Wednesday, May 31, 2017

F This Movie! 388 - Silver Bullet

In this special two-part crossover event, Patrick and Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers co-host Blake Fichera cover a pair of 1985 werewolf movies. First up is this underrated Stephen King classic!

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Also discussed this episode: Christine (1983), Raw (2015), Iced (1988)

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  1. Recently watched Silver Bullet for some odd reason reminded me a lot of Blue Velvet,quick research revealed they were both shot in north Carolina by DEG using the same equipment a year apart!

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to listen. Love this movie and the SNMS guys.

  3. 22 minutes into the podcast and I had to quickly come in a speak up for Wolfen. Deserves more love. Digging the podcast dudes.

  4. You can actually freeze your werewolf gravy if you make too much and don't want it to go to waste.

  5. It's a bummer, by the way, that the great Bernie Wrightson (who drew the classic Swamp Thing) passed away a few months ago.

    1. Bummer indeed. Comics illustration truly lost one of the greats.

  6. We need to GoFundMe j Blake's book about movie rap rappity raps

  7. Maybe you've talked about it, but what are your thoughts on WOLFEN??