Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Your 2017 Junesploitation Primer

by Patrick Bromley
These next 30 days are going to change you as a person.

We're just one day away from our fifth annual Junesploitation, and the amount of excitement for I've already seen on this site and elsewhere on social media has been incredibly rewarding and encouraging. It's a month-long holiday that we completely made up and that a whole bunch of people are seriously looking forward to celebrating. That's so cool!

Many of you have already been posting the lineups of what you've got on deck for this month, and I'm super jealous of what an incredible 30 days of movie watching you're going to have. For those of you who are unsure of what to check out, this primer is here to give you some ideas.

As I mentioned in the original Junesploitation announcement, there are now a ton of streaming services from which to choose titles: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, Exploitation.TV, Brown Sugar, Shout! Factory TV, plus the usual Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video, which offers a LOT of kung fu, horror and exploitation in their library. Also check out Shaw Brothers Universe, which is a great resource to tell you where hundreds of amazing kung fu films are available to stream. The Grindhouse Cinema Database offers hundreds of titles broken up by genre, so that one's good. Then there's Daily Grindhouse, a site fully devoted to the kinds of movies we celebrate during Junesploitation that features excellent writing from our own A.M. Novak and our friends Albert Muller and Jason Coffman.

But honestly, the best place to look is in the reviews posted during the last four Junesploitations (found here, here, here and here). You have all written some great summaries of crazy movies and made them sound so much fun that I often go back and comb through the comments to find stuff to watch even when it's not June. Sure, it requires a little more digging, but this is where a lot of the gems are. And, of course, I'll be recommending titles for each category every Friday in I Stream, You Stream.
The links below will take you to some recommendations of titles from each day's category. If you're new to Junesploitation, please remember that you do not need to watch a movie off of any of these lists (except for the ones with a finite number of titles like Code Red and Video Nasties). These are just here to give you some ideas, but you're free to pick any movie you want that you feel fits into a given category.

1 - Aliens!
2- '80s Action!
3 - Revenge!
4 - Cars!
5 - Burtsploitation!
6 - Free Space!
7 - Slashers!
8 - Cops!
9 - Blaxploitation!
10 - Kung Fu!
11 - Animals!
12 - Lethal Ladies!
13 - '80s Horror!
14 - Sybil Danning!
15 - Free Space!
16 - Westerns!
17 - Italian Horror!
18 - Code Red!
19 - Killer Kids!
20 - Sci Fi!
21 - Free Space!
22 - Video Nasties!
23 - Barbara Crampton!
24 - Zombies!
25 - Teenagers!
26 - '90s Action!
27 - New Horror!
28 - '80s Comedy!
29 - Free Space!
30 - Monsters!

Look for lots of cool Junesploitation content and maybe even extra Junesploitation podcasts all month long, featuring special guests and more! I couldn't possibly be more excited.



  1. Long live Junesploitation!

    I am so excited for this month. There are a lot of awesome movies that this will finally give me a chance to watch! Thanks for the awesome primer Patrick, this has helped me round out my list. I didn't get a chance to put it into the last column so here goes:

    1 - Aliens! - Extro
    2- '80s Action! - Black Rain / Extreme Prejudice
    3 - Revenge! - Death Wish 3
    4 - Cars! - Streets of Fire / The Cars that Ate Paris / Gone in 60 Seconds
    5 - Burtsploitation! - Gator
    6 - Free Space! - Eaten Alive
    7 - Slashers! - Texas Chainsaw Part 2
    8 - Cops! - Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice / Across 110th Street / High Crimes /
    9 - Blaxploitation! - Truck Turner / Black Dragons Revenge
    10 - Kung Fu! - Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
    11 - Animals! - Pet Cemetery
    12 - Lethal Ladies! - Serial Mom / Faster Pussycat Kill Kill / Pretty Maids in a Row
    13 - '80s Horror! - The House by the Cemetery
    14 - Sybil Danning! - They're Playing with Fire
    15 - Free Space! - Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
    16 - Westerns! - The Great Silence
    17 - Italian Horror! - Tennebrae
    18 - Code Red! - Voices From Beyond
    19 - Killer Kids! - Spider Baby
    20 - Sci Fi! - Lifeforce / Invaders from Mars
    21 - Free Space! - C.H.U.D
    22 - Video Nasties! - Possession
    23 - Barbara Crampton! - Reanimator / From Beyond
    24 - Zombies! - Zombi 2
    25 - Teenagers! - Rivers Edge / Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
    26 - '90s Action! - Hard Target
    27 - New Horror! - Plank Face / Black Coats Daughter
    28 - '80s Comedy! - Better off Dead
    29 - Free Space! - Phantom of the Paradise
    30 - Monsters! - Q The Winged Serpent / Bride of Frankenstein

