Wednesday, May 6, 2020

FTM 538: NEO-HANDSHAKE MOVIES with Elric Kane and Brian Saur

Patrick is joined by Elric Kane and Brian Saur of Pure Cinema to discuss their post-2000 handshake movies.

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  1. Mr. Bromley, now that a movie is being made with the actual, no-joke title of Space Jam: A New Legacy, do you feel any kinder towards such titles as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Alita: Battle Angel? At least they didn't quite so obviously pat themselves on the back! :P

  2. I still don't understand the concept, but maybe kinda? I still don't like a few of the films mentioned. One of mine(middle finger maybe?) would be Inherent Vice. Just because that movie crawled back into my brain from the ether and now I can't shake it.

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  3. Once again not adding a film to a list because someone else might have it on theirs, makes it all pointless

  4. I loved this podcast so much! Lots of great movies mentioned, and even more I need to check out.

    Patrick, I always appreciate a Southland Tales shoutout. That movie is close to my heart.