Monday, May 18, 2020

Announcing Junesploitation 2020!

by Patrick Bromley
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called Junesploitation.

We're two weeks away from the 8th annual Junesploitation, our month-long celebration of exploitation and genre films.

You know the drill: For those of you new to Junesploitation, here's how it works: each day of the month has its own theme, and you're supposed to watch a movie that ties into that theme. How you interpret the connection is entirely up to you, which means if you have no interest in exploitation or genre movies that's ok and you can still join in! If you're not into killer animals, watch Scoob on June 4! Not a fan of sleazy prison movies? Feel free to check out The Shawshank Redemption on June 20. This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch movies every day and talk about them with one another. There are no "right" movies to watch. It's participating that gets you in the spirit, not watching a bunch of cheap, violent sleaze. That stuff is just a bonus.
If you do like those kinds of movies, though, or if you're willing to give them a shot, it's super easy to participate in Junesploitation thanks to streaming services. Netflix isn't a ton of help, but Amazon Prime Video has a deep library of titles and there are a number of streaming platforms devoted to just these kinds of movies: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, Night Flight, and Brown Sugar are some of the big ones. Free services like Vudu, Tubi.TV, and Vidmark (on Roku) also have a number of titles you might want to check out this month. And while I rarely advocate watching movies on YouTube, there's a lot of cool and obscure stuff to be found there if you're willing to look. Stay tuned for our annual Junesploitation Primer for help on where to find some good titles, though by  now most of you know where to look.

Here is this year's schedule, featuring a few new categories and a bunch of returning favorites:

1 - Cars!
2 - Revenge!
3 - Italian Horror!
4 - Animals!
5 - Sci-Fi!
6 - Jackie Chan!
7 - Free Space!
8 - ‘80s Action!
9 - Slashers!
10 - Cops!
11 - Blaxploitation!
12 - Kung Fu!
13 - Free Space!
14 - Sword and Sorcery!
15 - Westerns!
16 - Kids!
17 - Lucio Fulci!
18 - Cannon!
19 - ‘80s Horror!
20 - Prison!
21 - Free Space!
22 - Giallo!
23 - Teenagers!
24 - ‘90s Action!
25 - Albert Pyun!
26 - Zombies!
27 - Lethal Ladies!
28 - Nic Cage!
29 - Free Space!
30 - ‘80s Comedy!

Let's go crazy. Let's get nuts.


  1. Not surprised at all there's a Nic Cage Day, just that it comes so late into the month! :-D

    My plan for this year's Junesploitation!: base my picks on suggestions from reviews posted in previous Junesploitations! In other words, F-HEADS WILL CHOOSE WHAT I WATCH THIS MONTH!. Time to start planning. :-)

  2. Yes, let's! Now I'm off to compile my list for the month.

    1. What's that, 10 movies per day for 30 days? That's over 300 movies! Who do you think you are, Mac McEntyre? ;-)

    2. Nobody can compete with Mac.

      My goal, like previous years, is to watch something new to me each day.

    3. You guys are makin' me blush. Remember, as Patrick always says, it's not a competition.

  3. I don’t know that I’ve ever needed Junesploitation more than I do this year, and I say this as someone who’s been participating since it was (500) Stars of Summer #memories
    Can’t wait!

    1. (30) Stars of Summer, I mean. I blame Junesploitationcitement.

  4. I am SO EXCITED! Last year's Junesploitation was my first, and I think I managed to watch about 28 movies, which was so much fun. This year I hope to get every single day/category! I'm most excited about Lethal Ladies, Albert Pyun, and Jackie Chan. Whooo!!!! Time to start making my list.

  5. Thanks for this, Patrick! I LOVE Junesploitation! So, I apologize for the following... But... High Noon or True Grit or Tombstone on June 4? That's Animals day. The Shawshank Redemption on June 18? That's Cannon. Did the schedule get changed at some point? I just want to make sure I'm on the same page as everyone else. Again, not to damper the excitement. I LOVE JUNESPLOITATION!

