Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Announcing Junesploitation 2017!

by Patrick Bromley
It's time again for the craziest 30 days of the year!

One of my favorite months of the year is June, but it has nothing to do with school letting out or big, expensive summer movies. It has everything to do with Junesploitation, the month-long celebration of exploitation and genre movies we've held on the site since 2013. At F This Movie!, we are (I am) obsessed with exploitation and love having the chance to watch and talk about a bunch of crazy movies with all of you. No joke, I've been looking forward to this month since last October ended. These days I can use having something to look forward to.
For those of you new to Junesploitation, here's how it works: each day of the month has its own theme, and you're supposed to watch a movie that ties into that theme. How you interpret the connection is entirely up to you, which means if you have no interest in exploitation or genre movies that's ok and you can still join in! If you're not into poliziotteschi movies, you can watch The French Connection or Police Academy 4: Citizen on Patrol or Miss Congeniality for "Cops!" day on June 8. If you could care less about William Girdler movies, go ahead and watch The Adventures of Milo & Otis or Hot to Trot or Seabiscuit or Operation Dumbo Drop for "Animals!" day June 11. This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch movies every day and talk about them with one another. There are no "right" movies to watch. It's participating that gets you in the spirit, not watching a bunch of cheap, violent sleaze.

But as a fan of cheap, violent sleaze, I can't wait to dive headfirst into the month. And now more than ever before, streaming services make it easy to participate in Junesploitation. Netflix isn't a ton of help, but Amazon Prime Video has a strong library of titles and there are a number of streaming platforms devoted to just these kinds of movies: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, Exploitation.TV (too porn-y for my tastes) and Brown Sugar are some of the big ones. And while I rarely advocate watching movies on YouTube, there's a lot of cool and obscure stuff to be found there if you're willing to look. Stay tuned for our annual Junesploitation Primer and upcoming installments of I Stream, You Stream for help on where to find some good titles.
Here's the schedule for the month. Once again, we've tried to add a few new categories in addition to retaining many old favorites. We try to change it up a little every year, for what it's worth.

1 - Aliens!
2- '80s Action!
3 - Revenge!
4 - Cars!
5 - Burtsploitation!
6 - Free Space!
7 - Slashers!
8 - Cops!
9 - Blaxploitation!
10 - Kung Fu!
11 - Animals!
12 - Lethal Ladies!
13 - '80s Horror!
14 - Sybil Danning!
15 - Free Space!
16 - Westerns!
17 - Italian Horror!
18 - Code Red!
19 - Killer Kids!
20 - Sci Fi!
21 - Free Space!
22 - Video Nasties!
23 - Barbara Crampton!
24 - Zombies!
25 - Teenagers!
26 - '90s Action!
27 - New Horror!
28 - '80s Comedy!
29 - Free Space!
30 - Monsters!

Get ready.



  1. Soooo ready! As promised, here's everything I saw at Exhumed's Ex-Fest last month in Philly. All 35mm plus trailers.
    Dynasty (1977, 3D)
    Death Rides a Horse (1967)
    The New Barbarians aka Warriors of the Wasteland (1983)
    Combat Cops aka The Zebra Killer (1974)
    Street Asylum (1990)
    Love Me Deadly (1973)
    Pink Flamingos (1972, w/ John Waters intro in person!)

  2. I'm taking credit for Burtsploitation. #StrokerAce

    1. I can only ever hear the title "Stroker Ace" in the voice of Robert Wuhl yelling it during his Robert Wuhl's World Tour stand-up special. I am the only person on earth who has this affliction.

      Also, SO EXCITED for Junesploitation!

    2. You are not the only one! I can still remember that run of Burt titles he did. "The Man Who Loved Women. The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing. STROKER ACE!"

    3. Brother! "STICK! STICK!!" ...which reminds me, I've never seen Stick.

    4. Stroker Ace will always be inextricably linked for me with the song of the same name by Lovage (one of the many groups Mike Patton has been involved with).

  3. Awesome new categories! Fired up as always!

  4. Here's the plan...Patrick, tell me if I need to sub anything (i.e. what I picked is not good). These are all first time watches for me.

