Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Junesploitation 2015!

It's 30 days of madness!

Junesploitation 2015 is here! We'll be celebrating exploitation and genre movies all month long, and we're SO EXCITED!

For a reminder on how this all works, check here. Otherwise, get started with a month of ninjas, nudity and a lot of stuff that's been dubbed from Italian to English. For more details, you can always check out our handy Junesploitation primer.

Here we go!

1. Zombies!
2. Sci-fi!
3. Animals!
4. Cops!
5. ’80s Action!
6. Scream Factory!
7. Drugs!
8. Slashers!
9. Revenge!
10. Free Space!
11. Ninjas!
12. Troma!
13. Video Nasties!
14. Bugs!
15. Spaghetti Western!
16. New horror!
17. Icons!
18. Kung Fu!
19. Cannon!
20. Free Space!
21. Italian Horror!
22. Robots!
23. Blaxploitation!
24. Teenagers!
25. ‘90s Action!
26. Cannibals!
27. Cars!
28. Free Space!
29. Rock and Roll!
30. '80s Horror!


  1. Conscious we are hurtling towards Troma day and any help with an entry level movie would be greatly appreciated! All I know about Troma comes from this site and, to be honest, it does not look like my thing, but willing to give it a shot. Where should I start?

    1. The best start for you would be Toxic Avenger!!

  2. Then that is where I shall start...

    1. If you're worried that Troma movies aren't your thing -- and I can't blame you if they're not -- you might also consider starting with Cannibal! The Musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It's less of a typical Troma movie and more of a really funny musical comedy. The kind Trey Parker and Matt Stone make. It's a safe bet.

    2. That may be good for me! I was considering skipping that day, but that just seems so lame.

  3. Thanks, both. I might give both a go!

  4. what is the criteria for new horror? Recent movies or just "new to you"?

    1. I think it's post '90s starting in 2000. But so much of Junesploitation is 'whatever you want' so I think just take it as you interpret. It's about fun!!

  5. i just realized my mom is going to be in town for troma day. uhhhh, what's their least sexually disgusting movie? my mom is not super squeamish about violence, but i feel like scat and weirdo sex might be a bridge too far.

  6. Nevermind I found it, I guess! Not really in the Junesploitation spirit, but it seems Mom-Friendly at least:

    Ginger in the Morning

    If I have time after she's gone to bed I will watch Tromeo & Juliet. Just typing that sentence made me feel like an 11-year-old.