    1. Oops. I was working from an old draft. It's fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and sorry about that!

  6. Yes! Care to name a couple of the movies on the poster from the above calendar?

    Day 8, 26, & 27

    1. Day 8 is Steele Justice starring Martin Kove (from Karate Kid).

  7. Thanks! And I figured out 26 is Zombie Lake. One to go!

  8. This is it. After many, many years of being an F This Movie fan I shall try to participate in my first ever Junesploitation this year! Wish me luck (mostly in convincing my wife to co-sign on this).

    1. l just wanted to say, alkemious... good luck, we're all counting on you. [Exits shaky plane cockpit] :-P

    2. Another guest at the party is always welcome, alkemious.

    3. Thanks. What would y'all recommend as a gateway giallo movie (relatively accessible, preferably not super gory) for someone who's never seen an Italian horror flick in his life?

    4. Alkemious, I would recommend Argento as an entry point--specifically Deep Red or Bird with the Crystal Plumage. He tends to be a little more linear/plot based in the movies of his I've watched (unlike someone like Lucio Fulci who goes for gore galore and the plot is secondary).

      I also really dug The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, which had some good twists and an AWESOME setting.

    5. Any Argento between late 60's and late 80's (up until "Opera") is golden, but the least gory (relatively speaking) are probably his movies before "Deep Red" and after (including) "Bird... Crystal Plumage." You're welcome.

    6. My recommendation is Blood and Black Lace from 1964. Directed by Mario Bava, it set the template for the genre. Although the story is not as sophisticated as some of the 1970s films, there is a lot of style to enjoy. I find the Italian dub to be much better than the English dub.

      Rosie's suggestion of The Red Queen Kills Seven Times is also good for starting out. There is a high entertainment value to it.

    7. Wow, thanks a lot for all the recommendations, guys!

  9. I am so excited to see the schedule for this year. Thank you, Patrick. Like JP, I am really looking forward to Junesploitation this year. Some mental escape for 2020 is required.

    I have thought about Junesploitation since March. My intention is to use physical media and the DVR as much as possible. Streaming options will mainly be for days that I cannot cover that way or for titles I have wanted to see for a while. I put together a provisional list- no planned re-watches- this evening. As always, there are more movies than I can fit into thirty days.

    I cannot wait to see what everybody else is watching next month.

  10. Folks on social media are saying things like how in quarantine it's only a constant present, with nothing in the future to look forward to (vacations, movie releases, sports, etc.) but you've proven them wrong. #Junesploitation IS something to look forward to! Thanks so much for all you do, Patrick and co.

  11. Always excited for Junesploitation!

    Thanks to Eureka and 88 Films I'm more than set for Jackie Chan day at least.

    Haven't decided if I'll come with a theme this year for my picks since adding a bit more structure always helps me narrow down what I want to watch. Last year it was almost entirely stuff from streaming services (SOV day was the only exception). 2017 was all movies with female leads. Budget is a little tight this year since I'm on reduced work, so I might lean heavily on streaming and what I already own but this requires some thought.

  12. Yes! Super excited.
    Here are some of my personal favorites: Italian horror, animals (very happy to see it back on the list, one of my all time favorites since I was a kid), slashers, blaxploitation, Fulci, 80s horror, giallo (so basically, putrescent flesh, gorgeous ladies, murderous critters and knives)
    Lethal Ladies is ALWAYS a fun day.
    I'm not that well-versed on action movies, so I'm always thrilled to explore new stuff, mainly based on your recommandations, everyone.
    And I love the idea that Cage Day is going to be an absolute lovefest around here!

  13. My third Junesploitation... can't wait to get started! Went with an all Walter Hill theme for my Free Space days, and a little sad I'll have to wait until June 25th for the Albert Pyun day, because my pick (Dollman) sounds so insanely entertaining (and just plain insane). As with my first two Junesploitations, all of these will be first time watches (though with quarantine, I'll probably pepper some old favorites in as well).

