Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Relive the biggest F This Movie Fest to date with our live after-show.

Download this episode here. (33.4 MB)

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Thank you to Grant Hurlbert for the artwork! Follow him on Twitter at @GrantHurlbert

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  1. I missed the F!est this year but I'll be hitting Junesploitation hard to make up for it

  2. I love the Fthismoviefest after party, and it's nice to relisten to it here. Couple thoughts...

    1) I always imagined that the FTM gang would be talking and joking around through the movies in the basement, but apparently everyone is sitting silently in the dark. I watch silently at the theater, but when at home watching with a friend or family it's usually a pretty chatty affair.

    2) An idea for the 10 year anniversary podcast: Redoing Avatar! Another podcast I listen to did this for a significant milestone, and it was fun to contrast how much the podcast has changed. Besides, it's going to be impossible to outdo the greatness that was the 400 episode, so just doing a regular episode would be fine.

    3) I got asked to go into work, and thought I was going to miss the festival. But I found a replacement literally 15 minutes before the first movie started. Now I have to work the next 3 weekends in a row, but it was totally worth it!

    Yay, FTMfest!

  3. I'm sure everyone looked it up but Feldman was in TMNT and TMNT III. he was in rehab during TMNT II.