Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Patrick and Stephanie pick the perfect movie for every day of the week.

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Also discussed this episode: Into the Night (1985), The Monster Club (1981), The Great Outdoors (1988), Nine to Five (1980), The Equalizer (2014), Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017), Night School (1981)


  1. Great episode! I loved the concept and I started thinking about my picks:
    Sunday: Casablanca (I just watched this on a Sunday and it was perfect. It feels like the time for black and white classics
    Monday: Something very light on Monday, because I'm usually exhausted, so a comedy from childhood like Tommy boy or Billy Madison would be perfect.
    Tuesday: It's a weird day, so I think I would go with something little off beat, like the Devils honey
    Wednesday: I would need something to get me over the hump of the week, so maybe an old action classic like Robocop
    Thursday: for some reason, the first thing that came to mind was Streets of Fire. Just that feeling of making it to the end of a long week. Plus it's a fun high energy movie, good Thursday night movie.
    Friday: There were tons of ways to go here, because Friday used to be my big movie night when I was in middle school/high school and I would watch all kinds of stuff. I think a slasher like nightmare on elm street would fit.
    Saturday: I feel like Last action hero is the perfect Saturday morning/afternoon movie and I appreciate Stephanie standing up for it. I think it's criminally underrated.

  2. This was great, but you both forgot the fact that Rapid Fire is the quintessential Wednesday movie to spinkick you through the rest of the work week.

  3. Speaking of Rapid Fire here's a rapid fire list

    Monday, the most nihilistic day, is The Devil's Rejects
    Tuesday IS a strange day, I'm thinking The Last Unicorn, which is acid for children
    Wednesday is all about that Lee-Boothe chemistry
    Thursday feels like the most adult day, so I'll say The Twilight Samurai. Or maybe Ikiru. It's a coin toss.
    Friday I have to go with fun, so I'll say Clueless
    Saturday I'm gonna say fuck it and watch Die Hard With A Vengeance
    Sunday is always a James Bond day for me, my first one was Goldfinger on tv while my Dad kept switching to golf in the commercial breaks. I think I truly learned about fatherhood

    Damn that was fun!

  4. Never thought I'd say this but after my recent Twin Peaks obsession and listening to this show I kinda want to see Leo Johnson in Critters 4.

  5. Ugh, The Equalizer, I hadn't thought about that piece deep since the credits rolled on it. It was just too over the top crazy and not in a good way. Too much Denzel walking away from explosions trying to look like a badass. I know, even after typing that I'm thinking, 'how could that be a bad thing?' Oh it can be. Just watch The Equalizer.