Wednesday, September 11, 2019

FTM 507: IT CHAPTER 2 with Chelsea Stardust

Patrick welcomes director Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic, All That We Destroy) to float along with the grown up half of It.

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  1. i really liked (not loved) Chapter One, but really didn't like (almost hated) Chapter Two. it's too long. there's too much back and forth between the kids and the adults time, when most of the kids stuff is more or less covered in Chapter One. and basically you get 6 parallel stories for most of the running time, to the point where i forgot what was happening with the first kid when we got to the 6th.

    it's not all bad, but the bad outweigh the good for me.

  2. Great episode! Thought Patrick and Ms. Stardust were great together and delivered a solid review. Didn’t hurt my opinions aligned with theirs. Bought my digital copy of Satanic Panic over the weekend but couldn’t squeeze it in, now I’m even more excited to check it out! Starting to feel a lot like Scary Movie Month!

  3. I really wish I saw this ambitious, weird, exciting movie that others are seeing, and it makes me sad I don't. I thought it was pretty derivative of the first film, and most of the scares were the kind of boring stuff the Conjuring movies always pull. With the obvious exceptions of Richie and Eddie, I was mostly disinterested in the adult characters. I mean Bev was the best character in the first film, and here she's reduced to just "which guy will she end up with". I was disappointed, but I really hope to feel differently on a future revisit. Sometimes particularly weird blockbusters go over my head the first time, like Fury Road and Infinity War.

    HOWEVER, I loved the conversation here, Chelsea Stardust as a guest, and Satanic Panic!

  4. Excellent episode! I was hoping we'd get a full podcast review for this movie. Like you both I'm a bit surprised by the lukewarm reactions to this movie. Any quibbles I have with story changes, plot mechanics, etc. fall away because the movie just completely won me over.

    I never felt the long runtime, and really hope that the extended cut happens so that we can get more time with this world and these characters. I hope that you're right and the movie gets more appreciation with time.

    Chelsea Stardust was a wonderful guest to have on the show, I really enjoyed All That We Destroy and will definitely seek out Satanic Panic on VOD soon.

  5. Been looking forward to Patrick's breakdown of It chapter 2. Chelsea did a great job guest hosting, I have my blu ray copy of Satanic Panic preordered!

    I found IT chapter 2 an uneven affair. Filled with great moments I loved that stick with me and other parts that just never comes together. My main qualm is the really weak foundation of the rules for this universe. Who and what and why and how of Pennywise is paper thin.

    Eventually the movie moves beyond the rules and events unfold leaving the audience blind as to the why's and how's. Things just happen in this fashion all the way to the end. So we get to a resolution but good luck understanding why or how we got there.

    I'm very torn. Much like how Patrick would like to erase back to the future parts 2 and 3 so as not to ruin how Back to the future lives in his brain, I kind of wish to erase IT chapter 2 from my brain. Not that chapter 2 is a bad movie, it takes the first movie down a few pegs when considering both as one story.