    1 - Aliens! Invaders from Mars (50s)
    2- '80s Action! The Running Man
    3 - Revenge! J.D.’s Revenge
    4 - Cars! Used Cars
    5 - Burtsploitation! Smokey and the Bandit
    6 - Free Space! The House That Dripped Blood
    7 - Slashers! Alice Sweet Alice
    8 - Cops! Across 110th Street
    9 - Blaxploitation! Dolemite
    10 - Kung Fu! Five Fingers of Death
    11 - Animals! Willard
    12 - Lethal Ladies! Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
    13 - '80s Horror! The Hunger
    14 - Sybil Danning! Chained Heat
    15 - Free Space! I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    16 - Westerns! The Wild Bunch
    17 - Italian Horror! Phenomena
    18 - Code Red! Evilspeak
    19 - Killer Kids! Village of the Damned (old version)
    20 - Sci Fi! The Abyss
    21 - Free Space! Master of the Flying Guillotine
    22 - Video Nasties! Xtro
    23 - Barbara Crampton! Chopping Mall
    24 - Zombies! Day of the Dead
    25 - Teenagers! Better Off Dead
    26 - '90s Action! Hard Boiled
    27 - New Horror! The Belko Experiment
    28 - '80s Comedy! Vampire’s Kiss
    29 - Free Space! Kentucky Fried Movie
    30 - Monsters! The Thing From Another World

    1. You are going to win Junesploitation. What a lineup! I have seen about 2/3 of them and I don't think you have a dud in the bunch. Hard Boiled is in my personal top 5, inarguably the greatest action movie ever made.

    2. The original Invaders From Mars is a favorite of mine. My personal favorite of the 'body snatcher' type movies (The Thing not included).

    3. There are a few in there I've never seen before but a whole bunch that I'm super excited for you to see for the first time!

      21 - Free Space! Master of the Flying Guillotine
      22 - Video Nasties! Xtro
      23 - Barbara Crampton! Chopping Mall
      24 - Zombies! Day of the Dead
      25 - Teenagers! Better Off Dead
      26 - '90s Action! Hard Boiled

    5. I was checking for Xtro, you did not let me down, ;) prepare for the unpreparable! Life and movies will not be the same afterwards

    6. Daaamn what a month you're gonna have Adam. I totally agree with Chaybee kicking off that week with Masters of the Flying Guillotine is the best choice ever. That movie is the greatest.

  5. "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" (1976). Lynda Carter. See it.

  6. Thanks to the recommendation of a certain agent of SHIELD, Chopping Mall is definitely on my list.

  7. Put a list together and I have at least something for every category (a lot for some categories, some tough choices will have to be made). Is it seriously still a week away? I can't wait!

  8. Facebook reminded me that I posted the announcement on this day last year and I was thinkin' "wonder if the schedule will come out today..." :-))))))))

  9. This is my favourite time of year! Bring it on!!!!

    1. Hey I just wanted to check if Savage Streets was a code red release?

    2. That's the one I'm not sure about. What is code red?

    3. Awesome, thanks! My copy should be arriving soon. That movie sounds bonkers!

    4. Paul, Code Red is a label that publishes Blu-rays. Here is a list of their releases.

      I don't own any Code Red discs, but I do own some of those movies as European released, and plan to watch those on Day 18.

  10. I'm so excited! It's going to be a great month.

  11. I've been looking forward to this for so long. I'm so excited. Great line up.

  12. I think we all really needed this, and it will be good to have a full month of distracting ourselves with exploitation flicks.

  13. Here's my tentative list. Like Adam, these are all first-time viewings:

    1 - Aliens! - The Thing From Another World
    2- '80s Action! - Cobra
    3 - Revenge! - I Saw the Devil
    4 - Cars! - Vanishing Point
    5 - Burtsploitation! - Sharky’s Machine
    6 - Free Space! - Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
    7 - Slashers! - Maniac
    8 - Cops! - Stray Dog
    9 - Blaxploitation! - Truck Turner
    10 - Kung Fu! - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
    11 - Animals! - Shakma
    12 - Lethal Ladies! - Ginger Snaps
    13 - '80s Horror! - Night of the Creeps
    14 - Sybil Danning! - Battle Beyond the Stars
    15 - Free Space! - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
    16 - Westerns! - El Topo
    17 - Italian Horror! - Suspiria
    18 - Code Red! - Nail Gun Massacre
    19 - Killer Kids! - The Bad Seed
    20 - Sci Fi! - Solaris (1972)
    21 - Free Space! - Frankenhooker
    22 - Video Nasties! - Love Camp 7
    23 - Barbara Crampton! - From Beyond
    24 - Zombies! - The Serpent and the Rainbow
    25 - Teenagers! - The Last Picture Show
    26 - '90s Action! - The Long Kiss Goodnight
    27 - New Horror! - Raw
    28 - '80s Comedy! - Fletch
    29 - Free Space! - The Big Bird Cage
    30 - Monsters! - The Blob

