Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Patrick and Adam Riske talk their way through the first six Star Trek movies.

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  1. Still listening, but just want to say that "The Wrath of Clown" was a thing of beauty. Thanks y'all for bringing some joy today.

  2. Patrick, I understand not wanting to take away from F This Movie Fest by live tweeting movies at other times during the year. I think the key that has made all FTM's events fun is that they've always been participatory, from Junesploitation to SMM's 7 word reviews and even the live events like the Podcastathon, the Tobe Hooper tribute, and the 400th and 500th episodes of the podcast. I'm sure you could come up with some new fun way to celebrate some genre or era (era) of film that the community could get involved in.

    That said I also understand that just because many of us are stuck indoors right now it doesn't mean that we all have less responsibilities and more free time so I get that "hey Patrick, come up with some fun new thing for us" probably isn't a fair burden to put on you either.

  3. Also, my first experience with Star Trek and one of my earliest movie going memories was seeing Search for Spock with my family in what is the only time I can remember going to the movies with my grandpa (he was a fan of TOS because of scantily clad, green-skin alien women).

  4. I love just about any discussion on Star Trek. I'm old, but one of the benefits of being old is that I got to see all those movies in a theater, during their initial release. Believe me, when Kirk in Wrath of Khan said, "Here it comes..." the entire audience went completely insane with delight.

    I have a sneaking affection for TMP, despite all its problems. There is one badass Kirk moment (bluffing V'ger about knowing why "the creator has not answered"), and I think Spock actually does get a nice character arc. The bland production design and ponderous pacing are huge problems, though.

    I am totally of two minds on Search for Spock. I love it for all the character moments, and the stealing the Enterprise set piece (still my favorite in all 6 films). But I hate it because of the metric tons of bullshit they have to throw at us to pull the central trick off. Saavik was one of the best things about Wrath of Khan; here she's Spock lite. And yet, "Jim. Your Jim," gets me every. single. time.

    My ranking of the first 6, best to worst:

    Wrath of Khan
    The Undiscovered Country
    The Voyage Home
    The Search for Spock
    The Motion Picture
    The Final Frontier

    Thanks for the podcast! You help fill the time in a witty and very entertaining way. In this, you are doing God's work.

  5. Excellent episode, fellas. I have such deep affection for five of these movies, and a grudging respect for TMP. And since I bought the BD box set, I have never succeeded at watching just Wrath of Khan; every single time I go right into Search for Spock and Voyage Home. It's a really enjoy about trilogy.

    I highly, highly recommend reading Shatner's book "Star Trek Movie Memories" (a sequel to the equally enjoyable "Star Trek Memories" about TOS) and he goes into quite a bit of detail on the making of all six TOS films plus Generations. He discusses what happened on Star Trek V. It's really insightful, and I appreciate just how much he seems to recognize his own reputation and pokes fun at himself for a bit of it.

  6. I can remember watching all of these films, starting way back when I was really young and only with a vague idea of that Star Trek as a franchise existed, but not have seen any of it. I was impressed by the scale of the first movie (TMP) and it definitely has a special place in my heart, despite its shortcomings. The idea of a man-made space probe coming back to earth, heavily evolved while its absence, blew my little mind.

  7. Adam, I think I WOULD recommend watching Space Seed. If for nothing else to see what a force of nature the young Montalban is in that episode. And it adds a little context for Wrath. It won’t make Wrath a whole new experience but I think it’s worth seeing.