Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Announcing Junesploitation 2016!

by Patrick Bromley
The dirtiest, bloodiest, sleaziest month of the year is just a week away!

On June 1, we'll kick off our fourth annual #Junesploitation, a month-long celebration of exploitation, grindhouse and genre movies.

If you read the site regularly or listen to our podcast, you know that these are the kinds of movies I live for and love. The reason this is my favorite month of the year (behind October, obvi) is because not only do I get to watch a bunch of crazy '70s and '80s drive-in movies, but I also get to live vicariously through all of you as you watch movies I know and love or insane titles I've never even heard of and can now add to my 'must-see' list. Everybody wins with Junesploitation!

Here's the deal: For every day in June, we've got a new exploitation category from which you can choose any movie you want. It doesn't even HAVE to be an exploitation movie! Maybe you don't like them as much as I do. That's ok! On June 1st, maybe you have no interest in seeing Carolyn Munroe run around in a black leather bikini in Starcrash for Sci-fi day. Maybe you're not alive! But maybe you want to watch 2001 or Star Wars or Total Recall or Fantastic Voyage. That counts! ANY science fiction movie counts! And there are SO MANY of those! JUNESPLOITATION!
I know these kinds of movies aren't everyone's bag. Don't give up on the site for a full month. Do your best with what you have -- if you can't find something to match the category and you've already exhausted your options on Netflix Instant, Amazon Prime, Hulu or whatever platform you choose, just pick the closest thing you can that you still feel like watching. Now that Shudder and Exploitation.TV have been launched, you'll never run out of choices. This is supposed to be fun, so only pick stuff you WANT to watch. The joy of it is trying to pick a movie that fits within the given them and trying to see at least one movie a day for a whole month.

After you watch the movie, head over to the comments section for that day and post a short review/reaction. Seriously -- short. Like, 50 words or less. That way, other readers can chime in with a "Hey, I've never heard of that movie and now I want to see it!" or a "If you liked that one, check out..." The idea is to keep the discussion flowing quickly and easily, so we can't get bogged down in huge epic write ups. In order to make sure that this happens, we're going to reserve the right to delete posts that willfully ignore this rule. We don't want to do that. Keep it short.

Here are this year's categories -- a mix of repeats from past years and a few BRAND NEW categories. There's something for everyone! And no Troma day, because we're not going through that again.

Spread the word on social media! Make this the biggest and best June yet!

1 - Sci-fi!
2 - ‘90s Action!
3 - Slashers!
4 - Kung Fu!
5 - Zombies!
6 - Scream Queens!
7 - Cars!
8 - Free Space!
9 - Animals!
10 - Sexploitation!
11 - Masters of Horror!
12 - Blaxploitation!
13 - New Horror!
14 - Nazis!
15 - Free Space!
16 - Monsters!
17 - '80s Action!
18 - Teensploitation!
19 - Italian Horror!
20 - Westerns!
21 - Eco Horror!
22 - Free Space!
23 - Prison!
24 - War!
25 - Bugs!
26 - Revenge!
27 - Apocalypse!
28 - '80s Horror!
29 - Free Space!
30 - Cops!


  1. Hail! Hail! Family issues kept me from really participating in Junesploitation last year, so I'm looking forward to this even more than usual. I hereby vow to only watch "new to me" movies, until I don't.

  2. Thank F'in God... it's finally here!

  3. It's the most...wonderful tiiiime of the year!!

  4. Yesssssssss!! All those s's make a snake sound because I'm excited to watch Rattlers for some fucking reason.

  5. Yay, a movie fest! Should be fun, never done one before, kinda scary stepping into the unknown! I hope it won't hurt.....

  6. Yay, a movie fest! Should be fun, never done one before, kinda scary stepping into the unknown! I hope it won't hurt.....

  7. Good times ahead, I like those choices, I'm looking forward to all of your short 50 word funny reviews

    I might give 7 word reviews like SMM

  8. I am giddy, giddy I tell you. I have been hoarding movies for months: Van Damn, Carpenter, Argento - oh my!

  9. I love that you incorporated the Music Box's festival! I haven't actually participated in Junesploitation before because I usually hibernate (read: drink heavily) as soon as school's out. I'm gonna try to watch every day this year (except maybe the first, because The Harder They Come is playing...)

  10. I'm so excited! Looking forward to spending some time this weekend planning movies around the themes. Plus, my repertory theater is doing a De Palma and a Sergio Leone series in June, so it's shaping up to be an excellent month.

  11. I totally had a perfect Troma movie to recommend to F-Heads this year. Oh well.

    1. What is it? There are still free space days

    2. No Troma category so I'll never tell. :)

      Kidding - "There's Nothing Out There" (1991) I saw it a month or two ago and really dug it. It's not typical Troma, it's actually pretty smart and fun. Troma picked it up for distro on DVD so it wasn't a Troma studio film but I figured if Troma was a a catergory, people would be able to stomach this one.

      The story behind the movie is really interesting. The director made it when he was 20, spent a couple years going door-to-door raising money and actually raised a bunch of money! It received a ton of love from the festivals and critics but then something happened where the film somehow became forgotten and not picked up by a studio. Years later a certain Horror film ripped off the idea in which that film became an instant classic of the genre. It's actually a pretty f-ed up story how this rip-off happened if you ever look into it.