    1. Some great ones on here! Which Blob (blub) are you watching? Also, be sure to watch the Shakma changing.

    2. Solaris followed by Frankenhooker made me laugh out loud.

    3. Haven't seen either Blobs, but I'm going with '88. #blub

    4. You are going to have an awesome month!

  14. Super excited as this is my first year doing this and these are all first-time watches for me!

    1 - Aliens! - Mars Attacks!
    2 - 80s Action! - First Blood
    3 - Revenge! - Straw Dogs
    4 - Cars! - Vanishing Point
    5 - Burtsploitation! - Smokey and the Bandit
    6 - Free Space! - Predator 2
    7 - Slashers! - A Nightmare on Elm Street
    8 - Cops! - The Last Boy Scout
    9 - Blaxploitation! - Truck Turner
    10 - Kung Fu! - The Way of the Dragon
    11 - Animals! - Arachnophobia
    12 - Lethal Ladies! - The Long Kiss Goodnight
    13 - 80s Horror! - The Fly
    14 - Sybil Danning! - They're Playing With Fire
    15 - Free Space! - Jaws 2
    16 - Westerns! - Extreme Prejudice
    17 - Italian Horror! - Tenebre
    18 - Code Red! - Truck Stop Women
    19 - Killer Kids! - The Brood
    20 - Sci Fi! - Seconds
    21 - Free Space! - Die Hard 2
    22 - Video Nasties! - The Last House on the Left
    23 - Barbara Crampton! - Body Double
    24 - Zombies! - The Evil Dead
    25 - Teenagers! - Wild Things
    26 - 90s Action! - Speed
    27 - New Horror! - The Guest
    28 - 80s Comedy! - Bachelor Party
    29 - Free Space! - T2: Judgment Day
    30 - Monsters! - King Kong (1933)

    1. There are so many of my favourites on here it's not even funny. I so wish I was in your shoes!

    2. Super list. I also like the fact that all of your free spaces are second installments.

  15. I'm so excited, this list is perfect because you can start and finish with Xtro

    Have fun everyone, Sybil and Barbara getting love makes me very happy

    1. You can also finish with two days of xtro/

  16. This is my list, for anyone who's interested. I've tried to select movies that I haven't seen before or in a long time. I'm super-excited for my first Junesploitation, and not just because several of my picks are stuff I've recorded on my DVR but haven't got around to watching and don't want to delete until I do. As God is my witness, by the beginning of July the available space on that thing will have risen above 20%.

    1 - Aliens! — Evil Aliens (2005)
    2- '80s Action! — Big Trouble in Little China
    3 - Revenge! — Thriller - A Cruel Picture
    4 - Cars! — Dead End (2003)
    5 - Burtsploitation! — Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
    6 - Free Space! — Eaten Alive
    7 - Slashers! — Prom Night (1980)
    8 - Cops! — Baskin
    9 - Blaxploitation! — Blacula
    10 - Kung Fu! — Drunken Master
    11 - Animals! — Eaten Alive
    12 - Lethal Ladies! — Sexy Killer (2008)
    13 - '80s Horror! — Maniac Cop
    14 - Sybil Danning! — Amazon Women on the Moon
    15 - Free Space! — Empire of the Ants
    16 - Westerns! — Ravenous
    17 - Italian Horror! — Suspiria
    18 - Code Red! — Carrie (2013)
    19 - Killer Kids! — Home Movie (2008)
    20 - Sci Fi! — Phase IV
    21 - Free Space! — Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)
    22 - Video Nasties! — The Driller Killer (1979)
    23 - Barbara Crampton! — Chopping Mall
    24 - Zombies! — Night of the Living Deb (2015)
    25 - Teenagers! — Night of the Comet
    26 - '90s Action! — Executive Decision
    27 - New Horror! — Wild Tales (2014)
    28 - '80s Comedy! — Victor/Victoria
    29 - Free Space! — Nurse 3D
    30 - Monsters! — The Thing from Another World

    1. Oops, I have Eaten Alive down twice. That won't do. Motel Hell for June 6th. That's better.

    2. Just watch the other Eaten Alive!

    3. I didn't know there were two movies with that title. I'll be sure to check out the non-crocodile one, Brent. Thanks.

  17. Wow, these lists have increased the length of my Junesploitation boner by a whole 20%

    1. I'm sure Oscar will thank you for using your own account to post this comment, Paul.

  18. This is mine. These are the ones I really want to get to this month.

    1 - Aliens! - They Live
    2- '80s Action! - Blue Thunder
    3 - Revenge! - Foxy Brown
    4 - Cars! - Crash
    5 - Burtsploitation! - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    6 - Free Space! - Return to Oz
    7 - Slashers! -Torso
    8 - Cops! - Maniac Cop
    9 - Blaxploitation! - Truck Turner
    10 - Kung Fu! Kid With the Golden Arm
    11 - Animals! - Grizzly
    12 - Lethal Ladies! - Switchblade Sisters
    13 - '80s Horror! - Dead and Buried
    14 - Sybil Danning! - Battle Beyond the Stars
    15 - Free Space! - Man from Hong Kong
    16 - Westerns! - Longriders
    17 - Italian Horror! - Phenomena
    18 - Code Red! - Savage Streets
    19 - Killer Kids! - Bloody Birthday
    20 - Sci Fi! - Outland
    21 - Free Space! - Creature From The Haunted Sea
    22 - Video Nasties! - House by the Cemetery
    23 - Barbara Crampton! - Beyond the Gates
    24 - Zombies! - Return of the Living Dead
    25 - Teenagers! - Idle Hands
    26 - '90s Action! - Cliffhanger
    27 - New Horror! - Conjuring 2
    28 - '80s Comedy! - The Burbs
    29 - Free Space! - Jekyll and Hyde 1931
    30 - Monsters! - A Godzilla movie

    1. There are so many movies on this list that I deeply love that I'm jealous of the month you will have.

    2. Maybe a perfect list! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    3. There are some inspired choices there, Return to Oz in particular.

