Thursday, November 17, 2016

Riske Business: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and Its Obsession with Eating

by Adam Riske
This is insane and needs to be reported.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back opens with Tom Cruise at a diner. There is no reason this scene has to take place at a diner.

• Jack Reacher enters the story because he is taking a trip to Washington D.C. to go out to dinner with Cobie Smulders. Economical, sure, but you might want to find more motivation for your title character to go on a mission.

• In a first act chase sequence, Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders run to a food truck to evade authorities. The words “food truck” are said multiple times including “Run to the food truck!” and “They’re on the food truck!” It’s just stupid.

• Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders pick up a runaway, who might also be Reacher’s illegitimate daughter (don’t ask) and while rushing from a crime scene they drive to a food stand because “she needs to eat something.”
You haven't seen me very hungry.
• While staying at a motel (there are so many motels and hotels in this movie), Tom Cruise picks up dinner for himself and the two women.

• The climax of the movie is set in New Orleans. Smulders checks the three into a hotel using cash instead of credit cards to avoid being traced. The following morning, Cruise and Smulders are on the case but not before commenting that they need to get breakfast for the runaway girl.

• The runaway calls room service to order dinner. This leads to -- no joke -- 30 seconds of listening to a hotel operator telling the Runaway Reacher (?) that she can’t order room service because they don’t have a credit card on file. BECAUSE NO HOTEL HAS EVER TAKEN CASH FOR ROOM SERVICE. Dumdum says “no problem, here’s a credit card number” and the three heroes are traced to New Orleans by shady government contractors.

• In the denouement, two characters say goodbye to each other in another diner. As a ticket buyer for their movie, I invite any of the filmmakers or cast of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back to comment to this article and explain why there’s so much attention paid to food in their new film.

Note: Sorry for the brevity and silliness of this week’s article, but I am among those grieving a great loss this week and I don’t have the words. Be good to one another. #SafetyPin


  1. To notice all this food fixation, you must have been as bored by this movie as I was. Nearly unbelievable that this TV movie of the week was made by the same team as The last samurai. A great disappointment.

  2. Don't forget the fight in the restaurant. Hadn't though of how much food was in that movie. Ridiculous!

    1. Oh yeah! There's also the time he punches the contractors outside of the IHOP and when he asks his lawyer to get him a sandwich from the cafeteria.

  3. Are we sure he wasn't just shooting this movie on his lunch breaks?

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