Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Patrick and Erika do and they don't regret it.

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  1. F This Movie could easily become F This Porno. My grandfather's video store shifted to porn-only in the late '90s. There IS a precedent.

  2. I LOVE Bird On A Wire. I demand a BOAW podcast!

  3. Hey guys! Yeah, I really dug Porno. Loved the premise, the setting and the execution all around especially the practical effects. Agree though, that "one scene" was unnecessary and I actually felt like it cheapened the movie.

    Great show, as always! Hang in there during this craziness.

  4. Great episode! I for one love the “schmoopy” episodes with you two haha. Also, I always appreciate you guys working to get an episode out because I definitely look forward to Wednesday mornings and seeing what you guys will be talking about.

    As for Pretty woman, I had actually never seen it before and seeing this episode finally gave me the push to check it out. I pretty much agree with everything you both said. It’s silly and kind of ludicrous, but it was delightful. Agree 100% with Patrick about how I can’t think of better example of a movie where a star is born right before your eyes. Julia Roberts was so incredibly charming and likable in this.

  5. I use to watch Pretty Woman a lot as a kid as well. It's the only time I remember turning to me one day and saying and saying Men never resucue you this never ends well.

    And I still love this movie.

  6. Andy & I just listened to this podcast together and it was such a fun start to the day! We share your love for Pretty Woman; it's so lovely and quotable and somehow perfect in its imperfections.

    Also I would listen to an F This Movie Porn Podcast... just saying.

    And also also, I would like to request a Bird on a Wire podcast, which yes I DID read & love that article Erika, and I watched that movie for the first time as a result. ;)

    And finally, at the end of the podcast Andy & I both said that we miss you guys & can't wait to hang out again when things go back to normal(ish).

  7. Replies
    1. Haven't finished the podcast yet but..that was not enough singing of BOAW! Full podcast! full podcast! I really like Erika, LOVE her adorable enthusiasm (you took notes at awards shows!!! adoorbs), but I never liked Pretty Woman whatsoever. And I'm looking back now, like why not? I realize I was actually really afraid of it...because it was about sex, and she was really open about sex, in a way I could never be.

      Ok am I wrong here (I haven't seen the movie in a long time), or is it kind of rare to see that character type as a main character? Aren't women prostitutes in movies usually portrayed as kinda sad/helpless victims somehow? Julia Roberts in this movie never comes off as "helpless victim" at all (in my memory).

      The irony is that Richard Gere in this totally creeps me out, and like with Brad Pitt, I just weirdly don't think he's good looking...but I remember liking him in American Gigolo!! He was a victim. I felt bad for him and he was less scary ;)

      Thanks for the podcast, you two! The ones you do together are always enjoyable.