    4. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is worth it just for Charles Durning's musical turn.

    5. I picked up Blue Thunder on VHS not long ago. I think I'll slot it in as well.

    6. Great picks! Truck Turner's the only crossover on my partial list but I might steal a couple more of these.

      I watched Blue Thunder a few months ago (pretty good blu-ray actually) and it was a lot of fun - uses a lot of 80s action/cop movie tropes so a nice representation of the genre/era.

  19. I've been diving deep into the catalogs of the various streaming services I'm signed up to (if I'm going to be signed up to Showtime for Twin Peaks I might as well see what else is on there). Overall I've already come with a ton of options for each catagory and it's gotten a little overwhelming even restricting myself to first time viewings. Right now I'm looking at giving myself a little bit more structure this year and just choosing movies with a female lead. I'll post my final list here later if I can put a good one together.

  20. So I've got a mix of unwatched classics, what's on Netflix, and things currently rented on Itunes that I don't want to expire.

    Aliens - Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
    80's action - To Live and Die in L.A.
    Revenge - Charley Varrick
    Cars - American Graffiti
    Burtsploitation - The Cannonball Run
    Free Space - Blue Collar
    Slashers - Blood Rage
    Cops - Heat (Directors Cut)
    Blaxploitation - The Mack
    Kung Fu - Crippled Avengers
    Animals - The WOLF of Wall Street (Is this cheating?)
    Lethal Ladies - Julie Darling (Thanks for the rec Patrick!)
    80's Horror - Near Dark
    Sybil Danning - No idea! Recs please!
    Free Space - The Searchers
    Westerns - 7 Men from Now
    Italian Horror - Kill, Baby, Kill!
    Code Red - I'm in Australia so no awesome Blu-Rays for me! But I might chuck on Savage Streets.
    Killer Kids - The Brood
    Sci-Fi - Seconds
    Free Space - Crooklyn
    Video Nasties - The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (Getting a classic Aussie film in there!)
    Barbara Crampton - If I can find a legal version of From Beyond I'll get that but if not I'll watch Beyond the Gates.
    Zombies - Train to Busan
    Teenagers - Almost Famous
    90's Action - Leon The Professional
    New Horror - The Babadook
    80's Comedy - The Burbs (I'm stealing that one Lindsay)
    Free Space - His Girl Friday
    Monsters - Xtro (For Dennis!)

    1. Jimmie Blacksmith was a video nasty?!? Aussie oi oi. If it helps you can grab a $7 copy of Frpm Beyond (DVD) from JB Hifi.

    2. Or just pay extra for the scream factory blu ray. It's a great release, and the movie is worth it. It's one of my all time favorites!

  21. This is what I've come up with so far (plus I have a number of extras already lined up as well). Mostly first time views, but I had to slip Cherry 2000 in there since it takes place in 2017:

    1 - Aliens! - Alien 3 (Assembly Cut)
    2- '80s Action! - Yes Madam!
    3 - Revenge! - Avenging Quartet
    4 - Cars! - Flatbed Annie and Sweetie Pie
    5 - Burtsploitation! - Citizen Ruth
    6 - Free Space! - Queen of the High Seas
    7 - Slashers! - Black Christmas (2006)
    8 - Cops! - Blue Steel
    9 - Blaxploitation! - Get Christie Love
    10 - Kung Fu! - Against the Drunken Cat Paws
    11 - Animals! - Link
    12 - Lethal Ladies! - The Love Witch
    13 - '80s Horror! - Sleepaway Camp
    14 - Sybil Danning! - Daughter of Death
    15 - Free Space! - Cherry 2000
    16 - Westerns! - Hannie Caulder
    17 - Italian Horror! - Black Sunday
    18 - Code Red! - Last House on the Left
    19 - Killer Kids! - Bloody Birthday
    20 - Sci Fi! - Doomsday
    21 - Free Space! - Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
    22 - Video Nasties! - The Beyond
    23 - Barbara Crampton! - From Beyond
    24 - Zombies! - The Girl With All the Gifts
    25 - Teenagers! - Where the Boys Are
    26 - '90s Action! - Point of No Return
    27 - New Horror! - The Final Girls
    28 - '80s Comedy! - Working Girl
    29 - Free Space! - The Devil’s Three
    30 - Monsters! - The Howling

    1. Oh man. From Beyond, The Love Witch, Sleepaway Camp, The Howling, The Beyond. You've got some of my favorite movies in there! Prepare for an awesome month.

