Thursday, June 13, 2019

Come to the LIVE Recording Our 500th Episode! (And See BACK TO THE FUTURE)

by Patrick Bromley
We're doing it big for our 500th show!

On Monday, July 15th, we are recording our first ever LIVE episode! Come out to the Elk Grove Theater in Elk Grove Village, IL (a suburb of Chicago), as we host a screening of Back to the Future to be immediately followed by a live podcast! It's going to be the most fun.

Get your tickets here!

We recommend buying tickets early if you're planning to attend, as we're going to sell this place out. And maybe we'll give a special prize away for the person who travels the furthest to be there!

Here's some more info about the event!
Thanks to everyone at Classic Cinemas for working with us to make this happen. Thanks to all of you for being with us for 500 shows!

Thanks to Adam Thas for the cool poster!

Hope to see you all there!


  1. What. Is it crazy to fly to Chicago just to see this? I'm looking at flights right now...

    1. I'm kind of having the same thought process. What's travelling a few states if it means I get to witness history?

    2. I would be totally up for making the trip if not for the fact that the middle of summer is a bad time to take a vacation when you manage a movie theater.

      Sounds like it should be a great experience and I hope a lot of people go and have a blast!

    3. Likewise. I'm looking at plane tickets now. Its worth the one day just to go.

  2. I would win the shit out of that special prize if I could attend. 8,487 miles from Cape Town to Chicago. I guess my special prize will be to listen to you fellas having a blast.

    Good luck and a massive congratulations on having the finest damn podcast/film site around.

  3. I'm sad that I won't be able to make the trek down from Canada, but happy that this is happening. It'll be a great opportunity for listeners to put faces to the podcasters we've spent so many hours with, and also for the Fthismovie gang to meet some of their listeners. Fantastic idea.

    Oh, I guess they're going to have to sit through Back To The Future too...sigh...

  4. Very exciting. Wish I could make the journey out there from the west coast. Can't wait to listen though!

  5. This is awesome! I really wish I could be there!!

  6. It would be a real blast to be there, yet I simply can not afford that trip this year anymore. All the fun and power to everyone attending.

  7. This sounds amazing - I checked out flights just for fun and they're surprisingly affordable, but I've already got a week away from my family this summer for a trip to Saskatchewan (yeah, I'm pretty Canadian) so this is sadly a no-go - hopefully you get a good crowd of F-heads - I'll be there in spirit (especially if I die sometime in the next month)!

  8. 500?! I can't make it, being a workaholic in Austin, but congrats. This is one of the few podcasts I've stuck with since Day 1, and it's weird to have my kids like be born and grow up (figuratively) alongside the kids of other podcasters. Like we were young dads/parents in the beginning and now it's just part of our lives. Anyway, here's looking forward to 500 more as we become grandparents together. ;)

  9. This is the perfect 500th movie to watch

    This occasion will be special

    I wish I lived closer or at least on the same continent