Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Patrick and Doug get you ready for #fthismoviefest 2018 by counting down their favorite movies of 1989! And be sure to listen for the brand new F This Movie Fest song written and performed by Erich Asperschlager!

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Also discussed this episode: Jackie Brown (1997), The Final Countdown (1980), Dream a Little Dream (1989), Earth Girls Are Easy (1989), The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989)


  1. Erich did it again, I was hoping for an Xtro shout out, I know its not from 89 but I live in hope

    Next year Erich!

    Love it, very funny, digging up Dantes Funny Bone!

  2. I watched Back to the Future II for the first time in maybe 10 years the other night....and I still like it. Obviously not as good as the first, but I think it's a pretty creative sci-fi premise. It gets a little bogged down near the end, repeating the Enchantment Under the Sea scenes. I just like it. Does this make me a bad person? Or, at least a worse one.

    Also, Doug!

    1. i'm not done with the podcast, but does anybody NOT like BttF2? i think it's a great sequel to a perfect movie

    2. They don't trash it or anything, but Douglas does have a brief "yeah, no" moment when it's mentioned. And I know Patrick is not a fan either. And they're not alone, a lot of people don't like it. I just do, and I can't explain it. I think a lot of people view it as a little soulless, or even bleak. The first is a great comedy that uses a sci-fi premise as a conceit. I think what I like about 2 is it's a proper sci-fi story, and not just a remake of the first (like part 3 is.) Idk.

    3. i always liked all 3 movies, on different levels. the first one is obviously the masterpiece, but i think the other 2 do continue the story in a fine way. and i think the remake of the school dance in part 2 is great.

  3. I can’t remember cracking up harder at this show than “reading a novelization of the TV show Charles in Charge.” And I’ve been a listener since 2010. Loved this episode!

  4. cool song! another fun episode! wish it was Saturday already.

  5. The sad thing is I know GIF predates 1989; it was invented in 1987.