    2. Love Witch is fantastic! And love the female centric list!!!

    3. Yeah, I've been wanting to watch Love Witch for a while now but kept putting it off for various reasons. The female centric thing became an interesting game for me as there were some categories that were really hard.

  22. Psyched about Sybil Danning day, to be sure. Outstanding addition, although it does feel a tad like Bromley attempting to strong-arm his followers into finally watching Howling II if they hadn't already. :)

    1. You're confusing me with Heather Wixson. I would not encourage anyone to watch Howling II...except for maybe the end credits.

    2. lol Patrick just wants us to feel his pain. ;)

    3. I'm definitely watching Howling II, just so I can listen to the commentary. Gotta watch The Howling first though.

  23. My tentative list, all first time viewings. Still exploring options available on various streaming services. Leaving the free spaces to be determined (tbd) for now plus recommendations needed for two categories:

    1 - Aliens! – Forbidden World
    2- '80s Action! – Red Heat
    3 - Revenge! – Darkman
    4 - Cars! – Duel
    5 - Burtsploitation! – Gator
    6 - Free Space! – tbd
    7 - Slashers! – Amsterdamned
    8 - Cops! – The Seven Ups
    9 - Blaxploitation! – Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
    10 - Kung Fu! – The Five Venoms
    11 - Animals! – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
    12 - Lethal Ladies! –
    13 - '80s Horror! – A Nightmare on Elm Street
    14 - Sybil Danning! – Hercules (1983)
    15 - Free Space! – tbd
    16 - Westerns! – Quigley Down Under
    17 - Italian Horror! – Tenebre
    18 - Code Red! – Shakma
    19 - Killer Kids! – The Omen
    20 - Sci Fi! – Chronicles of Riddick
    21 - Free Space! – tbd
    22 - Video Nasties! – Nightmare
    23 - Barbara Crampton! – Beyond the Gates
    24 - Zombies! – Demons
    25 - Teenagers! –
    26 - '90s Action! – Sudden Death
    27 - New Horror! – Ava’s Possessions
    28 - '80s Comedy! – The Money Pit
    29 - Free Space! – tbd
    30 - Monsters! – The Brainiac

  24. I'm taking this opportunity to keep championing a ridiculous movie I discovered this February in the lead-in to the Fest, 1987's The Order of the Black Eagle. It's got everything you could ever want in a movie (and some things you didn't even know you wanted), like Nazis, ninjas, Nazi ninjas, a baboon sidekick driving a tank, an Asian Q (Fu Man-Q if you will), a daring diamond heist, a speedboat chase, a Western shootout, jungle warfare, explosions, an Orson Welles lookalike villain, and of course cryogenically frozen Hitler.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the movie to anyone who's taking part in Junesploitation, it's a nice fit for '80s Action! day or one of the free spaces. A physical copy seems hard to find, but it's available on YouTube.

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the link. I had tried to watch it before when you recommended it, but only had found trailers on youtube?

  25. Anyone who is looking for a Kung Fu entry, Eight Diagram Pole Fight is now on Amazon Prime. It was one of my favorite movies from last year, and is my top Shaw Brothers movie. (There is no Blu-ray, so is a good chance to watch in HD),

  26. Hey y'all! Just a random dude here, new to these parts. Really dig the idea and thought i'll through my hat in the ring. So exited actually that i'm going to go all in and have a double feature every day (except for free space days... i'm not crazy). So... this is my plan:

    1.Aliens - Zone Troopers / The Deadly Spawn
    2.80s Action - Code of Silence / Above the Law
    3.Revenge - Ms. 45 / Savage Streets
    4.Cars - The Car / Black Moon Rising
    5.Burtsploitation - Sharkys Machine / Smokey and the Bandit
    6.Free Space - Bad Taste
    7.Slashers - The Last Horror Film / Happy Birthday to Me
    8.Cops - Cobra / Maniac Cop
    9.Blaxploitation - Cleopatra Jones / Blacula
    10.Kung Fu - Shaolin vs Lama / Five Element Ninjas
    11.Animals - Food of the Gods / Tentacles
    12.Lethal Ladies - Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! / Switchblade Sisters
    13.'80s Horror - The Beast Within / The Stuff
    14.Sybil Danning - They're Playing with Fire / Battle Beyond the Stars
    15.Free Space - Lifeforce
    16.Westerns - Cutthroats Nine / Red Sun
    17.Italian Horror - Torso / Don't Torture a Duckling
    18.Code Red - Evilspeak / Messiah of Evil
    19.Killer Kids - The Bad Seed / It's Alive
    20.Sci Fi - Planet of the Vampires / Galaxy of Terror
    21.Free Space - The Iron Rose
    22.Video Nasties - Nekromantik / Cannibal Ferox
    23.Barbara Crampton - Robot Wars / From Beyond
    24.Zombies - Zombie Lake / Night of the Creeps
    25.Teenagers - Beach Party / Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains
    26.'90s Action - Police Story 3-Super Cop / The Long Kiss Goodnight
    27.New Horror - Prevenge / 31
    28.'80s Comedy - Zapped / Once Bitten
    29.Free Space - Possession
    30.Monsters - Prophecy / Humanoids from the Deep

    Hope i'm doing it right

    1. Don't Torture a Duckling

      You're not allowed to just make up movie titles, bruh.

