Friday, June 1, 2018

It's Junesploitation 2018!

by Patrick Bromley
Things are about to get weird.

Happy Junesploitation, everyone! Please stay hydrated.

There will be individual theme-specific posts each day of the month where you can post your reviews of what you've been watching, but this post will be the central hub with links to all 30 days as they come up.

Friday, June 1 - Revenge!
Saturday, June 2 - Zombies!
Sunday, June 3 - Scream Factory!
Monday, June 4 - '80s Comedy!
Tuesday, June 5 - Blaxploitation!
Wednesday, June 6 - John Saxon!
Thursday, June 7 - Free Space!
Friday, June 8 - '80s Action!
Saturday, June 9 - Italian Horror!
Sunday, June 10 - Westerns!
Monday, June 11 - Cars!
Tuesday, June 12 - Beach!
Wednesday, June 13 - Empire Pictures!
Thursday, June 14 - Monsters!
Friday, June 15 - Free Space!
Saturday, June 16 - Kung fu!
Sunday, June 17 -Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday Tribute)
Monday, June 18 - High School!
Tuesday, June 19 - Demons and Ghosts!
Wednesday, June 20 - Sci-Fi!
Thursday, June 21 - Free space!
Friday, June 22 - Slashers!
Saturday, June 23 - Cops!
Sunday, June 24 - Heavy Metal!
Monday, June 25 - Roger Corman!
Tuesday, June 26 - Lethal Ladies!
Wednesday, June 27 - Canuxploitation!
Thursday, June 28 - Free Space!
Friday, June 29 - Mosploitation! (Mustache-sploitation [Pure Cinema Tribute])
Saturday, June 30 - '80s Horror!


  1. My first try a Junespolitation. I wouldn't say I'm taking a deep dive. Most of the movies on my list are probably movies most of the people here have already watched, but I'm looking forward to checking out the recommendations from others.

    1. That's one of the best parts, is that by evening time, you have a bunch of recommendations to choose from.

      I don't make a list. I have a handful I know I want to see (and they could be squeezed into multiple days), and fill in the rest with stuff from the mini-reviews or the suggestion articles that will be throughout the month.

  2. something interesting if somebody decide to do a vampire day

  3. Maybe I should mention this in a more recent post, but hopefully anyone referencing the list will see:

    Obviously we all know about Netflix, Hulu, Shudder, etc. but I accidentally found a free streaming service on my Apple TV called Tubi TV that has a ton of content perfect for this month. I stumbled across it while looking for Stuart Gordon's 'Dolls' for the upcoming Empire Pictures day (I'll be out of town then so I'm getting ahead). The app is free, the service is free. I'm watching 'Dolls' right now and the quality is great, no problems with the stream or buffering. Def worth looking into for this month if you're on a budget or maybe still looking for movies that you can't find elsewhere.

    1. Ah, so there's the catch. 60sec commercial break 20min in. I'll still take it since the ads are quick and less invasive than Hulu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Tubi TV is great, if the movie you want is in their library. The adblocker on my computer seems to block the commercials about half the time, but as you said, they aren't very long or frequent anyways.

    3. Once I started digging into the genres off the main page, I was really surprised by how much good stuff is on here. I added around 20 movies to my queue that I've been wanting to watch but haven't found on the other services I use.