Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Patrick and Erika get through a stressful time by talking about movie love.

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  1. "Election" - 2020, Dir. M. Night Shyamalan

  2. You guys are the best. And I too also got in trouble for trying to change my name in school.

  3. Any time you guys want to just hit the record button and talk whatever comes to mind, I'll listen. Had a 13 hour day at work yesterday, and you helped make it fly by. Thank you.

    And thanks for the kind words (again), it's entirely my pleasure to count the reviews, it's a small job and I enjoy doing it.

  4. Nice podcasts... I would take a magnet, but I'm living in Germany, so it might be too costly?

    What have I missed most this year? Beside most cinema releases, I've missed music festivals a lot. I'd call myself a metalhead (I listen to a lot of different music, too) and would've seen some of my favorite bands this year. Most of them will return next year, but the feeling alone to be with your peers, camping somewhere, relaxing and escaping from reality, getting a slight sunburn while watching King Diamond howling in the mic... *sigh*

    I've another question: How do you handle 24 hours of non-stop movie watching? I've seen the LotR-Trilogy a few times in a row, but after 12 hours I'm done. My eyes are done, I'm getting tired and so on. 24 hours? How? Why? Is it a lot of pleasure? And how do you deal with your sleeping habits while doing that? You must be spent after that...

    1. Oh - yeah... and the biggest thing I missed out would've been my trip to the states which was scheduled from September up until December and would have taken me from Seattle to Los Angeles, across the country to Chicago, down to New Orleans and ending up in Miami. I even planned to visit the Music Box Theatre, the "happiest place on earth". I rescheduled this for 2022, but maybe I'll divide this road trip into smaller pieces.

  5. Another great podcast, you two! Quick question: Is "J-Bones" available for booking at grownup parties, too? Asking for a friend.