      Come on, take this seriously.

    2. Great googly moogly, that line-up almost looks too intense. I can't imagine if the first times I'd seen those movies were all during the same month! That said, my personal advice would be to skip Tentacles and to skip Prophecy. See if you can find Food of the Gods 2 instead.
      I'm not sure what would go in Prophecy's place. They really haven't made the great killer bear movie yet, much less the great mutated killer bear movie.

    3. Welcome to these parts Crisan! It's a fun month to be here. If you even watch half of those movies, it'll be a blast.

      And Nonny is a silly person.

    4. Thanks! I was having doubts about Prophecy. Think I'll just watch Splinter instead (maybe​ stretching the definition a bit) but I haven't seen it for ages and really liked it. Quite a lot. Feel maybe it's a bit underated.
      Gnaw looks pretty awesome too.

    5. I shall respond to that, Paul, by quoting Terry Thomas's reported final words to a rude waiter on the evening of the gap-toothed actor's death:

      "Fucking cheek!"

      Thomas was in the 1973 anthology movie The Vault of Horror. Amicus made a bunch of pretty watchable scary films, any one of which would lend respectability to an F-head's Junesploitation lineup.

    6. Yeah, Tentacles is pretty rough. I watched it last year and was barely able to get through it.

    7. Hi Crisan. I think you're definitely doing it right. Enjoy junesploitation!!

  27. I put together a list of Alien! movies for day one if anyone is looking for an easy to get at list. Let me know if you watch one from the list!

    1. nice list. though it kind of spoil the ending of 10 cloverfield lane just by it being on the list

    2. So does the title that has the word 'Cloverfield'. ;)

    3. you're right, but that one is easy to not see if you don't pay attention

  28. Here's a list for '80s Action!

    1. Acquired a copy of Tango & Cash (1989) earlier today - what Junesploitation! dreams are made of. :)

  29. Hey guys. Wanted to drop my list. About 80% new to me so let me know if I need to absolutely avoid anything. I'm throwing in a couple double features.

    1 - Aliens! Lifeforce/Under The Skin
    2- '80s Action! Blue Thunder/Order Of The Black Eagle
    3 - Revenge! Black Shampoo/Jackie Brown
    4 - Cars! Gone In Sixty Seconds/ Vanishing Point
    5 - Burstsploitation! Gator
    6 - Free Space! The Harder They Come
    7 - Slashers! The Mutilator
    8 - Cops! Policewomen (every year)
    9 - Blaxploitation! Coffy/Car Wash
    10 - Kung Fu! The Five Venoms
    11 - Animals! Slugs/Frogs
    12 - Lethal Ladies! Prolly watch TNT Jackson so suggest something else! ;-)
    13 - '80s Horror! Blood Rage
    14 - Sybil Danning! Malibu Express
    15 - Free Space! How To Make A Monster
    16 - Westerns! Good The Bad.../Fistful
    17 - Italian Horror! The Evil Eye
    18 - Code Red! Messiah Of Evil
    19 - Killer Kids! Kill Baby Kill
    20 - Sci Fi! Ex Machina
    21 - Free Space! Open
    22 - Video Nasties! Don't Look In The Basement
    23 - Barbara Crampton! Castle Freak
    24 - Zombies! Dead & Buried
    25 - Teenagers! Horror High
    26 - '90s Action! Surviving The Game/Tango & Cash
    27 - New Horror! 10 Cloverfield Lane
    28 - '80s Comedy! The 'Burbs/(Im thinking double feature)
    29 - Free Space! The Dirty Two
    30 - Monsters! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

    Really looking forward to everyone's reviews. Feel free to make any suggestions. Rock on.

