Monday, June 20, 2016

Coming Soon: F Breast Cancer! 18-Hour LIVE Podcast-a-thon!

by Patrick Bromley
We're calling on you to help us make a difference.

For more than five years here at F This Movie!, we have been producing a weekly podcast almost without fail -- I think we've missed maybe a week or two, but not much more than that. We have published daily content, usually more than once a day. We have created annual events like F This Movie Fest (the World's Only All-Twitter Film Festival), Scary Movie Month and Junesploitation. We have built a community together of people who love movies and who genuinely like each other, and we have done all this out of love -- love for movies, love for our fellow movie fans, love for what we have all built together. Now, after more than five years, we have to ask for something of you in return. We have to ask for your charitable donations.

We would never do this without giving you some bang for your buck. That's why on July 9, 2016, F This Movie! will be hosting an 18-hour LIVE podcast-a-thon beginning at 8 am CST to raise money for The Magnolia Tree Foundation. LISTEN as we talk about movies for 75% of an entire day! LISTEN as we consume large amounts of caffeine and hold our pee! LISTEN as we talk to you LIVE for a great cause!

The Magnolia Tree Foundation was the vision of Alexa Rodheim Cutler, teacher and water polo coach at Elk Grove High School, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and a friend and inspiration to many of us. Alexa passed away in March of 2016 after a courageous two-year battle with triple negative, BRCA1 positive breast cancer. The mission of The Magnolia Tree Foundation is to educate and provide financial assistance to those affected by the BRCA mutation. Our mission is to raise money for the Magnolia Tree Foundation. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us do that.

To read more about this event or to donate early, visit our GoFundMe page and please give what you can. All proceeds go directly to the Magnolia Tree Foundation.

Check back in the coming weeks for a full schedule and lineup of very special guests! We're trying to put on a great show and make this a real event for fans of the podcast and anyone who tunes in for a worthy cause!

And don't forget to tune in to on July 9 for our first ever LIVE podcast!



  1. 100%. IN

    I'm hoping to join in with the podcast fun too in anyway I can
    Good luck guys, lets kill it and blow the donations "Over the top". I gotta get a movie reference in there somewhere!

  2. You can count on my steel. #FBreastCancer indeed

    1. Nice Army of Darkness reference, you get my utmost respect for that, #JP-rocks

  3. In there like swimwear. Looking forward to it. Sorry for your loss.

  4. Another podcast I listen to is having their first live episode too that day. Weird! What is up with July 9th?

  5. Kinda silly but I want to say Thank you to the two Annonymous people out there who can afford superb donations, we all do what we can afford, it really warms my heart because I really want to see this fundraiser go mental, we as F heads get so much joy for free from this community and its good to give something back especially to such a great cause, I will never know who you people are but you guys ROCK

  6. Pending work schedule I'll be there for at least some of the marathon. One of the few benefits of having three jobs is that three paychecks + no free time = additional income, which means I will spare some cash for a good cause. :-)

    Just curious, is the schedule for that day set in stone or can we make suggestions to shape it? Because 18 hours is a lot of time to kill, and a live commentary track for a movie would be a great way to kill a couple of hours. Who knows, maybe Patrick could even take a breather during said commentary and rest while the rest of the F-head family takes over the live podcast. You could even make it a contest of whoever makes the highest donation before July 9th gets to pick the movie to receive a live commentary.

    I just hope the whole 18 hours are somehow archived and eventually added to the podcasts as 'extras' of some kind. It'd be sad to have almost 24 hrs. of new audio content "lost" if it isn't recorded and saved for posterity.

  7. Great cause, great event (and great timing - wife working so I'll be home with The Boy and can have this on in the background all day) - my mother is a breast cancer survivor so I'm always happy to get involved with these sorts of charities and will donate what I can! How about a call-in segment? I'd love to shoot the shit with you guys about the joys of discovering Christ!

  8. One week from today!!!! <3

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