    1. That came out in the wrong place. I'll try again.

      "Oh, shit. Maybe his head just got loose and fell off."

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  3. I'm putting together my own lists of 100 for each category.
    They are a mix of ones I love and some I haven't seen that looked interesting. Burtsploitation has a couple of other
    Burts for fun. The Free Space is for movies I genuinely
    love that aren't widely known or that no one else likes :)

    Day 1: Aliens!
    Day 2: '80s Action!
    Day 3: Revenge!
    Day 4: Cars!
    Day 5: Burtsploitation!
    Day 6: Free Space

    1. This is so awesome and super helpful! Thank you, This'll help make my list tonight

    2. Thanks Brent. Doing awesome work.

  4. This is my favorite thing that happens all year, even more than Scary Movie Month. And I do mean favorite thing... I don't celebrate any holidays, so this really makes up for all those. I love that it forces a lot of the site's fans out of their comfort zones and helps them to create new ones. Whoever you are, there's a strong possibility that the best movie you see in 2017 will be something from this month!

    1. I'm seeing my very first kung fu movie. I've chosen something called Drunken Master because of its high rating on Rotten Potatoes. It was either that or one of the Kung Fu Panda films, but I've seen all of them and wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit. Maybe I'll become a martial arts movie aficionado. Stranger things have happened.

    2. Drunken Master is a great choice for a first Kung fu flick. Enjoy!

    3. Thanks, Charles. Happy Junesploitation.

    4. If you get the King Fu bug after that, the Mark Ahn Knows King Fu columns are an awesome place for some suggestions!

  5. I'm so psyched and I finally finalized my list:
    -Aliens: invaders from Mars
    -80s action: extreme prejudice
    -revenge: rolling thunder
    - Cars: the driver
    - Burtsploitation: Gator
    - Free space: never too young to die
    - Slashers: curtains
    - Cops: 48 hrs
    - Blaxploitation: Coffy
    - Kung fu: the 8 diagram pole fighter
    - Animals: eaten alive
    - Lethal ladies: savage streets
    - 80s horror: the funhouse
    - Sybil danning: they're playing with fire
    - Free space: foxy brown
    - Westerns: the long riders
    - Italian horror: phenomena
    - Code red: shakma
    - Killer kids: the pit or it's alive
    - Sci-fi: Starman
    - Free space: black dynamite
    - Video nasties: the burning
    - Barbara Crampton: castle freak
    - Zombies: the girl with all the gifts
    - Teenagers: class of 1984
    - 90s action: point break
    - New horror: the void
    - 80s comedy: brewsters millions
    - Free space: body double
    - Monsters: Silver bullet

    1. The driver is a great choice! That was my Cars! Choice for last year and I was blown away!

    2. Also Class of 1984, Coffy, Black Dynamite, and Rolling Thunder are the bomb!

      "I'll get my gear"

  6. For one of my free spaces I want to watch an early DePalma film. What do you guys recommend? I've seen The Fury and Carrie. Trying to choose between Blow Out, Dressed to Kill, and Body Double.

    1. Chaybee's the man to answer this question for you; I'd wager he's the only user on the site to have watched absolutely everything DePalma's done. I'm pretty sure his favorite is Sisters. Of the three you mentioned, I'd say go with Blow Out, but Sisters would be an even better choice.

    2. Blow Out is insane! One of my favourite movies period. I've also been meaning to watch Phantom of the Paradise! I think Patrick has mentioned that that's one of his favourites a few times.

  7. Agreed. Sisters then Blow Out.