    June 1st- Cars! -- The Wraith (1986)
    June 2nd- Revenge! -- Lady Snowblood (1973)
    June 3rd- Italian Horror! -- The Stendhal Syndrome (1996)
    June 4th- Animals! -- Day of the Animals (1977)
    June 5th- Sci Fi! -- TerrorVision (1986)
    June 6th- Jackie Chan! -- Wheels on Meals (1984)
    June 7th- Free Space! -- Last Man Standing (1996)
    June 8th- 80's Action! -- Lady Terminator (1989)
    June 9th- Slashers! -- Bloody Moon (1981)
    June 10th- Cops! -- Above the Law (1988)
    June 11th- Blaxploitation! -- Petey Wheatstraw (1977)
    June 12th- Kung Fu! -- Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)
    June 13th- Free Space! -- Southern Comfort (1981)
    June 14th- Sword and Sorcery! -- Excalibur (1981)
    June 15th- Westerns! -- High Plains Drifter (1973)
    June 16th- Kids! -- It's Alive (1974)
    June 17th- Lucio Fulci! -- Manhattan Baby (1982)
    June 18th- Cannon! -- 10 to Midnight (1983)
    June 19th- 80's Horror! -- The Fan (or Der Fan)(1982)
    June 20th- Prison! -- Women in Cages (1971)
    June 21st- Free Space! -- Trespass (1992)
    June 22nd- Giallo! -- The Red Queen Kills Seven Times (1972)
    June 23rd- Teenagers! -- Class of 1999 (1990)
    June 24th- 90's Action! -- Drop Zone (1994)
    June 25th- Albert Pyun! -- Dollman (1991)
    June 26th- Zombies! -- Night of the Zombies (1980)
    June 27th- Lethal Ladies! -- The Lost Empire (1984)
    June 28th- Nicolas Cage! -- The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call- New Orleans (2009)
    June 29th- Free Space! -- Extreme Prejudice (1987)
    June 30th- 80's Comedy! -- The Money Pit (1986)

  14. Looks exciting and will do my best to participate although the streaming options in Germany are incomparable to the US and even on Amazon Prime a lot of the content is only available with German dubbing which I just cant bear. Still, will dig into my blu rays, dvds and what is out there and join in on the fun. Happy Junesploitation and greetings all the way from Germany!

  15. This is the preliminary list for my fourth Junesploitation. Some days are not settled yet, so there are a few missing categories.

    Cars! – Hell’s Belles (1968)
    Revenge! – The Man From Nowhere (2010)
    Italian Horror! – The Long Hair of Death (1964)
    Animals! – Razorback (1984)
    Sci-fi! – The Green Slime (1968)
    Jackie Chan! – Police Story (1985)
    80’s Action! – Rage of Honor (1987)
    Cops! – Killer Cop (1974)
    Blaxploitaion! – Black Gunn (1972)
    Kung Fu! – The Magic Blade (1976) or One Armed Boxer (1972)
    Sword and Sorcery! – Legend of the Eight Samurai (1983)
    Westerns! – 100 Rifles (1969) or Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973)
    Kids! – The Pit (1980)
    Giallo! – Death Laid an Egg (1968)
    Fulci! – Silver Saddle (1976)
    Cannon! - Ninja 3: The Domination (1985)
    90’s Action! – The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
    Zombies! – Zombie Fest at the Mahoning Drive-In (Sugar Hill, 1974)
    Lethal Ladies! – Bonnie’s Kids (1972)
    80’s Comedy – Private Resort (1985)

    Free day options: Drum (1976), Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess (1971), Private Parts (1972), Meridian (1990), Eugenie de Sade (1973), Multiple Maniacs (1970), Ilsa Tigress of Siberia (1978)

  16. Shudder will be adding Blacula 6/1 for those looking for something on day 11