    1. Awesome list, man. Here's my re- re- revised schedule:

      1 - Aliens! – Oblivion
      2- '80s Action! – Tango & Cash
      3 - Revenge! – Death Force
      4 - Cars! – Duel
      5 - Burtsploitation! – Malone
      6 - Free Space! – Ninja III: The Domination
      7 - Slashers! – Amsterdamned
      8 - Cops! – The Golden Child
      9 - Blaxploitation! – Slaughter/Slaughter’s Big Rip Off
      10 - Kung Fu! – Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
      11 - Animals! – Rats: Night of Terror
      12 - Lethal Ladies! – So I Married An Axe Murderer
      13 - '80s Horror! – The Midnight Hour/Prince of Darkness
      14 - Sybil Danning! – They’re Playing With Fire/Jungle Warriors
      15 - Free Space! – Puppet Master III
      16 - Westerns! – Death Rides A Horse
      17 - Italian Horror! – Tenebre/Phenomena
      18 - Code Red! – Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
      19 - Killer Kids! – The Good Son
      20 - Sci Fi! – Chronicles of Riddick
      21 - Free Space! – Maniac Cop 3
      22 - Video Nasties! – Nightmare
      23 - Barbara Crampton! – We Are Still Here
      24 - Zombies! – White Zombie
      25 - Teenagers! – Heathers
      26 - '90s Action! – Rapid Fire/Hot Shots: Part Deux
      27 - New Horror! – (what’s on Netflix)
      28 - '80s Comedy! – The Money Pit
      29 - Free Space! – Howling 3: The Marsupials
      30 - Monsters! – (something big)

      Props to Mark for giving me the idea of how to occupy my Free Spaces this month.

    2. Rapid Fire and Hot Shots Part Deaux is an inspired left field double feature.

  30. Day 3 Revenge! Index

  31. Little late with my list because I was out of town. All of these except the two I noted are first time viewings. I just really want to watch those two, and maybe I'll find something new for those days too. Free spaces I usually leave blank for random stuff I'm interested in based on everyone's reviews on the site.

    I welcome suggestions or clarifications on incorrect genre picks.
    1 - Aliens - Contamination
    2 - 80’s Action - The Executioner, Part 2
    3 - Revenge - Blood Rage
    4 - Cars - Vanishing Point
    5 - Burtsploitation - Gator
    6 - Free Space - Tales of Halloween
    7 - Slashers - Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    8 - Cops - Robocop 2
    9 - Blaxsploitation - Velvet Smooth
    10 - Kung Fu - Master of the Flying Guillotine (Thanks Adam)
    11 - Animals - Day of the Animals / Uninvited
    12 - Lethal Ladies - Big Doll House
    13 - 80’s Horror - The Mutilator
    14 - Sybil Danning - The Red Queen Kills Seven Times
    15 - Free Space - Love Witch
    16 - Westerns - Death Rides a Horse / Slow West
    17 - Italian Horror - The Black Cat
    18 - Code Red - Don't Go In The House
    19 - Killer Kids - Battle Royale
    20 - Sci-Fi - Bad Taste
    21- Free Space - Black Christmas
    22 - Video Nasties - Driller Killer / Night of the Demon
    23 - Barbara Crampton - Beyond The Gates
    24 - Zombies - Return of the Living Dead / Rabid
    25 - Teenagers - Cabin Fever
    26 - 90’s Action - The Fugitive (Not first time)
    27 - New Horror - Blackcoat’s Daughter / The Invitation
    28 - 80’s Comedy - Breakfast Club (Not first time)
    29 - Free Space - The Hills Have Eyes
    30 - Monsters - Street Trash

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I don't know what right I have to do this, or if anyone needs to know, but just in case anybody's wondering, the movies on the official calendar above are:
    1 - Zone Troopers (1985)
    2 - Code of Silence (1985)
    3 - Vendetta (1986)
    4 - Crash! (1977)
    5 - Sharky's Machine (1981)
    6 - Super Dude (1974)
    7 - The Nail Gun Massacre (1985)
    8 - Fearless (1978)
    9 - The Candy Tangerine Man (1975)
    10 - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
    11 - Wild Beasts (1984)
    12 - The Doll Squad (1973)
    13 - Slaughter High (1986)
    14 - They're Playing With Fire (1984)
    15 - Delirium (1979)
    16 - Massacre Time (1966)
    17 - A Bay of Blood (1971)
    18 - The Redeemer (1978)
    19 - Bloody Birthday (1981)
    20 - Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)
    21 - Gas Pump Girls (1979)
    22 - The Driller Killer (1979)
    23 - Beyond the Gates (2016)
    24 - Zombie Lake (1981)
    25 - Malibu High (1979)
    26 - Kill Crazy (1990)
    27 - The Barn (2016)
    28 - Joysticks (1983)
    29 - Blackenstein (1973)
    30 - Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

    1. Blackenstein is an actual movie? I thought it was something made up by writers on The Simpsons. Is The Blunchblack of Blotre Blame real as well?

    2. TBoBB remains merely an urban legend, but both Blaculas, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, and Black Werewolf (the U.S. VHS title for The Beast Must Die!) are all legit.