    3. Thanks I am going to try a seek it out. Truthly I was quietly releaved about no Trauma day (but at heart I am a wuss). But this looks interesting. Yes and I see the similarites. Thanks again!

    4. No problem. Believe it or not, I'm not a Troma fan either, for the most part. I grew up on Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High and I dig some of their others e.g. Bloodsucking Freaks but Troma has way too much crap in their catalog to filter through. Still, I love that they exist and understand their importance to the genre and indie filmmaking.

    5. That I agree with. I know I need to watch more to get more of a feeling, especially with indies, and There's Nothing Out There looks like a really good place to start.

  12. This looks amazing. There are so many horror days. Love it!

  13. Well, I'm working three jobs and have almost no free time to speak of 6 out of 7 days of the week (and the 7th I collapse and sleep all day to do it all over again the following week). But dang it, even cheating (i.e. watching two or three of these in a row, then saving the reviews until the appropriate day) I'm in like a screamin' queen. No way I'm missing #Junesploitation this year, though I do wish Patrick would treat it like Scary Movie Month and record a movie commentary for a grindhouse flick like he does one or two scary movies every October. Fair is far, and Junesploitation deserves an annual commentary track like SMM does. :-)

  14. Fourth Junesploitation for the site and the third one for me. "Forcing" myself to watch a movie a day for in a bunch of killer categories every day for a month? Nothing better ;)

  15. I had just remembered this a few weeks ago, then forgotten about it, and now you've reminded me and I'm excited again - early-onset-dementiasploitation!

  16. Here's what I'll be watching... I hope I can get around to them all

    1 - Beneath The Planet Of The Apes
    2 - Face/Off
    3 - The Burning
    4 - Drunken Master 2
    5 - The Living Deat At Manchester Morgue
    6 - Terror Train
    7 - Race With The Devil
    8 - Sonny Boy
    9 - Prophecy
    10 - The Sexorcist
    11 - Prince Of Darkness
    12 - Coffy
    13 - A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
    14 - Cross of Iron
    15 - Dracula: Pages From A Virgin's Diary
    16 - Godzilla
    17 - Death Wish II
    18 - Stage Fright
    19 - Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key
    20 - Keoma
    21 - No Telling
    22 - Pieces
    23 - Papillon
    24 - Inglorious Bastards (Original)
    25 - Millenium Bug
    26 - Thriller! A Cruel Picture
    27 - The Rapture
    28 - Cat People
    29 - Motel Hell
    30 - The French Connection II

    These are all movies I've been meaning to see for a long time. Excited to have the opportunity and a community to report back to and discuss with.

    1. Looks like a really solid list.

      I'm still working on mine and I've hit a few dead spots with my blu-ray collection. Does anyone have any recommendations for Italian Horror, Eco Horror, or Prison that might be available to stream. Suggestions on disc are also appreciated, but my budget is a little limited.

    2. If you're strapped for cash check out YouTube for some full-length Italian Horror uploads.

    3. In Hell is a Van Damme prison movie. I've never seen it, but I remember several people recommending it during Patrick's 24 hours of Van Damme write up. It's on Youtube.

      Torso is a pretty good Italian horror. It's on Youtube as well.

  17. Can't wait to mourn The Giggler.

  18. This will be my second go at Junesploitation! I hit movie fatigue not even eight days in last year and participated when I could, so here's hoping I can stick it out for all 30 days. My watch list is 80% populated (Free Spaces, Bugs, and Eco-Horror are still undecided) and subject to change. For those interested:

    1 - John Carpenter's The Thing
    2 - Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
    3 - Dust Devil
    4 - Supercop
    5 - Zoombies
    6 - Scream 2
    7 - Used Cars
    8 -
    9 - Graveyard Shift
    10 - 24 Exposures
    11 - Nightbreed: The Director's Cut
    12 - Three the Hard Way
    13 - He Never Died
    14 - Private House of the SS
    15 -
    16 - The Relic
    17 - Extreme Prejudice
    18 - Class of Nuke'Em High
    19 - Nightmare City
    20 - The Long Riders
    21 -
    22 -
    23 - Undisputed
    24 - Combat Shock
    25 -
    26 - The Crow
    27 - Day of Resurrection (aka. Virus)
    28 - Re-Animator
    29 -
    30 - Action Jackson

    1. Netflix is really putting a dent in my long-term programming. A good deal of prime candidates for this shindig are expiring 6/1 (including Dust Devil, Supercop, and Undisputed). On the plus side I found some ideal picks for Bugs and Eco Horror.

    2. Action Jackson is the shit! Perfect way to end the month.

    3. It most certainly is! When I first saw it I felt bad in the sense that I failed the '80s Action Litmus Test' for not totally digging it. Watching it last year I surrendered to its majestic lunacy.

  19. Oh dear, I'm struggling to get matches.
    Has anyone done a YouTube backup list?
    You know if for a certain day you can't find something personal you can jump over to YT?
    Just an idea....