me mad.

    Does By The Sea look good, really? Really? I'm with you on Brooklyn. Maybe you like Saoirse Ronan like I do. Well I'm with you on a lot of this stuff. Unfortunately, too, that I don't think Tina Fey is funny in movies. I thought it was just me - I thought I didn't get it or something.

    1. I see what you're saying about The Intern. I guess I just expected cutesy froth since it's a Nancy Meyers movie.

      I was trying to be PC when I wrote about Tina Fey. I don't think she's funny ever.

  8. I´m excited for Spectre. Star Wars – The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, The Revenant (The trailers look simply amazing and I truly hope the dumb Academy will grant Leo his long overdue golden boy) and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two. I really liked Part 1 and didn´t found it boring. To me it was like taking a deep breath before the storm starts. An I think I have to admit, that I also liked both Maze Runners… ;-)

    I´m also interested in Spotlight, Joy, Trumbo, By the sea, Secret in their eyes, Creed, Viktor Frankenstein, Krampus, The big short and Concussion.
    The trailers for Brooklyn look fantastic and maybe I will see this on the big screen, because I really liked director John Crowleys Boy A with Andrew Garfield. On the other hand, his last one, Closed circuit, wasn´t that great. We will see.

    In the heart of the sea also looks like I have to see it on the big screen – but I think you`re right. It will bomb badly. You were also right on Pan, when you asked who that movie is made for.

    Everything else looks good for home viewing… or just for not seeing it at all (Peanuts, Love the Coopers, The Danish girl, Sisters, The Road Chip, Daddy´s home)

    I´m not sure what to make of the Point Break remake. The original is very special to me for various reasons and I´m sure I will have a hard time watching the remake. The trailers look awfully blueish, the main guy Luke Bracey has not the least bit of the striking beauty Keanu Reeves had in 1991 and I hate the fact that Bojesse Christopher and James LeGros from the original do cameos here. I´m mostly cool with movies being remade despite often asking why, but I think in this case I already hate this movie just for being made.

  9. Why is Point Break coming out at Christmas. It looks more like a January or late august release. Just like I would have thought they would realeass hail Caesar around Christmas instead of holding till next year.

  10. Thanks Adam,
    The thought of Point break remake actually make me feel sick, I just threw up in my mouth

    I gave Hunger games part 1 a pass, and I have no interest in part 2 Sorry any fans, im going watching Battle royale instead

    im really excited about Star Wars too, where is Luke in the trailer? Who is Kylo Ren? I saw on the Trailer it said Imax 3d, I hope it is also on Imax in 2d. and I really hope for the fans its proper 3d? ive kept away from reading about it too much

  11. The movie I am most looking forward to is The Heart of the Sea. I agree that it may bomb, I don't know why they moved the release date when it's going to be released right before Star Wars, and not many will see it beyond the first weekend. Still though, it's a story I've been wanting to be told. Plus I always enjoy nautical adventure tales.

    I also have to somewhat disagree on your assessment of Ron Howard. While I wouldn't put him near the elite, and at times his work is merely serviceable, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made a few great movies. Rush, Cinderella Man, Night Shift, Splash, Apollo 13, Cocoon, The Paper, Frost/Nixon and Parenthood are all really good. Plus does Arrested Development even get greenlit without his name attached? That doesn't even include A Beautiful Mind which is not among his best. He might be the best workmanlike director out there. That's his strength in that he can bring something to almost any project even if he doesn't have a distinct flavor like a Tarantino, Anderson, or Spielberg have in their movies.

    1. You're right about Ron Howard. I was being glib which I try to avoid.

    2. I really want In the Heart of the Sea to be good. I also want Ron Howard to stay far the fuck away from The Dark Tower.

  12. I also already got tickets to Mockingjay Part 2 just to be a completionist. Not that I want to see it, but I've seen the other three and feel kinda compelled to see how it plays out. Then again the last one really was boring, and almost unnecessary. I hope Part 2 is like Deathly Hallows in which the did leave out the best for the last half (but I'm not getting my hopes up).

    I hope after this and Maze Runner the YA genre dies out. They've covered all the books now, right?

  13. The new Point Break is rated PG-13. It's even more worthless than it was before.

  14. Last year, I watched House of the Devil and did not enjoy it. All I kept hearing was how great it was and how wrong I was for not liking it. I sat down to watch it last week but I found out they took it off of Netflix. I decided to buy it on Blu-ray because I'm a crazy person. I just finished it and it is tremendous. I don't think I was paying attention enough and took it for granted. I love the Innkeepers and the Sacrament so I didn't understand why I didn't like it. Well I was an idiot and it's fuckin great. I owe you an apology for giving you shit. You were right, I was wrong. Don't'll never happen again.

    1. I didn't remember you giving me shit about House of the Devil. Hmm. Anyways, no worries.

    2. My 7 word review was "Adam Riske, you will pay for this". It obviously crushed you and you never got over it.

    3. Oh yeah. I remember now. Stop being mean to me or something.

    4. haha That's exactly me story with that film. I watched it for a second time last month and realized how wrong I was about it. That's a masterpiece for sure.

  15. Somebody really needs to Point Break style rob Warner Bro's of all the remake footage, then surf away into an awesome'90's California ocean sunset.

  16. Also I agree with everything you said, except that By The Sea looks like the the worst hollywood couple indulgence since Guy Ritchie put Madonna on an island

  17. Adam Riske, Adam Riske! I saw Brooklyn! I was going to see Spotlight but since I was going with an elderly woman, opted for something I thought she'd enjoy more. After initially wanting to see it when the trailer came out, my excitement dulled at thoughts of it being too sappy, sentimental and romance-y. It wasn't! Totally exceeded expectations and easily one of the cleanest movies I've seen--no loose or dead-ends or fluff. And THIS is a love story, my friend (to me at least). Also it was TRULY the way that real life can be. The emotional suspense was more for me than "Suspense/Thriller" genre movies. Anyway! Liked it so much I wanna tell it to the world. Go see it!

    1. Yea, couldn't believe how good it was. I'm trying to limit my enthusiasm mostly to online so ppl don't want to kill me for going on and on.