Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Patrick and Jackson Stewart are the last two men on Earth.

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  1. Hello Erica! Hope you're all holding up well.

    When you were discussing whether Gene Hackman was a good actor, I immediately thought he was a great actor, but an incredibly bad person (when in the role). It was amusing that a couple seconds later you got into the discussion about his career, and one of you (Patrick? Erika?) thought he was a good guy.

    Funny for me because unfortunately I haven't seen many of his movies, and all I have to go to is Unforgiven and Crimson Tide. And he is a bad bad man. And a great actor.

    1. Whoops, I was listening to The Firm podcast from a couple weeks ago (hadn't gotten around to listening yet), and was thinking it was this weeks podcast. The picture at the top of this page should have rang some warning bells...

  2. I watched this for the first time in preparation for the pod. It was probably my favorite Heston, not arrogant, but a little mad. Loved him talking to himself. Sweaty, throwing clothes off and grabbing new ones. Overall it's OK, but I enjoyed watching it, especially now.

  3. The Omega Man is a candidate for Junesploitation this year. (The year is flying by.) I listened until the discussion about the plot became a little too detailed; I do not want to spoil it. I acquired the film in a Warner Brothers 4-DVD set that includes I Am Legend. Interestingly, I ended up getting I Am Omega in a DVD set that cost one dollar at a Salvation Army store. As you allude to, Patrick, that is not good film, but I got the set for the Full Moon movies that are on it. Thirteen cents a film was not a bad deal.

  4. Little help on the I am legend ending. I like the movie not Ben Lyons "like" but I did enjoy it.
    The endings. Spoilers of course.

    In the theatrical Will finds the cure but is stuck in his containment room in his lab with Alice Braga, the kid and the creature he was doing the experiments on. Other creatures fill the room outside the glass and the leader of the creatures starts thrusting himself against the glass trying to break it. The glass spinters looking like a butterfly and then Will sees a butterfly tattoo on Braga, hears his daughters voice telling him to follow the butterfly. He gives Braga the vile and helps the her and the kid escape thru a chimney or furnace I believe. Will then pulls out a grenade and blows up right when the creature breaks the glass.

    Directors Cut
    same set up. Trapped. Creatures filling room. Angry guy banging the glass but instead of seeing the butterfly tattoo on Braga he sees the tattoo on the creature on the stretcher. This leads him to look at the wall and pictures of all the creatures he had experimented on. At this point he realizes he is the monster and wheels his current test subject on out the safety of the containment room and gives her back to the other creatures.

    As for Shrek only thing I could think is maybe it was his daughters favorite movie. He does watch other things though as evidenced by his trip to the video store.

  5. This movie was pretty great! I loved the opening, where he's just flying around the empty city. He crashed his car multiple times in this movie, despite being completely alone on the streets! Slow down man! I was struck with how empty the streets were, but his apartment was filled to the brim with knicks and knacks.

    Rosalind Cash was also very good in this. Some of those dresses she was wearing were stunning. Heston too, was wearing a shirt that wouldn't have looked out of place on a pirate. I liked when she hit him over the head and said "Your name is mud!", which is an expression you never hear anymore.

    The score was interesting. I liked it a lot, but it seemed like it should have been for a western. I kept thinking it "this song wouldn't be at all out of place in a Tarantino film".

    Loved having Jackson Stewart on the podcast. Great pod!

  6. Omg, "Undefeatable!" A clip of the last fight scene was making the rounds back in college. The delivery of that last one liner was pure gold, lol.