    3. I'm watching Blackenstein for Blaxploitation! I'm pretty excited!

    4. I'm watching Blackenstein for Blaxploitation! I'm pretty excited!

    5. I love The Beast Must Die, although it's yonks since I saw it. That's the one that stops for a minute so the viewer has time to guess who the werewolf is, if memory serves. I did not the first time I watched it, and I'm not sure I remember who it is now. Please, no spoilers. It's Ten Little Indians/The Most Dangerous Game with a horror twist. Plus, you get Peter Cushing, a young Michael Gambon, and Charles Grey. Fun on a bun.

      I've got Blacula down for blaxploitation day. If Blackenstein is readily available and not too pricey, I might have a double bill.

      I don't think I've ever seen a blaxploitation movie, so I'm pretty excited for Friday after next. There's a scene in Love at First Bite (definitely not a film in that genre; Susan Saint James is really white and George Hamilton was a brave pioneer in the orange power movement. Who could have known that would one day lead to the country having its first orange president? You have to dare to dream, people) where Dracula in his bat form flies into the home of an African-American family and they mistake him for a "black chicken." That's probably the closest I've come.

      Oh, and I've seen Jackie Brown.

    6. And Live and Let Die and Tales from the Hood.

    7. Ha ha ha! I remember that scene from Love at First Bite; the only thing about that is that the family wasn't black, they were Puerto Rican!! Ha ha! As a Puerto Rican myself, I take grave umbrage at not getting due credit over this proud moment in my cinematic heritage.

      And watch out, people, you should still watch it, but Blackenstein is terrible.

    8. Oh god, sorry. I was inadvertently racist. When I'm racist it's usually deliberate and concerns the Jews (they control Hollywood and Wall Street, and lest we forget, they killed Jesus. Ain't no coming back from that). The clip I linked to wasn't of great quality, but I've just watched it again and, yeah, it's not a black family.

      I am a stupid, bigoted mouse.

      Seriously, though, we need to do something about these Jews. #Trump2020

  33. Hi! Brand new here, stumbled across the #Junesploitation hashtag on my Twitter line and, even though I'm already four days behind, I'd love to join in if I may (I'll make up the missed days). I love challenges like these. I instigated a 30-day movie challenge on a football (UK) forum of all places to a fair bit of enthusiasm, and I instigated another one at the Spaghetti Western Database last year to a stony silence! :D Ah well, can't win 'em all, eh? Still, I managed to get some of the regulars there into "SpagvemberFest": Basically, watching a spag western every day in November. We've done that for the last two years now.

    Anyway, I wanted to present you ladies and gentlemen with my list, just in case I've done something wrong so's I can make corrections. Since this is my first Junesploitation I've limited myself as far as possible to movies I own and with which I'm therefore fairly familiar. Ease myself in gently, like (the only exceptions were New Horror day and Code Red day).

    So, here goes:

    1 - Aliens! ALTERED (Sánchez, 2006)
    2- '80s Action! COMMANDO (Lester, 1985)
    3 - Revenge! DEATH SENTENCE (Lanfranchi, 1968)
    4 - Cars! THE CAR (Silverstone, 1977)
    5 - Burtsploitation! NAVAJO JOE (Corbucci, 1966)
    7 - Slashers! FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL Chapter (Zito, 1984)
    8 - Cops! HOT FUZZ (Wright, 2007)
    9 - Blaxploitation! COFFY (Hill, 1973)
    10 - Kung Fu! SHOGUN ASSASSIN (Houston/Misumi, 1980)
    11 - Animals! BAIT (Rendall, 2013)
    12 - Lethal Ladies! LADY SNOWBLOOD (Fujita, 1973)
    13 - '80s Horror! NEAR DARK (Bigelow, 1987)
    14 - Sybil Danning! GOD'S GUN (Parolini, 1976)
    15 - Free Space! NINJA SCROLL (Kawajiri, 1993)
    16 - Westerns! DJANGO KILL... IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT! (Questi, 1967)
    17 - Italian Horror! ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (Fulci, 1979)
    18 - Code Red! CUT-THROATS NINE (Marchent, 1972)
    19 - Killer Kids! THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (McCarthy, 2016)
    20 - Sci Fi! HARDWARE (Stanley, 1990)
    21 - Free Space! SUPERVIXENS (Meyer, 1975)
    22 - Video Nasties! THE EVIL DEAD (Raimi, 1981)
    23 - Barbara Crampton! THE LORDS OF SALEM (Zombie, 2012)
    24 - Zombies! NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (Romero, 1968)
    25 - Teenagers! WEIRD SCIENCE (Hughes, 1985)
    26 - '90s Action! DESPERADO (Rodriguez, 1995)
    27 - New Horror! THE DARK TAPES (Guastini/McQuown, 2017)
    28 - '80s Comedy! THIS IS SPINAL TAP (Reiner, 1984)
    29 - Free Space! DAY OF ANGER (Valerii, 1967)
    30 - Monsters! GODZILLA: FINAL WARS (Kitamura, 2004)

    There. Is that acceptable, more-or-less?