Friday, April 3, 2020

Random Songs I Love from Movies

by Adam Riske
Tunes to make your isolation a little less isolating.

Song: “No Lie”
From: Baywatch
Artist: Sean Paul featuring Dua Lipa

Yes, Baywatch is terrible, but it led me to discover this song which I love and listen to often. Remember when Sean Paul was on the cutting edge of music? That’s back when things were better. I’m not sure if this song was or wasn’t my introduction to Themyscira’s own Dua Lipa but I love her music too. It sounds like what would be playing when I try on clothes at Express for Men. Remember when I could fit into the clothes at Express for Men? That’s back when things were better. This song makes me feel cooler as I listen to it.

Song: “Fall Down”
From: Drop Zone
Artist: Toad the Wet Sprocket

I liked this song before knowing it was from Drop Zone, but now I love it because I just watched Drop Zone for the first time and its nuts and wonderful. I like that Toad the Wet Sprocket are playing at what looks to be a Carnival of Souls-themed dance marathon. Do those exist? What about Kumite tournaments? I want to go to either. I’ve never gone skydiving before (because social distancing and not fear of jumping out of an airplane), but if I ever do, I will request listening to this song. Real talk: Do people listen to music when they’re skydiving? Leave a comment if you know the answer.

Song: “Frequency 75 (Feel the Love)”
From: Fast and Furious 9
Artist: DJ Snake

I would pay $100 to watch Fast and Furious 9 right now on Amazon Cinema or whatever it’s called. That trailer got me jacked and so does this song! And now I only have to...wait...until….next…..April (sigh). That’s a long pre-game, Universal. Why can’t you release this in August or something? April 2021? That’s Ludacris. Anyways, here’s the song from the trailer. #JusticeIsComing #PretendFateOfTheFuriousNeverHappened

Song: “No Time to Die”
From: No Time to Die
Artist: Billie Eilish

At first, I was like “I don’t know about this Billie Eilish” and then over time I was all “She’s really talented, that Billie Eilish.” I like her song for No Time to Die even though I agree with a joke I heard that she sings like each word coming out of her mouth causes her a great deal of pain. Since it had to be moved, I was happy to see No Time to Die got moved to November because that’s where Bond movies should be. Every Thanksgiving my extended family asks me: 1) How’s work? 2) How are the ladies treating you? 3) Have you seen the new Bond? Side note: Am I the only one who at the 3:30 mark of this video thinks “Wheeeeeeeeeeee”?

Song: “Spin That Wheel”
From: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
Artist: Technotronic (as Hi Tek 3)

I’m gonna let this video speak for itself because it’s perfect and that’s all that needs to be said.

Song: “Best I Can”
From: Trading Paint
Artist: The Vegabonds

Wanna hear one of the greatest songs I’ve heard since I heard it in Trading Paint? You’re welcome! Have you seen Trading Paint yet? The more I think about it the more I know I made a mistake for not putting it at #10 on my 2019 Favorites list. Omg the chorus of this song. It makes me want to buy a truck and load the flatbed. Also, this song is appropriate for quarantine because we’re doing the best we can.

Song: “L’amour Toujours”
From: Uncut Gems
Artist: Gigi D’Agostino

I love Uncut Gems. That movie feels like a scary roller coaster I want to ride again the moment I get off it. One of the draws is the incredible music featured in the film ranging from past hits I didn’t know by Meek Mill, Madonna, Billy Joel, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar to an incredible score by Daniel Lopatin. My favorite song in the movie is the one here that plays over the end credits. It makes me feel like I did at the end of Inland Empire where the filmmakers are all “You survived the movie! How ‘bout a dance party?” This video makes being a DJ look like the greatest job. I should’ve been a DJ. With a boat. And a modest log cabin. I really need to come out COVID-19 with different achievements to unlock.

Song: “Shout to The Top”
From: Vision Quest
Artist: The Style Council

One of the best things about movie soundtracks is it introduces you to bands you might not have known about and converts you into an instant fan. This happened with me when I watched Vision Quest a few years ago and came across The Style Council. This scratched my New Wave music itch big time. Other songs of theirs I love include “Long Hot Summer,” “My Ever-Changing Moods,” “Walls Come Tumbling Down,” and “You’re The Best Thing.”

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! If you have any song recommendations from movies, leave them in the comments.


  1. I love this list, as a person who had a habit for years of buying movie soundtracks on CD even when I hadn't seen the movie in question.

    Also, I am SO with you on being willing to pay $100 to watch the new Fast & Furious movie this very second. I think I actually stood up and clapped in the theater when I saw that trailer the first time, I was so excited. Whenever it does come out, we should make it an F This Movie event!

    1. The F&F franchise have reliably incredible trailers :-)

  2. Cool List. Spin that Wheel is really strong. The TMNT Soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned growing up. Are you a fan of any of the other tracks? 9.95 by Spunkadelic (great name) has always been my favorite. I still quote it with friends to this day.. "I give it a 9... I give it a 9.95!"

    1. It's a really good soundtrack. The sequel has a good one too.

  3. Man, I do not get the Fate of the Furious hate around these parts. I found it a super fun flick with great action set pieces and an appropriately somber tinge in meta-acknowledgement of Paul Walker's passing. Is it Fast Five? No. Is it better than the very meh Furious 6, to say nothing of the downright bad Hobbs & Shaw, whose dramatic arc is already completed in this very film? Heck yes, it is.

    My two cents. :)

    1. I'm due for a rewatch. Maybe I'll like it with some time away from it???

    2. As I recall, you and PB found the movie humorless, which strikes me as a curious reaction to a flick that climaxes in cars battling a submarine while two villain brothers shoot up a plane of even worse villains while caring for a baby wearing noise-canceling headphones. I personally think there's tons of humor in the movie, even if Vin Diesel is off in his own subplot, taking himself/Dom extremely seriously, and cordoning himself off from any sense of levity. Which, again, as what I assume to be his meta way of grieving Paul Walker, I respect. Maybe if F9 and John Cena bring some levity out of Diesel again, you'll make peace with F8 as a "dark night of the soul moment"? I hope so! :)

      What I do know for sure is that in Furious 6, Hobbs pulls a gun on a military superior in order to demand The Family's needs be met yet remains a lawman, which, even in a fundamentally ludicrous series, is too much buffonery for me to sanction. (To say nothing of the infamous 30-mile runway.) So, surely F8 beats that!

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  4. Was that a questioning"Wheeeeeeeeeee"?, Or an emphatic "Wheeeeeeeeeee"!, Because I'm on team "Wheeeeeeeeeee"!

    Anyway thank you for your posts. They're always unique and very entertaining.

    1. Hi Will. Thank you!!

      It was an exclamation Wheeeee!

  5. On the Uncut Gems tip, I'm glad I watched it at home because a) I could pause when it got too stressful, and b) I wasn't disturbing anybody by screaming "FUCK YES" when Madonna's "Rain" started playing. "L'amour Toujours" is a bop, though I prefer the slower album version.